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2.4 (65 comments)

Review №1


They are always professional, friendly, and polite. Bernard is always very helpful. I try to go to his window when I am there but when I cant the young lady is very helpful also.

Review №2


Needed a new passport. Young gentleman named Bernard helped me. He was knowledgeable and polite, even when they were busy. A good experience.

Review №3


If you enjoy waiting in line while only one person works and having your packages stolen/missing then this is the post office for you. This is a miserable branch.

Review №4


I wish I can give it 000 starts.This is the worst Post office, the most unprofessional and just ridiculous. They lost the original naturalization certification, that was sent as a certified mail by Social Security, it magickly disappeared no one has an idea, never found it.. Management is unbelievable. Sharonda and Rochelle every time I called(about a 100 times) always promise to call back never do. Rochelle was supposed to prepare a letter for me ,I called and confirmed with her at 12Pm that this document will be ready by 4pm,when I arrived at 5pm on 10/18 the letter was not there for me and Brian at front desk said Rochelle took it with her ,because she was afraid to loose it..I can not believe all of those people still have a job..Left hand does not know what the right one does. One girl on front desk very rude and has no idea what is the customer service, they all have no idea...Avoid this place...Try to send important documents to another address...We will file an official complain with the US Postal Service. They need completely new stuff at this location to work out this place in professional metter.

Review №5


I wish I could have give 0 *. They lost track of very imp package of mine. And give elusive , irresponsible reasons. Every time new person asking for contacting no., every other time they say I am new, my manager is on some training , call back after 30 mins bla bla bla. They took my no.and never called. And they still not figure out where my package is.

Review №6


This office really needs to hire carriers who can read addresses and put mail in the right boxes at apartment buildings. Putting someone else’s mail in my box is unacceptable. It happens too often. It makes me wonder how many pieces of my mail have been misplaced and never received. Please retrain the carriers or at least find out if they’re literate. I see that there are mostly negative reviews of this post office. It’s a red flag that there’s something wrong with how this office operates.

Review №7


They are optimizing for their convenience and not the customers. It was an amazingly poor experience.

Review №8


They didnt even attempt to deliver a package. Left no door tag and no regular mail so obviously they didnt even come to my neighborhood. When I asked the clerk at the postal office he said that the package was still on the truck without checking and made a fake attempt at looking for my package and was overall rude and seemed like he didnt want to help me. He didnt even try to look up where my package was on the computer. Theres no scheduled delivery date anymore so I have to keep coming back here to see when the hell my package is going to be at the office. If you try to call the number there are hold times of 30-50 minutes so you can never talk to a person.

Review №9


I wish there was an option for negative star ratings! Phone wait times are ridiculous! Literally just gave me a 1.5hr wait time to speak with a representative. I am disgusted with this service, or should I say lack of service!This is why I tend to make sure my packages are shipped via Amazon services and not through USPS. I see why companies look elsewhere for delivery options. Horrid costumer service! Regretting my move to Mayfield Heights, at least South Euclids USPS did their jobs proficiently.(On my way to the location since the phone wait time is so outrageously long. Will definitely report these issues to corporate.)

Review №10


The 2 girls that work up front are EXTREMLY RUDE, disrespectful and UNPROFESSIONAL. Its absurd that they would have this kind of disrespectful people working for them. Im absolutely disgusted at this behavior. I would really appreciate for a Reginal Manger to contact me. No Branch Manager otherwise there wouldnt be this issue. Definitely needs to be addressed ASAP!!!!!!

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