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4.2 (190 comments)

Review №1


Enjoy this UPS location due to they are open on Sundays. With the holiday they were closed. I called in the morning and spoke with Jason very pleasant over the phone an reassured me they were open today! Once I arrived and hauled in my boxes Jason was a delightful person. He even greeted each customer even if they were just picking up there mail from the UPS you have an excellent customer service employee who is Jason! Keep up the excellent work Jason!!

Review №2


The staff members here are so nice. I have gone there several times to return Amazon stuff and even when it has been quite a few things, they are always super nice. I appreciate that because dealing with people all day gets tiring for sure, so they smiling at you and being nice is a nice change of pace from seeing frown faces or not even getting a hi in most places.

Review №3


One of the best return experiences I ever had. The young lady that waited on me was helpful, courteous, and ever so patient with me dealing with technology issues. I truly appreciated the respect and kindness demonstrated by the employees at this particular UPS store. I would recommend that store to anyone with shipping in mind. Made a second visit to this UPS location and the experience was even better than the first. I am truly impressed with the folks that run that UPS those young ladies are the best

Review №4


This place has a habit or over charging. Charging customers for more than they want or need. I went in to ship a package, the staff insisted they repackage my box, after I repeated to her no thank you. She move on to the shipping. She told me the cost was $53.00, I told her no and walked out.I went on line and the $53.00 charge was for overnight or next day. I printed out a label and paid online it cost me $16.95. That is a big difference. Never again. will that store get my business.I would not give one star but at least one is required.

Review №5


Would have been great if the one of the few UPS Stores open on Sunday in the Dayton area had posted a message to their phone line or fixed it on the UPS website that they would be closed on Juneteenth before I drove 30 minutes each way to attempt to mail a time-critical package. Waste of time and with the current cost of fuel, money.

Review №6


Megan has been extremely helpful, patient and courteous every time I’ve visited this store. I dread having to visit other companies for my shipping needs because the customer service at this store is truly superior. Highly recommend.

Review №7


Place has really gone downhill, rude employees that cant get on their print PC and about half the time they cant connect to the color printers or scan to email! They keep refusing print orders and they cant even manage to figure out how to do something as simple as printing from an email! If your their to drop off an Amazon package your probably ok but if your going for ANYTHING else your better off going somewhere else! Half the time theres not even a notary there anymore, its sad really this use to be such a good place to go.

Review №8


Not sure how the employees can’t log on the print PC for a customer when they advertise printing all over the place. Also used to work at this exact location 5 years ago under the last owner, never once had a problem logging onto the computer for a customer and printing something off lol

Review №9


Yoooo this place is epic. I come here a decent amount cuz I sell random stuff on eBay and every time I walk in I totally freeze up because Im from Gen-Z and idk how to send a package but then they just like take it from me, give it a little scanny scan, and boom its on its way and Im out the door in like 34 seconds or less. Straight up ballers in there dude.

Review №10


Don’t know what it is about this specific location, but pretty much EVERY encounter I have had with their employees has been fantastic. They have always been super helpful, and just incredibly friendly to the point where I brought it up with a family member who agreed and said they’ve noticed the same thing.

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