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  • Monday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–1PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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1.7 (113 comments)

Review №1


This post office has terrible customer service and their mail delivery people are even worse. We went from getting mail at noon, then at 3 and now we dont get mail till well after 5 in the evening. I do not recommend using this location or any usps location for delivery of packages or anything you want to arrive on time. I paid for expedited shipping and my package was coming from usps in Virginia and it went to Indianapolis then to Ohio, instead of it arriving in the 2 business days I paid for, it is now day 7 and I still have no recieved my package even though its been out for delivery for 13 hours. Absolutely terrible service.

Review №2


6 days and my package hasn’t moved from this place. The guy dropped my package off may 24th. I don’t know what’s going on, but if something can’t change within the next 72 hours I’ll be filing a complaint with the bbb and reporting to the above for a lost/stolen package.

Review №3


Horrible customer service. Postal clerk Marsha was blowing nose with same tissue she continuously kept placing on the counter. Yes, the same service counter customers are at. And same wet nasty tissue. Never once used hand sanitizer. This is unacceptable even if we were not in the middle of a pandemic no resolution was offered in regards to my issue. After further research ,yes there were other options. But the teller didnt want to be bothered to offer any solution. Her attitude was unprofessional and rude. Fed ex or ups from now on. Just dirty facility and dirty attitudes

Review №4


Mail carrier is a joke. Doesnt delivery mail saying dogs are out. Dogs cant even reach them.

Review №5


Well my experience was terrible, I asked for a simple check-up on one of my orders and they said they had it but refused to give it to me even after I offered a proof of address they still denied to hand over my order and said I had to wait. I was in need of that specific order at the time because I was in need of my legal documentations. But they were rude and refused to help me even after I provided all the necessary information. So I wouldnt choose to go through them cause they need an upgrade in staffing and there employee rules. Its a complete mess to when you walk in. So since then I continue to stay with them only for the simple reason I live close to them and get my mail rather earlier after that incident than later. So I mustve done something right to step there game up, but even then if I was provided with a probable and understandable explanation I wouldnt be putting 1 star. It just needs allot of improvement besides staffing, its also the upper staff that need to be accountable for the lack of respect and unacceptable communication.

Review №6


I currently have my PO Box at this post office. At first my mail was being returned even though I had done a change of address. I went in and talked to one of the ladies working and she was friendly as well as helpful. I have not had any problems receiving my mail to the po box since.

Review №7


I would like to know how Middletown post office has gotten away with putting the wrong mail in boxes Its been going on for years. It needs the entire post office replaced with people who will do the job right. . I know everyone makes mistakes But come on all the time, I got three different peoples Vote by mail I personally drove them across town to there address and delivered them myself. I have a letter in my box today wrong address I got an email saying my package was delivered and it wasnt Must have put it in the wrong box as well???. Its not that hard to hire people who want to work and do there job right. I think the first ones who should be replaced is the persons in charge, They are closing there eyes and letting these incompetents s work there.

Review №8


Took 12 days to get from Middletown to Cincinnati. Took another 9 days to get from Cincinnati to Denver. I paid for express delivery and insurance. The package never made it to my friend. I filed an insurance claim and USPS has denied it claiming it was delivered yet they cant prove it. Ill never use USPS for package delivery again. Also the locked community mailbox on our street is left unlocked so anyone has access to our mail. The incompetence is astounding! But lets put this organization in charge of mail in ballots! Really??

Review №9


Worst Post Office ever!!!! I have an online business that Ive had for 13 years, Ive lived here for 5 years. I do not drive so I schedule mail carrier package pickups. I have had problems with pickups for the 5 years Ive lived here, its been horrible. NEVER had a problem with pickups where I used to live. I am going to have to totally stop working and try for disability because of this, I just cant depend on this Post Office at all and theres no way to run a business from home if you cant drive because that seems to be the only way to get packages in the mail in this town. I wish Id NEVER moved here. Why offer mail carrier pickups if they arent going to honor them. Im done!!!

Review №10


Most of my neighborhood has experienced problems with this post office for years. We have neighborhood reports of no mail for the last 3 days. People are not getting their medications and watching the mail truck drive by boxes with flags up and not delivering anything. When confronting one mail carrier, they said it was not their normal route and really did not care. It is someone different every day driving by only putting some mail in boxes randomly. USPS Informed Delivery will tell you what should be delivered every day.

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