University Hotel and Suites in Cleveland

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199 Reviews for University Hotel and Suites 2023:

Review №1


I booked a room here but left to stay at a different hotel after barely 15 minutes. Even though I was never refunded. The room was so dirty, and the hotel clearly does not follow the extra cleaning for COVID they claim on third-party sites. Most amenities advertised are false. Pictures of rooms on booking websites are old. Stay away.

Review №2


We paid for the room on line and chose this motel because it was close to the VA hospital. We booked a room with a king size bed and got a full size. Had to change rooms. Sometimes when you check in a room, it feel and smells clean, this one didn’t. We were there 3 days and 2 night, they never vacuumed the hallway, the elevators have drip marks on the walls as if someone had splashed their drink. We are not impressed and we will not be back there.

Review №3


This was the last hotel that had rooms available during the All-Star game, and it was easily evident why. The rooms were disgusting. There was some disgusting red substance on the shelf of the closet, the carpets were torn up, the windows were dirty, the bathrooms weren’t cleaned. Soap was left over from the last person stay, with their hairs on it. If I was there with my family, I would have left. It was just me and my friend who had tickets for the game, which were very expensive, and we had no other choice but to stay here. This place should be condemned. On our last day we spotted a roach as well. I am by no means a picky person. I enjoy camping and being outdoors and bugs do not bother me. I would have felt cleaner sleeping in an abandoned building.

Review №4


BED BUGS!!! First we arrived and the guy at the front desk was kinda rude. We get to our room and there is trash behind the TV the microwave was dirty. Our lights were unplugged, the window frame had mounds of dirt and a Bobby pin laying in it. But other than that, whatever, just chilled and watched TV but then we noticed blood stains on the top cover of the bed and then we see a bed bug crawling around. So we call the front desk ( different employee - much more polite) he says no problem and to come down to get another room key to a different floor. Hesitant about it, we go for it but I check the the 1st bed and I find cheetos and more filth on the frame of the bed and bed bug corpse. Needless to say we drove back home 2.5 hours away. I def dont recommend this place. I have read multiple bad reviews about this hotel. Sounds to me like they do not have housekeeping and if so they need some lessons on how to clean. Disgusted and my skin is crawling to the thought of just being there.

Review №5


Uh. The bedding was clean and there were no bed bugs. The hotel doesnt seem to have been updated at all since like the 70s though. Or cleaned, beyond the bedding. It was super close to the venue we were going to, but thats the only plus. The coffee maker worked with some finagling. The microwave didnt work, and we had to unplug the coffee maker to use it, because there werent enough outlets. We had to unplug the lamps behind the bed to charge out phones. The outlet was not in the best shape. The bed was squeaky and uncomfortable. It was. An experience.

Review №6


At one time this hotel was probably very nice. That is no longer the case. My TV would not turn off without him plugging it, I had no hot water in the evening. In the morning, it took over 5 minutes for the hot water to finally flow. The surrounding area is very dingy, at best.The room was good size, and it was quiet. However, I did have a room at the end of the hallway next to the linen supply closet.The staff was friendly.If you need some place to lay your head down for a quick evening however this may be the place for you. Thats all I was looking for.... but not next time.

Review №7


The picture was taken in its better days. It is very run down. Not enough electrical outlets. Had to unplug the microwave to use the coffee maker. Had to unplug the lamp to charge my phone. Outlets are very loose and plugs wont stay in. Cotton swab in corner of the bathroom was there when we entered and still there 2 days later when we left. Cleaning crew missed it 2 times!Had to reset key card everyday.

Review №8


Preexisting trash in can. Mold and hair in bathtub. Hair and dust on bathroom floor. Cold water doesnt work in bathroom sink, but water trickles all night long. Microwave and refrigerator have not been cleaned in some time. Nightstand drawer included two buttons, a pair of scissors, somebodys glasses, and a restaurant receipt from four months ago. I wouldnt have stayed but I checked in late and didnt want to have to find another hotel at 11pm. Slept with lights and tv on. Paid for two nights before arriving; checked out at 6 am this morning. Was advised to call at 11 am to speak with manager or front desk to make sure refund for second night was given. No answer on any of the three extensions. Finally left a message for the manager and asked to be called back to confirm refund. Still no word. Please learn from my experience!

Review №9


The worst hotel Ive ever stayed at. Let me start by saying we are not hotel snobs and often stay in cheap hotels, because its basically just a place to sleep. Had to go to 3 different rooms before getting one that wasnt filthy and reeked of cigarettes. The guy at the desk made it sound like he was doing me a favour by getting me another room. Then when we finally did get to the most reasonable room, the TV didnt work and the shower was clogged so you had to shower in a pool of water.The hotel is beat and run down, that in itself isnt a problem though. If they just made sure the rooms actually got cleaned between guests and most things actually worked, everything else could be overlooked.

Review №10


It is definitly dated. My room was clean bed was comfortable. They have a weekly rate and it is close to everything downtown has to offer. The has drinks and food I would stay here again. Compared to rest of downtown hotel rates this one cant be beat. I checked