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Too many people panhandling and they will not hesitate to walk up to your car if u ignore them. Im a ccw carrier and was startled by this guy knocking on my window.... ladies be careful

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Nice place to shop years ago it was sears .The property owners could make it more inviting.If they could beef up security and possibly put up working cameras strategically around the surrounding stores Which can be monitored by security perssonal.witch they in return can call CPD.Thank you and have a great day

Review №3


If anybody needs new rims and tires, just drive thru the hole riddled parking lot! Especially the huge one at the entrance thats been there all winter and they refuse to fix. So, get as much free things u can fir your car while you can!

Review №4


Not as many stores choices as I remember. However, the plaza was bustling with energy. I hope it keeps it up!

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Best selection of amphetamines in Ohio right here, just walk around and ask for Mathew, youll be directed to their finer products 😉

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I go there for a beer at Working Class Brewery. Rick makes a nice beverage.

Review №7


Nice place a lot of different options for shopping so I give it a good 4 stars

Review №8


Potholes in parking lot bigger than my tires. Please be careful driving through here.

Review №9


Always alot of traffic.. & many homeless folks hangout there

Review №10


Needs more security.Stalkers and internet PHISING scams as wifi is free at multiple establishments.

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