U-Haul Moving & Storage of South Beachwood in Cleveland


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Total reviews rating 3.5

54 Reviews for U-Haul Moving & Storage of South Beachwood 2023:

Review №1


Very disappointing, had made a reservation just for them to essentially back out last minute and want to change things. Very nice. They have a few of the trucks I had asked for literally right here in the parking lot, but to my surprise arent for the long distance, have another reservation on it, needs to stay in the area or needs maintenance. My trip is around 400 miles. If its not good enough for that, how can it be safe for shorter distances or to even leave the parking lot. If it was maintenance, understandable but its probably better for business to actually do it and not let it sit in the parking lot deceiving customers and letting it back up that bad looks rough too. Also stacking reservations without having the vehicles to back them probably isnt the greatest idea as well. Lastly please dont let folks be able to make reservations if youre too selfish to let your vehicle go one way to another state. You can do better.

Review №2


Rented a auto transport trailer here. the staff was very friendly, facility was clean, and the trailer was in excellent condition. It was 10x better than my experience with the Lorain Rd location last month.

Review №3


Worst customer service/business operation. I made an appointment to access my ubox and waited over an hour before they were able to unload it for me- there is no internal communication between whoever schedules the appointments and the forklift operator. I told the front desk I would be back to empty the rest of the box on a different day and time that week and they said they’d keep it accessible, but when we went to empty it, they had us wait over an hour before telling us they didn’t have a forklift operator. I tried to call the store to schedule access and it kept going straight to the customer service number- ie no one at this store answers the phone. Customer service reached out to the manager over a week ago and I still haven’t heard back. Once we finally got my stuff, the front staff was notified that the box was empty and I’m still being charged rent this month. I’m currently on hold with customer service and online chat (because surprise- no one answers the phone at this location!)waiting for someone to answer so I can get my money back. Avoid this place at all costs! Big waste of time and money.

Review №4


Honestly the worst experience I have ever had in my life. No one tells you anything extra you have to buy/need or rent to actually tow the trailer you rent. I was there for 4 hours going back and forth in and out to keep getting the right parts to hook up the trailer to my car. It should all be included in the actual rental. Why do I need a hitch and ball for something I’m only going to use ONCE that’s the point of a rental.

Review №5


My review is for UBOX, and UBOX only. I lived in a three bedroom single home, living room, one bathroom, kitchen, and an unfinished basement. When you want to reserve a UBOX, on U-Haul website they ask you if you have average or more than average when you’re picking a UBOX. My main concern was my California king mattress, and I was wondering if it would fit inside, and I finally answered my own question. The answer is yes! Actually I was able to fit two queen size mattresses, and one California king mattress. I will say this, if you have several beds, like more than three, you should get a Ubox specifically just for all your mattresses, boxsprings, and any other items that goes with your beds. I end up getting four UBOXES. I will consider myself having more than the average person. The only appliances that I didn’t have, was a full size refrigerator, and a stove, but I do have a lot of workout equipment similar to what you would use at a gym. I would recommend five UBOXES if you have a three bedroom, and if you have a four bedroom. I would recommend 6 UBOXES. It’s better to have more. Whatever you don’t use, no worries, UHAUL will return it, and it will be no cost to you. It does not matter how many UBOXES you order, you only have to pay a one time delivery fee of $105.88 also, each UBOX comes with 24 or 36 furniture pads, and quite frankly that is just too much. I do appreciate them sending free pads, but that is just too much. I did include some photos to help those that are wondering what they can put inside the U-Box. Don’t forget once you receive your Uboxes take a picture of the numbers that are in front of each ubox for your records. I recommend UBOXES. It was only me, and my child to help me move all the items from the house to the uboxes, and it took us under six hours. When you’re packing your items inside the uboxes think of the game Tetris , you got this!

Review №6


Had a terrible experience and now no one will return out calls. Made offer on 4 trucks. Offer accepted was told to get a cashiers check in amount. Made arrangements with general manager Lamar Stevenson to have 4 of our employees to drive 6 hours to get trucks with 24 hours of the offer being accepted. Was told all they needed was a jump. Not listed as mechanic specials. Upon arrival, Lamar magically was unavailable. They sold one of the trucks before we got there even tho our offer was accepted and they had no keys for 2 out of the other 3. He knew what he had done and left so he didnt have to deal with us. His employees could not reach him as he turned his cell off. Mr Sykes behind the counter deserves Lamars Job and was the only person even working in the entire building. To top all this off a homeless man has made one of these trucks his home, and all of the trucks are filled to the brim with tires. Even after all this I still bought one truck. We paid 4 employees hourly from 530am to 1230 am, a rental to drive down there that wasnt intended to drive back all to pickup 1 truck. We lost money and time and want this situation fixed.

Review №7


Drove 6 hours with 3 co-workers to purchase 4 trucks. During that time they sold one, do not have keys for 2, and the 4th the battery is dead. Lamar the GM of this locations U Haul is who our company was in contact with and made the arrangements through. Lamar cannot be contacted and just wasted our money and time. What a joke.

Review №8


This place over charged me. For a 4-hour rental i was charged $195. I had to go back, and they told me it was an accident. then again today they just charged my card for $130 i dont even have their equipment. i will never use this place again ever! this is so unprofessional to keep charging someones card without their permission. then i have to wait 3-10 business days to have my moineuy refunded

Review №9


Didnt have the size i originally resevered but manager accommodate that. Only thing that bothered me was that my uhaul had so many repair lights on and my truck stalled. I brought that to the staff attention and no one seemed to care..

Review №10


The worst customer service I’ve experienced. Besides the fact I had an online reservation and still couldn’t get my truck I had to wait 20 minutes in line while one guy checked out a woman and the other player on his phone the whole time laughing and joking, on personal calls and just rude in general.