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Phone: +1 800-275-8777
Site: https://tools.usps.com/find-loca...
Opening hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Saturday:9AM–2PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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2.7 (46 comments)

Review №1


Very knowledgeable and efficient staff. Everytine ive gone, theres instant service and not much if any other people in there so its fast too. Have helped me figure out passport renewal and sending packages overseas.

Review №2


If I could give 0 stars, I would. I normally go to a different location, but I was in the area and decided to drop off 1 package (thankfully only 1). The package was dropped off around 11-12 in the afternoon and was never scanned in. This is something I am not used to because my usual USPS locations scans in my packages fairly quickly. I waited 1 day and still nothing has been scanned in. I decided to go back and check to see if there was an issue.I was there for nearly 40 minutes and was told that my package would be scanned in eventually. I am a small business owner, I like to ship my orders quickly and this is unacceptable. I asked to have the package back, that way I could take it to my usual location and I was told no because they did not want to go in the back to get it. I will never return to this location. It seems that this is a normal thing for them considering the fact that there was a line of customers also frustrated about their mail delivery.

Review №3


Payed also 40 dollars for a change of address online for August and it didnt not go though I will never used there online thing again nothing went through this is why I dislike using post offices online site. If Google had zero Stars I would be giving the United States Post office zero Stars and they will not give me my money back and they are the who changed me the amount there website did for a rapid change and now the will not give it back or do the change they said it was my fault basicly. When I used my card to do change it I never you your online site or telephone again and if you had paper ones this review would not have happened.

Review №4


I walked in for my appointment for my passport. I had everything I needed. The woman working was very rude and told me to come back because I did not have a hard copy of my ID, due to it not arriving yet. The place was empty. She asked me the same questions multiple times, trying to deter me from moving forward. I will be going to a different location tomorrow and never returning to this location.

Review №5


Last May went there to return cable box, when I walked in the guy behind the counter was getting up and asked me to leave it on the counter. Several weeks later had change on my cc for the amount of the box. They said they never recieved it. I know I should have made sure he took it to be processed but guess have some dishonest people working there. Ill be MUCH MORE CAREFUL going forward.

Review №6


Whoever the mail carrier is is VERY careless!!! I keep getting mail for other addresses. He or she does NOT put my mail in the mailbox... instead they throw it in the porch! I’ve had mailed that was not delivered and should have been per the companies that the mail was coming from. I’m REALLY upset that I have to deal with this. If you didn’t want to be a postal service worker then why did you apply for the job?! Simply put the mail in the mailbox at the correct address. I should not come home from work with my mail all over my porch. I filed a complaint. We’ll see how that goes

Review №7


I’d give zero stars if I could. Poor customer service not friendly at all. And when I drop my prepaid packages off they NEVER scan my packages. I don’t get the scan until days later which causes me to have late shipments. If I wait in line to have them scanned they roll their eyes and basically tell me they don’t have time to scan because of customers in line.. umm hello I am a customer! Won’t be going there anymore!

Review №8


Dropped off a prepaid package at counter in morning. Waited for package to be scanned in afternoon so I could have tracking number... Not scanned in. Called before closing and woman promised all packages would be scanned by end of day. Business is closed and my package still has not been processed yet. Will have to call back tomorrow. WORST LOCATION EVER!

Review №9


I dread going to the post office as it is, but the staff at this location are so incredibly rude that its torture. Im always very friendly, I try to be as easy of a customer as possible, and Im met with attitude almost every single time. Example: I received a slip on my door that a piece of certified mail was being held for me. I went to pick it up today, brought the slip and showed my ID. My ID still has my old address, but the correct name. The employee rolled her eyes at me and shook her head multiple times, then stormed off to retrieve my mail, audibly sighing. Uncalled for and rude.

Review №10


I have had three packages being sent priority mail that were never scanned,,,,,lost!!! Two within two days...since they contain items of jewelry I make I have no “receipt” to show worth so I have chosen to go to another post office now although quite inconvenient!

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