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Review №1


If I could leave zero stars, I would. My mother passed away in their ICU from Covid-19. The lack of compassion was appalling. From political statements about her not being vaccinated to receiving calls saying “look, she’s gonna die. You can travel here if you want or not, it’s your choice, but you can only enter the hospital if you decide to end care. You can’t see her otherwise.” We would get one call saying “it was a good night” and a call a few minutes later saying “she had a terrible night”. If you or your loved one have the virus, please do not go to this hospital.

Review №2


Only giving two stars because their labor and delivery unit was wonderful. However, the ER was terrible. I rarely write reviews, but we were in a car accident and my 5 month old daughter was brought here and they were not thorough at all. They didn’t take her out of her car seat to check her - they only checked her vitals and then asked if she seemed normal (didn’t give me any signs to look out for or explain what would be abnormal). The doctor was there for a maximum of 2 minutes and used his phone’s flashlight to check her eyes, which I would think at an ER you should have better equipment, but I digress. Made me feel as if I was overreacting for bringing her there to get checked out, but I would think any parent would do the same in that situation. The comment about me obviously being a first time mom was unnecessary. Also, when I brought up that my arm was hurting I was told to just take Ibuprofen and they didn’t even check it out or anything. Definitely hope I’m never forced to go there again.

Review №3


This hospital is a joke its almost as bad as Lake West if not worse. They have no sense of urgency here came in with my fiance who is pregnant having terrible pelvic pains. She couldnt stand or anything the pain was so bad. Waited over 6 hrs to just get a ultra sound just to be sent right back out to the waiting room. My fiance was having a miscarriage and this hospital didnt care one bit. Didnt make her a priority or anything. Literally one of the worst hospitals ever. Never again will we use this hospital. Id give this hospital zero stars if I could.

Review №4


The worst experience we have ever had. The lack of compassion and communication was noted. My family member came in for a Fall. She fell there and we received no communication about her fall, tests, transfer to inpatient and her discharge. My husband and I never spoke to one doctor once she was transferred into inpatient. We had to call in for any information, which was little to nothing. We were not given the opportunity to ask questions. We were her medical power of attorney and she was confused. We were unable to advocate for her because of their indifference towards our family member. She died days later. I called and filed a formal complaint but I am still waiting on a response. I understand they are short staffed but the lack of communication especially because our family member was confused and could not advocate for herself is not okay. They robbed us of legal right to advocate for her health and safety. My advice, stay away from this place.

Review №5


I wish a zero star was offered. This hospital lacks people skills and lacked compassionate. I visited this hospital last weekend. I waited nearly 4 hours to be seen, while the waiting room was empty! Oh occasionally someone came in and they were more urgent. Really? I was there for possible covid or the flu. Thru said they were going to test me. Guess spreading it wasnt so urgent! I did have a fever is 100.4 and it was climbing. They said that ambulances was a priority. Really? Didnt see any, didnt hear any sirens. When I finally asked them to forward the chest x-ray to Cleveland clinic, because i was leaving. Receptionist said she check on things, but never left her chair or said a word to staff. They were cold to me, but Im assuming because of me complaining, but I was polite, not yelling, just pleading to help me.Finally, they saw me, and when my son came to pick me up, he said there were a bunch of staff hanging out in the back, as he came in.Heck a few years ago, they diagnosis my 24 year old daughter with the MUMPS!! She couldnt swallow. She literally was spitting in a container They said itll have to run the course, TYLENOL was all they recommended. Next day, my daughter and I went to the Cleveland clinic, they gave her an anti-inflammatory in an IV, and pain left in less than 5 minutes. It was an infection, not the mumps. She cried, I cant believe that was all it took. Dont you need to report mumps to the CDC? No paperwork was filed out. No x-ray to diagnosis mumps, which we learned.I didnt think much of Tripoint before. Interesting, seems like nothing has changed.

Review №6


There is a reason why the locals in the area that have lived in the area for a long time call this place, Diepoint. It is where everyone goes to die and thats it. They were negligent when my husbands mother died at their facility in 2016 by not taking her seriously when having a heart attack. It takes the doctors and nurses forever for you to be seen for even the simplest of things. Hopefully now that UH, is running things instead of Lake Hospitals System, Things will actually be done the right way the first time and doctors will be held accountable. I hope that is the case but it isnt very likely until the kinks are worked out and UH decides to fire the bad eggs that make this place rotten.

Review №7


This doesnt even deserve 1 star. Why is the wait time 24 hours, they said they were short staffed but this place has always been lazy and uncaring. They dont even have a real doctor there. The whole place is run by under trained giggling phycian assistants who have no idea what there doing. I was sick and I knew I couldnt wait 24 hours apparently because I have Medicaid. The worse thing was being in that waiting room that was so crowded people were bleeding all over and having chest pain.I watched a man die of a heart attack and the only thing the staff did was say dam, another one. His wife had been going to the desk begging them to help her husband but they kept telling her to sit back down. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. The staff was so uncaring many of us just walked out. I will never go back there. They are letting people die. While I was leaving I saw the nurses laughing while they were taking the mans body out of the waiting room. Avoid this place if you value your life.

Review №8


This is the worst hospital in the world. 5 different ppl hung up on me. They are rude and very unprofessional. A bunch of clueless people working in this crazy place. These ppl dont even deserve a star but so I could tell about the craziness ppl has been in the waiting room since 2:00 pm and was still sitting in the lobby when my sister left at 11:00pm. My sister was in this place (lobbyy) from 4:30 - 11:00 . Your better off going to a minute clinic. BEWARE

Review №9


I was very pleased with the level of care my father received. Staff is excellent: very responsive, caring, and efficient. The facility is clean and modern.

Review №10


Worst hospital to have a child in. Nurses change every half an hour. They had male nurses in labor and delivery. There is no nursery for kids. Baby was fussing non stop and their medical opinion was she is a fussy baby. Covid policies are constantly changing literally every hour. Food is disgusting. Nurses were rude and inconsiderate. Zero communication from an ever rotating set of doctors. Apparently everyone is on call. It’s ridiculous.

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