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2.1 (181 comments)

Review №1


Do you want your packages to always arrive late or be sent to the wrong place? Most importantly, do you want fragile items that are costly and irreplaceable to be shattered into pieces, despite being packed with layers upon layers of bubble wrap? Then have all of your mail processed here! It’s a guarantee that your antiques will be carelessly mishandled and tossed! And don’t bother trying to file a claim. Phone calls and complaints go unanswered and unresolved. So join the bandwagon and pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to fix the results of somebody else’s negligence!

Review №2


The Ohio postal system is the worst one, I have lived in several states and this is the only one that routinely loses the mail, the post masters refuse to talk to anyone and the supervisor continues point the finger at another division of the usps. It is no wonder why people no longer use the post office. Their job to deliver mail, do they accomplish that task NO!

Review №3


Been trying to find a way to get a hold to someone here about one of their employees, his name is Rico. He’s a bit tall, super skinny he was carrying an travel pouch. Two days ago he was on the bus kept messing with this young girl who looks to be 19 maybe a bit younger not sure. He was very rude and disrespectful than was nasty to the driver to where he was kicked off. I only knew his first name cause I heard him say it and saw him coming out of the employee’s door before running to the bus.Y’all need to watch out for him he seemed like he was high the way how he was carrying on

Review №4


A package of mine came here from Detroit, Michigan yesterday 4-4-2022. I live in West Cleveland, Ohio. Somehow an employee made the ‘mistake’ of placing my package into the wrong outgoing bin. Today, 4-5-2022 I was informed my package was in St. Louis, Missouri. Wow. For those of you whom aren’t aware this place is located in East Cleveland. Make sure your seller is using a different carrier if you live in Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs

Review №5


The Cleveland Postal Service has single-handedly destroyed my ebay business. I create 3d printed toy piece replicas. Some of these are very small and light, so I send them via an economy non machinable mail service. However, despite the Mentor clerks stamping them Non Machinable and handling them, carefully, when they go to the main distribution center in Cleveland they are still destroyed by being fed into a sorting machine. My customers wind up getting a torn, mangled empty envelope or nothing at all. This has happened 12 times. Since there is no tracking I receive no reimbursement for 12 of my destroyed product, nor the shipping. I now have a bad rating on ebay and have had no new orders since Ive had to change my shipping service to an amount for too much for items weighing less than a sheet of paper.

Review №6


My package was lost at this post office and its been a month since no one responded, I dont trust USPS anymore!. The sooner they lose funding and shut down, the better!

Review №7


Just that this one customer was trying to send a package overseas and didnt have the all the information he was sending it to family. Took up quite a bit of time.

Review №8


This Downtown location is one of the most efficient Post Office ever . It should be considered a Model for efficiency and great Customer service

Review №9


Quite possibly the worst USPS office I’ve been to in my life. All of the employees (including the supervisor) are incredibly incompetent. If there is nothing you’d rather do than spend 90 minutes trying to get them to complete a 5 minute task, come here. If not, go to literally any other post office in a 50 mile radius.

Review №10


My package has been at your post office for ten days now. There is no reason it should not have arrived by now. Absolutely unprofessional behavior. Stop holding on to other peoples property. This has happened twice. My sister sent us Christmas pies in the mail, they held them for weeks before we finally recieved the package which looked like it had been opened, and everything inside was smashed and moldy. She paid for priority two day shipping.

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