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4.4 (40 comments)

Review №1


Sarah Madtes is wonderful, a great listener and talks me through hard topics as we work through my life experiences. I feel better after each session, knowing I have her.

Review №2


Great place and secretarys are very kind and quick to greet you

Review №3


Staff is very friendly and kind. Therapists are amazing as well!

Review №4


My therapist is Tamara. She is changing my life. The Woodlands is the greatest thing Ive ever done for myself. Thank you!

Review №5


I was a patient here a long time ago for counselor visits and they are very good listeners and are very understanding of your social problems. What ever psychological issues you may have had to suffer you never have to be alone with no one to hear you express your feelings with doctor&patient confidentiality and they WILL heal you if you want to be healed.

Review №6


I love The Woodlands! I take my kids here for counseling and theyre great to work with. The counselors and the staff are amazing!!

Review №7


The lady who is working the phone keeps telling me that she has not received the fax message from the pharmacy. The pharmacy as sent it 5times now. I have been without my medicine for 4 weeks now. I would not recommend them.

Review №8


The counselors are great the doctor not so much

Review №9


This place has amazing staff... if you truly want help and want to work on yourself call them

Review №10


A thing tank on the more educated level maybe not so popular would be however more organized and more payed whatever the value but im thinking about my personal every step i take or roll around on this guide so maybe the place for my talk with the what i saw that may be a disturb of my personal. i may not need to talk about it right away, but if there were emergencies of personal problem with another personal on of other persons i know to call 911 for that bad one and 211 for the crisis of not knowing about the bad one not nessisarily bad violent could still be considered an abusive bad one not sure of their own bad would probably just rather know the nusance than be abused but how to know is not a guide i know that one. i just know what i want to know about the place i want to be for some reason, be more careful. their are stuff i dont know about all this guide (like notified just finally for the first time about another guide somewhere, someone, somehow, getting this opprutunity is there but not a lot of people i guess are doing it so... i do now know that google is notifying about these indeed brave adventurers with a bit of bad manners lol. bad on my part maybe talking to much about it but where to talk, oh yes that was one of them i know was here. counciling, thats what i was talking about my woodlands experience. psychology department review? no i dont have that for now that is a bit oversight, no woods here im here to rob the doctors ashtrays outside so i can afford the things that keep me united so nobody gets left out! woodlands though, i was a patient there a long time ago. i dont remember much, but they put me on meds and i think that it worked. i could just chat all day with my cousilor but yes good listen and good medicine. whatever that may be. define medicine.

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