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3.6 (39 comments)

Review №1


I felt compelled to write my own review for this store. I cannot fathom the negativity comments & made a point to spell out & correct some of this. I have used this store for well over a decade. All I can say, is that the people who currently work there and all the years past have been nothing more than the friendliest group of folks & I know them by name. I am a local & professional Artist & they have literally shipped well over a hundred of my art pieces throughout the Unites States. These are very large, very heavy and very delicate. I have not had one single client over the years of my doing business have an arrival of a work of mine be damaged. To the very contrary, I normally will have my clients seriously write back or phone to tell me how well their sculptures were packed expressing their delight. As a for instance, here is a snap of Sharon on my latest piece shipped with the store. It was safely packaged by her being shipped to Orlando (Ripley Entertainment) for distribution eventually to Dubais Global Village.

Review №2


This is the first time I’ve come here as I always go to Strongsville. Returning Amazon packages is the easiest thing ever. I’ve always had the QR code scanned on my phone and they drop it into a bag. Today I brought two items in and I showed her the code and she said “nope sorry you need to package this yourself you really should read the label.” She proceeded to touch my phone without asking and then rudely said “you need to change this background to white” since I have dark mode on my phone. I mean for the last 2+ years I’ve never had an issue with the code being scanned, never had to change the background, and I’ve never had to package it myself… so why would I just assume it needs to be different today? It was busy but honestly, I don’t care. Using that as an excuse for being rude is just old. Another customer asked about insuring the package with a particular company and the same employee I dealt with said “no we don’t take that sorry it’s on the wall what we take.” The customer proceeded to say “well I got that off your site.” And the employee said “did you check U P S” attempting to make her feel stupid in case she accidentally checked USPS. I was just baffled by the level of rudeness. In the end, I wasted my lunch break and nothing was returned. She didn’t tell me how to package it or the steps I needed to take. I’ll stick to any other location.

Review №3


The older ladies in there are usually very rude I can deal with that I get it if you don’t like your job. It’s everyone’s freedom to be rude or not like their job I’m just dropping off a package it’s not a big deal they can be rude. But I just went up there and I didn’t have a piece of tape for my package and they said the owner is now charging one dollar for a piece of tape I have no choice but to pay horrible customer service the owner should be ashamed of himself. It’s not like UPS isn’t a multi million dollar business and they can’t afford a piece of tape. I will only go up there if there is an emergency. What a money hungry certifiable owner.

Review №4


This store consistently has the rudest employees. At my last visit they were not only awful to my son and I, but to an elderly gentleman trying to ship something. They talked to him like he was stupid. What an embarrassment. I actually waited and apologized for their behavior.

Review №5


I gave it two stars because the younger kids working there are great, but the older women working there are so rude. They get mad over everything and will not help you! I drive all the way to Medina because they staff is so much better

Review №6


They charge $1.00 to use tape! How petty. Profiting off of peoples forgetfulness. It is not like that bit of tape is that expensive...

Review №7


My mother accidentally put the wrong address on my package. She came in and Sharon processed her. 5 hours later and many more packages that cane through I realized my mom put the wrong address. I called up to the store and spoke to Ginger. She took my phone number and within 10 minutes called me back and helped me out. Kudos to the store and these ladies for going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much you UPS Brunswick. You really helped me out.

Review №8


I was there today with a few packages and it was the 2nd time at this location. I usually go to strongsville and they’ve always been great. The first time here the lady was great and extremely helpful in the morning. I had the young guy who looked to be high school age today who was extremely rude/uptight literally was groaning/moaning the whole time under his breath like helping a customer was ruining his life when no one else was in there the first 5 mins. I don’t usually ever write reviews but the experience was so bad today with him that I felt compelled to. I work in sales/customer service in the financial industry and I would never act that way to a client. Not sure if he was having a bad day or what but it was an extremely uncomfortable experience.

Review №9


The woman with reddish brown hair is consistently unpleasant. Ive felt like she was short and rude with myself and other customers in the past but Ive brushed it off. Today I go in and she says they cant scan QR codes because the internet is down. I said no problem, thank you. I can come back its really no big deal but as Im walking away she adds its on the sign on the door. Listen Linda, you have 8 signs on the door and its winter so sorry I didnt stand outside and read every posting you had up. Why the snarky comment? If youre so unhappy with your job, quit.

Review №10


These people at this location are snobby. Especially the young crybaby kid that works there. They act like doing their job is always such a chore. I literally dread going there and today was the last straw. I’ll be driving 15 minutes out of my way to go to the Strongsville location from now on.

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