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Phone: +1 440-352-6623
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Total reviews rating 3.3

13 Reviews for Tropical Village Apartment 2023:

Review №1


Lived here for almost 5 years. My 1st place with my fiancé. I also referred my grandmother to live here after moving from New York. I had a great time living here all of these years. Never an issue, landlords are great. Especially Ruthann & Darla. Always there to answer a question or anything. Maintenance is thorough & on time. The neighborhood is safe & right by the high school. Definitely would recommend for anyone looking for a little apartment to start. :)

Review №2


Nasty management... They pick and choose who they want to live there... My fiance was 5old i could move in and so i did and we let management know... They decided they didnt want me there due to 1 felony which was a non violent crime.. My church even went to bat for me and explained to them that i have changed my life around.. They still threw us out while i was 6 months high risk pregnancy and on bed rest... There was also a skunk under our house that kept spraying and they didnt do anything about it.. They trapped it and left it for over a week in the cage which is cruel.. So we fed it and gave it water... And then they just let it go instead of relocating it... So it came right back.. I would not recommend this place or any of the houses or buildings they own.. This is painesville so i think its time you change your ways tropical village... Most people make mistakes.. It does not mean they will be bad tenants or continue to make tbe same mistakes... I didnt...I understand that you have a strict policy on who can live there and who cannot. However there were numerous people who went to bat for me. I also had ZERO violent offenses and nothing drug related or assault related. They we minor. And since then I have changed my life for the better. Plus no one even checked into me. I came in to get added to the lease and I just mentioned ti the lady anf she said nope. No one had even screened me. So it seems that rules were not followed as far as a screening process when it came to me. And that was not right by any means. We loved that place. Absolutely loved it. And I was kicked out during a high risk pregnancy. His rent was paid on time. Uis bills were paid. He did nothing wrong while living there. But its you guys who are missing out on a fantastic tenant. And Im sorry but some people deserve 2nd chances when it comes to this type of thing. I am viewed as less than because I made a mistake even though i fixed my life. I do not think that is fair. plus you guys accept far worse tenants who do have records and who are still messing up and commiting crimes while renting from you.

Review №3


The most disgusting place I have ever been in. They hallways always smelt like someone was dead in one of the apartments. Management is mean and nasty towards everyone. You have no privacy because they’re always outside your window “walking the dog” we had a messed up stove since the day we moved in and couldn’t even use but one of the burners on it the whole time we lived there. I complained about the ac being broke and that their was MOLD in the carpet and I have a small daughter with breathing problems as do I and they brought me another broken ac and NEVER fixed the mold. Do not move into that place it was the worst mistake ever!

Review №4


This is the WORST company and THE MOST NASTIEST, EVIL WOMEN I have ever met, the staff at tropical village seem to be on some sort of power trip, but she devils, Im here to pop your bubble, let me tell you our dealings with this soon to be son in law was looking for a place, I find him a 3 bedroom in painesville, we meet with a woman who shows us the place, she seemed very nice, probable the only one, professional but on friendly terms, he rents it after they run him around and nickel and dime him to death, he borrows the money for security deposit AND MOVERS, gets help from the church and another organization, he moves in, me and my daughter decided to stay the first week to help unpack while hes at work, in the meantime, him and my daughter decide they want to get married this coming December or January, she has a 4 month old and a baby on the way, he goes to pay the rent and is told a staff member heard one of our conversations from inside the house that me and my daughter are living there (which we were not at the time) and they tell him they dont like liars and to make it official and add us to the lease we need to fill out the forms and bring $30 each in for our applications, so we decided, ok, lets move in (I suffer from major depression from my father being murdered and my daughter helps me out) so we move in that weekend and on monday my daughter and her fiancee and the baby go to the office and bring in the applications, they tell my daughter she cannot live there because of her felony conviction, non violent, not sexual ( it was for forgery from when she was addicted to heroin) shes been clean over a year and fought like hell for her sobriety and to turn her life around, they tell her she cant live there, shes crying her eyes out while holding her baby and one of the women in the office is just smiling away, her fiancee says Im marrying her, what am I suppose to do, they say MOVE, HASNT EVEN BEEN 3 weeks and we are packing up his stuff we unpacked and now packing up our stuff as well, thrown out on the street and just today recieved a 3 day eviction notice and have only been here almost 3 weeks...please do NOT rent from this company, they are horrible, unprofessional, uncaring and the WORST, what an absolute nightmare this has been, I look at my daughter and her baby and just cry, but Im not done with this yet, I will continue to post this all over the internet and do what I can to make everyone aware of what kind of people youll be dealing, my son in law to be had to pay back a personal loan, church loan and has no money for another place so him, my pregnant daughter, baby and myself have to live on the streets!!!! Shame on you people smh, I am also contacting the newspapers, channel 8 and an attorney of the family, I also have a lot of family members who are firemen, emts and police in lake county and Im having them get this message out to all the right people!!!

Review №5


Great place in a great location! Common areas are cleaned weekly, maintenance was quick and friendly, and the management staff was absolutely wonderful.

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Review №7


Dont ever rent from them, they are horrible and discriminate against certain people

Review №8


Couldnt even walk halfway down hall place smells

Review №9


Kids cant even play with balls here

Review №10


Cheap and mostly quiet.