Thrifty Car Rental - Cleveland - Hopkins International Airport (CLE) in Cleveland

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Phone: +1 877-283-0898
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–5PM
  • Thursday:9AM–5PM
  • Friday:9AM–5PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.3

106 Reviews for Thrifty Car Rental - Cleveland - Hopkins International Airport (CLE) 2023:

Review №1


We arrived in Cleveland On Friday, February 4 under the understanding that we had a rental car all set up through budget, come to find out they were very misleading and were very unwilling to work with us, basically leaving us stranded in Cleveland with no ride. So I walked over to thrifty where I came across a very kind and welcoming gentleman whose name was Jack, he could tell that I was upset and asked if there was anything he could do to help I explained our situation to him and what had happened at budget and why we were there, we had flown in from Florida for the death of a good friend whose family was having a benefit, Jack immediately took action and did everything he could to get us in a car. Not only did he get us in a vehicle, he got us in a vehicle that was more suitable for the weather. The car was everything we needed and more, but what really stood out to us was the service we received from Jack, Jack is the reason for the five stars if I could give him 50 stars I would, he made our trip possible! We could never thank him enough!When I say that he went above and beyond I mean it, not only were we frazzled and frustrated by budget we could not get our Internet on our phones to work inside the building so he was kind enough to give us access to his personal hotspot so that we could access our financial information on our phones, again something that he would not have had to do and just proves what a great person he is! Thrifty has a very fine employee and I can only hope they know how truly wonderful he is! Thanks again Jack your kindness will never be forgotten!!

Review №2


Beware, prices listed are not valid ! Thrifty website direct, Southwest, and Kayak all listed a rental price. When you go to book it there is a system error. When you speak to customer service and a supervisor they just state on that’s a system error we cannot honor that price. When we asked for a corporate number the supervisor stated he does not know how to reach corporate. He is not in the USA and he cannot honor that or exculpate it to correct the system.

Review №3


Do not book with Thrifty. I booked a car and pre-paid for it two months ago. When I went to pick up the car after my flight arrived in Dallas, Texas, I was told they were out of cars. It didn’t matter that I had reserved and paid two months ago. I was left stranded.

Review №4


I will never in my life book with them again. The rental I received was horrible it was a 2017 Ford fiesta. It was dirty, dog hair, spilled stains, and buttons missing. I asked to be accommodate and they keep offering me a coupon. I think telling them I don’t want a coupon if i never want to book with you again. Apply the coupon to this rental service now. They never once told me I had to go on website and say the rental was not clean. I wish I could give them no stars. How is my car that I have a home better than the rental I’m paying for. I’m still wanting on a manger to call me. I have pictures and everything about this car. I went out of town and basically drove a busted vehicle very disappointed.

Review №5


Waited 3.5 hours for my pre-booked rental. Was charged for multiple additional products at pickup that were not clearly communicated to me doubling my bill. Initially was directed to a car with a flat tire and no fuel. Finally received an old Nissan with over 50k miles and was in generally poor condition.

Review №6


If I could give Negative -5 stars I would!! The worst car rental place ever! They will drain your bank account and not care and then say you signed a contract for them to do so!! They are the worst!!! Do not do it Im warning you! They add on extra charges and fees that are literally over 100$. Put my bank account in the negative and all I did was rent a compact vehicle for 7 days! Plus they never at the counter we have to deal with hertz!

Review №7


Do not ever rent from thrifty. They are hands down one of the the worst experiences you’ll have in your life. My boyfriend rented from them twice in 6 months and BOTH cars blew a flat tire requiring HOURS added on to trips and safety concerns where the tires both blew on fast highways. Twice. They do not take care of their cars clearly because it is not random chance that that happened twice. To top it off they have a blatant disregard for human life and their customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Will not be renting from them ever again and I will be sure to dissuade anyone I come across from doing so either.

Review №8


Very, very poor services! Was double charged. Prepaid for car in Orlando, waiting 2 hours and 54 minutes to pick up car. Charged me again for the car, called customer services and customer services couldnt answer any of my questions! Was to get a call from a manager within 48 hours, NOTHING!! DO NOT RENT FROM THRIFTY!! Horrible, horrible, just absolutely horrible!!!!

Review №9


Worst car rental company ever! Up charged everything and will not refund. Do not use! Reserved a car for our trip and upon arrival they upgraded us because they did not have the original vehicle, exciting right? Wrong! After returning the vehicle they charged us for an upgrade fee and also charged us for insurance and gas fees that we declined. Customer service was extremely rude and will not supply “signed” contract. Use a different company! #dontusethrifty #thriftyisterrible

Review №10


I usually book with a larger major rental company because I belong to their rewards program. However on this trip the Big Guy was so over the top expensive, I had to look for an alternative and Thrifty had a very attractive rate ( although the rate isnt my only criteria for selection) . So I booked with Thrifty. When I arrived I went to the counter and was politely directed to their Blue Chip members area. Just a short distance. When I arrived I was met by a Very nice and friendly representative . She handed me the paperwork and escorted me to my vehicle ( 10 Yards away). The care was over the top nice, clean and well appointed. I put my bags in the trunk and I was on my way. The whole experience from the time I walked in the Car Rental terminal to the time I was out of the parking lot and on the road was under 10 minutes. The return was just as easy and nice. The car was checked in and I was handed my receipt before i could get my bags out of the trunk. Very well organized with the customer in mind. Hats off to Thrifty for a quality experience!!!