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Worked here 3wks I wouldnt recommend owner operators with nice trucks especially if yea have a truck payment. 1st week did 15 trips my check was 1700$ 2nd week did 16 trips check was 700$ 3rd week did 13 trips check was 150$. Grand total..2500$ for 44 trips. This why they will always need drivers. Im talking FACTS! Veteran drivers are well taken care of plus they dont run outside of Cuyahoga County. Thats for new drivers.

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Ive had no problems with them..I go here at least 3 times a week... Pretty efficient, no long waits. They close at 4:15 so I dont try to go later than 4pm

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Not to bad. Sometimes waiting on a lift seems a little long. But they do get busy. No dust or mud..paved lot.

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Says open until 5... I came at 4:10 to get a container mounted was told no, were closed and to go in and turn around by the lift operator. No box now until monday... Not happy at all. Why advertise being open until 5 if no one will do any work at 4:10pm?Update: Went in to ask why I couldnt get a box mounted guy said I pulled in after 4:15. I did not. After my argument with the lift operator then proceeding to office trailer it was exactly 4:15. He said it was on camera I asked him to show me which resulted in him telling me hes trying to get out of here early and in the end telling me to F myself and I wasnt allowed back to HIS facility.They were both (lift operator and trailer office guy) in their cars and gone by 4:23 as I sat in lot outside of gate writing this review.

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Most of the time in and out, no bad experiences on my end staff has always been cool with me, if you treat people nice,usually people treat you the same way,never an issue, keep up the good work!!

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Wow!! Told by the OWNER to get the f out.!! Strongly addvise going somewhere else. The owner is very hostile and disrespectful. So bad I have contacted the better business bureau to file a complaint. PLEASE DONT LET THIS MAN GET AWAY WITH TREATING PEOPLE SO DISRESPECTFUL!! Read other reviews this is not his first time

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Bad place . Always long wait. One person is really unfriendly and rude . His name Bob . That place would be much better without him

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They are not that busy and are always twice as slow as every other depot I go to. It should not take 1.5 to 2hr of my day when I come here for a container.

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Its a great co.and fast service

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Once in awhile it takes awhile but they nice people

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