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2.5 (96 comments)

Review №1


I wish google allowed 0 stars or even -1 stars.Following are a few from the non exhaustive list of negatives about this store:1. They always open late and close early. The working hours listed in google and their store front is seldom followed. Every time there is some lame reason.2. Very unprofessional, unfriendly and rude staff. Its as though they hate their customers and their job.3. They keep finding ways to swindle money out of their customers. They charge $5 for even printing a label.4. There have been known cases of discrimination against people5. Employees seem very lazy and make people unnecessarily wait without attending to themI cloud keep adding more negatives. Go to the Fedex store down the road or another UPS location even if it costs you gas and time. You would be treated with a world of difference. UPS management should cancel their franchise license. Not sure how theyve let them survive so long with such behavior.

Review №2


It’s 9:00 AM on a weekday. The sign out front (and the hours on Google Maps) say they are open at 8 AM Mon-Sat. The store is closed and locked up, with not a single worker inside. Both the outer door and the inner cage around the counter are closed and locked.I get that staffing can be difficult, but at least have the decency to post the correct hours and not waste my time.

Review №3


Tried to ship some artwork with FedEx and they said itd be $550. Got it done for $150 here and the associates put in a ton of effort to pack it efficiently and safely to keep the price down while keeping everything safe. Walked out with a big grin on my face.

Review №4


Went in to return some Amazon packages and the two guys behind the counter began basically harassing me for bringing in an Amazon return. They weren’t talking to me, but loudly to each other and the other customers about how: “They should stop accepting Amazon returns after 5 pm so that they can close early” and how doing so “would teach those people not to shop at Amazon anymore.” They went on with this conversation, clearly directed at me, until I left the store. Incredibly rude and uncalled for.

Review №5


As a business professional I would recommend never using this UPS location. The last time I was in I was berated in front of a line of people which was totally unprofessional by the manager for only asking for a receipt. This has happened a few times before and I was told the lenders I work for do not pay them enough to take my envelopes with loan documents in. I was then told I was unwelcome. I do not believe this to be representative of a UPS store. If I could give 0 stars I would!!!

Review №6


I dropped off an (organized) box of about 50 pre-labeled small packages and was asked by the manager not to do that again because they “aren’t equipped for it” and they’re “just a franchise”. Maybe don’t buy a UPS franchise if you don’t want to handle UPS’s shipments.

Review №7


Like most of these reviews, I specifically asked for a receipt yesterday when dropping off an Amazon return. I was told,”Your code is your receipt.” That’s ironic since the UPS a few miles away on State Street & Maxtown ask if you would like a receipt. Lesson learned, never go back. Customer service is lacking here. Go the extra few miles down the road, the other UPS is light years better.

Review №8


Highly recommend steering clear of this place for any package returns or one-off print jobs.I needed to print a return label to ship a package. My primary location allows you to email the store directly and they’ll promptly print it out for a small charge, by sheet. Totally reasonable.Here, they require you to use the computer to print yourself. This is also reasonable. I waited in line for 10 minutes while another customer finished up, only to find out it’s a $5 charge simply to USE the computer. On top of that, you’re charged by sheet. I was not informed of this charge this during my wait, likely because the staff knows how ridiculous it is.So to summarize, it would cost about $6 to print a single sheet of paper. A complete racket. Take your business elsewhere.

Review №9


This is absolutely the worst UPS store Ive ever been in my life ...still clear you have been warned. They claim they cant give you a receipt for Amazon packages that you drop off for return.. they claim you have to contact Amazon if there is an issue with the return however they have not provided you with any proof that you dropped it off. I will never use this place again and if you read this review and you use it then its nobodys fault but your own.

Review №10


I ship a lot of packages and this is one of the 3 stores I use to do so. Unfortunately the guy there has an aversion to printing a receipt for packages dropped off. He indicates that the tracking is in the email etc. I then try to tell him that Im not worried about the tracking, but rather the confirmation of receipt by UPS. This removes my liability and places it onto UPS at that time. I have tried to explain several times, and honestly it just appears he doesnt want to understand but rather badger me each visit. I try to stay away from this store as much as possible due to this.

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