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Review №1


UPDATE: They never answered the phone. Got info about my package when it was finally scanned in Akron a day later. Topnotch customer service by not scanning packages in/out at all and by not answering the phone.I decided to drop my package at the office after noone showed up in 3 occassions for my scheduled pick up. Once there, the line was ridiculous, but a clerk instructed me to left package on the counter. 4 hours later, the package wasnt been scanned. Ive called multiple times to get an update, but they dont answer the phone. So, Ill have to wait a day until it arrives to the distribution center.

Review №2


I send packages abroad, but I must know the cost of shipping before I can inform the customer, to see if they want the package. Twice Ive had problems with the customer service employees behind the counter. They tell me that they cant give me a price unless I have the address. I dont get the address unless I sell it. The customers want to know the cost of shipping beforehand. They are supposed to give me the price when I take in a package no matter if I have the address or not. And they are very, very rude when I point this out to them. Then I have to call the customer service number and report them. When I go back into the post office, they know I reported them and treat me even worse.On another note, I havent been receiving some of my monthly bills and have lost my health care coverage because I didnt realize I didnt get my statement until after the payment due date.For other bills I havent received, I have been getting hefty late fees and when I call into the companies they dont believe I didnt receive my bills because this has happened several times. It seems they cant read the number of my post office box. I got a post office box so I would receive all of my mail. I was having trouble receiving it at my home and I thought that would solve the problem, but obviously it hasnt.

Review №3


Carrier didnt pickup a package left out even with a notice. Tried calling to speak to the post master and no one answers the phone.

Review №4


Had an expensive package coming in the mail said it was delivered at my front doorstep yesterday at 3pm and it was never delivered, I also have a camera on my front door and noone left any package smh

Review №5


This is the worst post office Ive ever lived in a community of. I dont get it; the staff are like a rouge group. They have nasty, intimidating attitudes , and will tamper/delay your mail if you complain. Ive been going to this post office for over 15 years. Theyve always had arrogant attitudes, but the past 5-7 years or so, its been terrible; long before the Covid-19 pandemic. I try to avoid going into the location as much as I can. The staff will stand there having long unimportant conversations w/ customers, while other customers are waiting in line; its insulting, as if to antagonize customers because they can. Talking to them on the phone is even worse. Ive been so intimidated asking about my mail; thats all Im calling about but they take on an attitude of me bothering them. Ive had missing mail on many occasions, and a few checks that got lost for a while also. I had to file a tracking complaint and did finally receive the checks after about a week. They constantly place my neighbors mail in my box, and vice versa, and Ive had mail missing for 1-2 weeks before it arrives. I always see a lot of carriers w/ their ear buds in and cant hear anything; including cars/dogs that may be coming at them, or a homeowner trying to get their attention. I understand the strain theyre under since Covid-19, but everyone is, and this is no reason to be so nasty and uncaring w/ your customers. Youre suppose to be a professional organization. The attitudes are a major contributing factor to problems this local post office is having. Try being a critical care nurse for over 30 years; or a Walmart/Target/Aldi worker on the front line. We all have a perspective, and NEED to care (for each other). Weve all been stressed and had to make major changes; so many people died-young and old.And to those who say they dont understand the negative reviews, we wouldnt take time to place them on here if our experiences werent valid. Ive even asked for investigations of this post office, all to no avail. I should have been here to place a review a long time ago, because this local post office has been a problem for a long time, and still is a problem.

Review №6


Per the United States Post Office mail carriers are Not to leave mail on the doorstep ,in your door seal, if there is no box they can leave a courtesy note stating install a 📫 and return mail to sender. The regular carrier does not do this its these part time yo yo that feel the need to trespass onto my property using a sales paper an excuse to walk upon my property and some of them shake my doorknob. It appears they are casing my property .Maybe someone is giving them a chicken sandwich because they trespass when I make improvement s on my yard. They feel empowered to walk through muddy grass than the sidewalk that leads to the door. They need to cut through hedges creating a path the purpose of the hedges is to stop trespassing and use the sidewalk.For example,right after I seeded my lawn with seeds and hay on top here come the postal workers making a b-line across my property with no mail for me. They are just a bunch of hatemongers because they know I dont have a mailbox and they can see the no trespassing sign This is called abuse of power and sign of mental sickness with these yo yo. Also there could be mail fraud goin on as a lot of the mail have different names on it from places like unemployment & IRS and credit cards.They are also cowards because if they see me working in the yard they do not deliver mail or pass me any mail they wait until Im inside and someone paid them a chicken sandwich to walk on my property. I think it is mail fraud and haters just hating.

Review №7


The lady working today was so friendly! I know its a boring, thankless job, but thanks so much for making your customers smile!

Review №8


Just went to this post office to get a passport photo for my son. There was no line, but the passport guy was helping someone else, so we were told to wait at the photo area, and “it wouldn’t be too long.” Soon after this 2 other people came in asking about passports and they were told to wait near us. After about 30 minutes he finally finished with the first person and he called out a name, which turned out to be one of the other people waiting. I went up to ask if it would be much longer for a photo and he very rudely said “yes! The other people (who arrived after us) had appointments.” How hard would it have been to tell us this when we arrived!?

Review №9


I’ve never hated a post office until now. Are they generally slow, sure. But this post office doesn’t even deliver my mail correctly and sometimes not at all. I’ve called several times and only actually got to talk to someone one time when we first moved in and didn’t receive any mail for 2 weeks and was assured the problem would be resolved. That was in May. We get mail quite sporadically. I also have had mail forwarding turned on since we moved in May and just recently found out that my mail isn’t even being forwarded, yet it’s not at the old address either, so where is it?The phone system they have is horrific too. If you do it on speaker it thinks it’s own voice is selecting options. You can’t get to anyone. The one time I finally got put on a line to talk to a representative the wait time was 96 minutes. Needless to say, I did not get to talk to anyone.All I expect from a post office is to send and receive mail, but I don’t get that here.

Review №10


Made an appointment to renew my passport (as instructed online) and no one was actually there to meet me with me to help me renew my passport, and the two clerks behind the desk both told me I wouldn’t be able to get a passport with an expired driver’s license and even though I knew that wasn’t true, it was clear there was no one to help me with the process despite having made an appointment to do so. Wasted my time. You should know how to do your job.

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