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3.7 (199 comments)

Review №1


Store was running fairly efficient for the times we are in. Staff was friendly and good sense of commaradery

Review №2


Over all, my shopping was great, using the self check out was not, the employees that came to me when I was having a problem was very Rude, acting like it was such a chore when all they was doing was standing around anyway. They need more to do. Id say give them brooms.

Review №3


Its very understaffed like everywhere, what really irritates me is, after I go through the store and try to find items in the less then stocked shelves, I have to go through the u-scan because thats the only option then I bag my purchase and pay for everything.. Then Im asked to rate the service I received by stars.. well of course Im going to give myself 5 stars I did a great job.

Review №4


My Walmart has some of the most wonderful Walmart associates in the business :) From the greeters to the cashiers and the unsung associates behind the scenes that keep the shelves stocked and rotated . Plus, the deli and meat department are also great 👍

Review №5


It would have been a pleasant experience if a security person wouldnt have kinda harassed my sister n I in the checkout by refusing to use any of the other registers that were open in self checkout but insisted on standing behind us watching us

Review №6


Im sure that I am not the only one to say that our local Wal-Mart is lacking in many ways.The prices for groceries are cheaper than the competitors but they have a hard time keeping the shelves stocked. Some would say that its because of inflation and gas prices but, its been an ongoing problem since the department opened. Wal-Mart does not have the other benefits like fuel perks and digital coupons like their competitor. For as big as Wal-Mart is I would think that they could be better. Lower prices during this inflation are not enough.

Review №7


I spent 15 minutes waiting for a cashier in the automotive department. Eventually, I gave up and went over to sporting goods to checkout. The cashier had to walk over with me to the automotive exit door to buzz me out. Kudos to him at least.

Review №8


The only problem I have, is the lack of open registers run by people. I prefer to talk to real people then deal with machines that require a person to watch a short video of you scanning your stuff.

Review №9


Only self checkout available most the time. So I give Walmart 1 star ⭐ and me as an amazing cashier 5 stars

Review №10


Just when in to buy a Microwave and of course the one I wanted was out of my reach a employee named Joe helped me get it down he was so sweet.

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