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  • Tuesday:4–8PM
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  • Thursday:4–8PM
  • Friday:12–8PM
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  • Sunday:12–5PM
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4.6 (63 comments)

Review №1


A great place in Tremont, such a novel idea of housing a bookstore, pizza, barbecue place, in one building! Live music and a bar in the patio, a warm atmosphere. Excellent food, drink, service!

Review №2


This is the best bookstore in town. Have done their private brunch and dinner events and it is worth it. So so fun. The staff is excellent and I never leave without buying at least three books.

Review №3


Really cool spot! Booked their 2 hour Brunch & Browse for a surprise birthday party and it couldnt have been a bigger hit!

Review №4


We took Visible Voice books on their opportunity to rent out the book store for 90 minutes, pizza and wine included all for $50! It was seriously the date night my partner and I needed. It was the first time during the pandemic we felt comfortable eating out and the bookstore’s manager, Aaron, was friendly, hospitable, and made our night that much more enjoyable. Then CRUST pizza was served and gave us life. Because this is a public space, I had expected some people may wander in, but they were sparse and quickly reminded that the bookstore is available for private parties only in the evening. This was totally fine with us! 10/10

Review №5


A great bookstore with both a used and new selection. I found several books from several genres, and the staff was helpful and seemed like they actually enjoyed their jobs. I didnt try the coffee, but appreciated that they carried that and some local pastries. There was seating as well in case I wanted to sit in with a new book and coffee. A great bonus was that its above a pizzeria, where I got a fantastic slice of pizza. I will definitely be visiting this bookstore again.

Review №6


Cute bookstore - the negative review is only for the brunch And browse. We were so excited about our 2 hour private session this AM as it seemed to be such a brilliant idea. However it turned out to be a disappointment:1) staff there today was pretty cold and unwelcoming. When we arrived there’s no greeting and the only thing he said to us was we had the place to 11:30 am. I mentioned it was booked from 10-12. He said he needed time to clean for next client at 12. (We were totally ok with it but then why don’t you list your booking as 11:30 online or in the email confirmation rather than 12 everywhere?) So beware you won’t get the 2 hours you paid for.2) We were offered 4 pastries (croissants) and told we can have coffee and up to 2 mimosa per person. Honestly the pastries were very average and we were never offered a refill on either beverage.3) all above is not really a problem as we understand staff might want to leave us some privacy to browse the books until some guy, probably a friend/biz partner of his showed up and they started chatting very loudly. It was a tiny store and we were the only people and they knew we were there quietly reading. I used my not so subtle voice mentioning that “I couldn’t focus over their chatting” but either they were too loud and didn’t hear me or just totally ignored me. I was hoping they could just finish and leave but the chatting and laughing last at least 10-15 mins about their booking of music band etc. and I had to totally give up reading and started pacing.I found this very unprofessional and disrespectful - we paid 40$ Not to get the pastry we can get from a cafe for 10$ but for the quiet time to browse books; even public library requires whispering voice. The whole experience left a very bad taste and discouraged us from buying the books we liked.

Review №7


Great little sit and sip. Books/magazines & Beer/wine.

Review №8


Small independent bookstore. Nice selection. Attractive displays. It sells beer and wine by the glass. Also coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. The hot cocoa was excellent and only a dollar. The pastries were very good, too. And 2 hours of live music with George Foley playing was really terrific

Review №9


After purchasing a less common book through this seller online for the price that THEY had advertised, the company cancelled my order 48 hours later because they said they sold the book to me too cheaply. Actually at first, they didn’t even give a reason. They just cancelled the order with no comment. After I reached out to them to find out what was going on, they advised me that they had advertised the wrong price in error. I could have bought from another seller for a similar price at the time that I chose to do business with Visible. After Visible cancelled my order, the other company had already sold the less than easy to find book that I was looking to buy. This is a highly untrustworthy seller. I will not attempt to buy from them again and suggest that all others use caution if you choose to do business with them. I would search for other sellers, if at all possible, first. There are many reputable book merchants who honor their word and uphold the agreements they make with their customers. Visible is not one.

Review №10


I’ve been in 3-4 times now and I love this place! They have something for everyone-books, wine, coffee, pasties etc! Very helpful staff and the type of atmosphere that makes you want to curl up with a good book!

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