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3.2 (29 comments)

Review №1


I am a long term customers since the store is 1 mile from my location. The staff has been very helpful and even go beyond to help me and other customers. Today I had several returns back to Amazon. After I returned home I noticed that I mismatched the return code and the goods. I went back to the store and Zack helped me pulled out the 3 bags which were ready to be shipped out. Zack also helped me open the bags and for me to rearrange them. I was so impressed by his patience.

Review №2


If you want your packages labeled incorrectly or your fragile items arrive broken then use this store. On two occasions glass on prints where broken on packages they packed. Also, on two other occasions the labels were put on the wrong boxes even when I placed the address on the products themselves. I have difficulty remembering when something hasn’t gone wrong with packages I’ve sent from this store.They charge too much for packing materials and the owner is very condescending. When called on the labeling issues, Randy said I don’t care who’s at fault it is and then proceeded to ghost me before the issue was resolved. I’ll be driving out of my way to avoid Store 1481, although I fear that any UPS store will also disappoint!

Review №3


Came in here on a Saturday at about 11. Only one person working and 6 people in line and the one worker is on the phone handling customers and ignoring the line in the store. Literally took forever. I just needed to drop a return off with a label attached and had no way to ask and no idea where to leave them. Just totally appalled that there wasnt at least one other person working. Saving grace of the whole ordeal was that the individual who was running the store was very kind and doing the best that he could. Whoever is the owner however really needs to do a better job helping the employees and allowing for a good customer experience. The whole time I was in here to just stop of a return took like 15 minutes too long.

Review №4


This location has the most condescending and unhelpful associates. I will drive very far out of my way to go anywhere else, but sometimes still forces to go here. They nickel and dime for every tiny thing (like UPS branded boxes and envelopes which are free from Fedex...) and aren’t forthcoming with any helpful info. The younger man is downright rude and I’ve witnessed yelling at other customers.

Review №5


This is less a review of the location in general and more of a review of a specific employee. The young gentleman with a nose piercing, blond hair and glasses was unnecessarily rude to myself and the others he serviced. He was tossing and throwing our boxes about. He was disrespectful to anyone who asked a question. He rolled his eyes multiple times and huffed in annoyance at a minor inconvenience. I’ve never been treated so poorly in a UPS store. Please consider hiring staff who can be respectful and helpful!

Review №6


Blonde haired guy with glasses was incredibly unfriendly. We had an extremely damager package that was very large. He not only didnt apologize but he didnt even open the door for us when we were getting it inside of the store! We almost fell just trying to get it in and he didnt even come to the door!!Update: Terrible packing from the store that I paid $50 for! They packed a computer screen flat in the box with just some foam paper on top! Computer screen is totally broken!

Review №7


I shipped a package out of this store in December 2020 and it never arrived to the destination. I am still waiting on a refund for my items and shipping cost. Why is it taking almost 4 months to get a refund for a mistake made by this company???

Review №8


Have always had great service at this store. Amazon returns are a breeze! They are my “go-to” when I need to ship.

Review №9


I prefer not to leave low-star reviews but my experience at this UPS justifies it.Upon my arrival I provided a pick up slip to the customer service assistant. He informed me that Saturday deliveries are not a thing and that I should have read the line stating my package would be dropped off at the store the next business day. After going back and forth about Saturdays being a business day, I departed. An hour later I received notification that my package was dropped off at the UPS store.Commonly people toss around the customer is always right. I tend to disagree with this, particularly on monetary issues, but in this case I was right. Unfortunately I had to explain to a UPS employee that Saturdays are consider a business day for his company.

Review №10


The staff has always been amazing from the owner, manager, to counter staff.I have used their services for two years and very happy!!If they are busy or closing, they arent chatty - just like us at the end of our day. So be considerate and realize they are servicing other customers or trying to close.This location is out of the way for me but worth the drive!!

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