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Phone: +1 513-797-5700
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11PM
  • Friday:6AM–11PM
  • Saturday:6AM–11PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11PM
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Total reviews rating 3.6

199 Reviews for Walmart Supercenter 2023:

Review №1


Was there last night about 9. We went to get outdoor chair cushions which we found in the garden section.They were clearly marked $19.99 at not one but 3 different places. When I went through the u-scan each cushion came up as 29.99. The girl that was there to help people was super nice but couldn’t do anything without the manager, which I understand. The manager went with my husband to look and they were clearly marked 19.99. She would only give us 2 for that price. The girl was super nice…the manager lady not so much!

Review №2


I wanted to give credit where it is due, people usually let their complaints be heard on customer service, but not many will give recognition when it is deserved. I had THE BEST customer service I’ve ever had at ANY Walmart @this location I was in electronics and I was trying to make a decision for my sons room and your manager Tammy was amazing she answered all my questions and if she didn’t know the answer she asked someone who did and was very friendly and delightful so if you can figure a way to clone her and put her in every department then you will be getting a lot more reviews like this

Review №3


I called over five times trying to reach electronics and customer service before entering the store after driving up to the store there was nobody in the department which I figured because nobody answer the phone. I sat there for almost 20 minutes watching somebody look for an Apple Watch that turned out that they had no idea what it even was. While the lady was struggling to even wrap her mind around what the Apple Watch was the manager (Dave) passes by and she asked the manager if manager could help her the manager does not even approach her he stays in the distance and tells her just to look up on her app stating he has no idea where anything is in that area and then continues walking. I’ve never experienced such ignorant people along with the worst customer service ever in my opinion I’m guessing we’re just giving everybody jobs here and not training anybody. I understand short staffed but I don’t understand workers that have no idea what they’re doing .

Review №4


Always closing early “due to not being busy”But there are people here ??? You actually have customers.So today we apparently slipped through what was a locked lobby door at 9:30 pm ( Google says the close at 11pm)The look we received from the employees, very uncomfortable.Hours by “whenever the employees feel like leaving” 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Review №5


They need to hire more cashiers. Would someone please explain to me , how on a day when most people do their grocery shopping(Sunday). You only have 1 cashier. Its only 2 more miles to KROGER . maybe thats where Ill start spending my money !

Review №6


I was returning 2 small and inexpensive items. The return lady made snarky comments about no receipt returns. I had the receipt but the barcode/numbers had rubbed against the package in the bag. Read her the number and used the card I bought it with. I was very nice but she had a not pleasant attitude the entire time.I didnt realize till I got back to the car that she only refunded one item not both. Its only a few dollars difference but its the principle that matters. Ive returned things from time to time to different walmarts and the service desk clerk has never been like that. One reason I tend to buy from Amazon is their return process is so easy. Both items were in their packages and could be resold.The walmart itself seemed nice. Based on my experience and other reviews, we wont be back.

Review №7


One of the worst experiences of my life. We ordered a cake for my daughters 16th birthday party last week. The lady called us on Friday just to clarify how we wanted the cake because the person that took the order didn’t have the sheet filled out all the way. So my wife gave her instructions. My wife got a text Saturday at 4:18 saying the cake was ready for pick up. Went to get it and they have no cake. Said they can’t find it. The lady was rude and told us to pick one out of the case and she could write on it for us. If we wanted to do that we would of never ordered one. Then she went to the computer and said you didn’t get a text from them because we were not in the system even though my wife clearly showed her the text saying the cake was ready. This is completely unacceptable. People order cakes for special occasions and to drop the ball like this is an absolute joke. Sam took the order and helped look for the cake but then walked away when it couldn’t be found to avoid having to deal with getting an ear full. We will never use Walmart for any custom Oder ever again and strongly encourage others to do the same. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY.

Review №8


Great staff very helpful especially the staff in the produce dept one staff member an older woman named Ann who was very knowledgeable about the job she was doing and about vegetables and fruit she was very helpful an even showed me how to pick out a ripe melon and how to look for the best looking fruit or vegetables. I love going there to look around an try to find a good or great deal on something cuz you never know what you might find

Review №9


Only interacted with 3 employees. Cart pusher was a kind person. Greeter was hanging out not doing anything. Customer service woman was either having a bad day or not a nice person. Returned 2 items and she only refunded 1 item. Id make sure you check your receipt before leaving the store.

Review №10


Walmart is super close to where we live so of course everybody gets everything there and after a birthday event I had decided not to keep some of my presents I wasnt navigation system and a Garmin reverse cam because the garment reverse cam was not secure on the back of your license plate it would have just fallen off and the whole reason everything was bought was because of needing a reverse cam. So he attempted to return them to Walmart but it was a gift I wanted to do it without a receipt which Ive never done this whole year or the year before but yet apparently you cant just make a return like one transaction is considered one return no they want you to do several transactions if its over 50 dollars which is dumb because most people spend more than $50 and nowadays it can be the smallest items and youre spending 50 bucks anyway. I only wanted it in store credit which I didnt think was going to be a problem but yeah it was and they wanted me to just keep it stuff instead of they dont do any returns over 50 dollars without a receipt. However I could not find it anywhere on the policy or on the website where it stated any of that information or even on their signs and then come to find out one of my friends made a return there last week without a receipt this fishing poles three of them over $80 dollars and $90 each that he got for his birthday and they gave him in store credits for all of them but they didnt bring it up in one transaction so hes not able to return anything else for the year. I had a huge problem with this because some stores people tend to go to more often and I feel like there should be some algebraic equation to determine if anyone can bring back items without a receipt and it should be based on how many purchases theyve made how many receipts they have or on their credit cards logged it I am going to checked ins with the app.... That way the people who are spending more money there in our spending more time there buying stuff or the ones that are getting leniency or extra amount of returns without receipts. Its just common knowledge if you go somewhere more youre going to have more items to return along the way

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