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Phone: +1 833-296-9854
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6PM
  • Thursday:9AM–6PM
  • Friday:9AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–5PM
  • Sunday:12–5PM
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Total reviews rating 2.9

156 Reviews for The Luckman 2023:

Review №1


Hallways smell like garbage. Constant water leaks. Security let’s anyone in building. Murders have happened here. Gun shots weekly. Elevators don’t work. Roaches. Moving out asap.

Review №2


Today I went in for a tour of the property because I was interested in renting here. After the tour I was very turned off with this place. The parking garage smells of garbage and has trash all over the place. This place charges over 1000 dollars a month for a renovated apartment and you have to do laundry in the basement??. If Im going to spend this kind of money on an apartment, Id expect to have an in-suite washer/dryer or at least hookups. Only reason Im giving this place 2 stars is because The leasing agent was very professional and friendly and the layouts of the apartments are nice

Review №3


I was written a bad check for a return of my deposit. It overdraft my account because I thought the check was good and used it on a new place. They refused to reimburse so I had to get a lawyer involved. You would think such a large company along with their high prices would be able to manage this amount of money compared to what I was entitled. They suddenly had the money to refund me once I got a lawyer. The amount of issues made a long list. Save yourself & look elsewhere.

Review №4


You need three times the rent from a salary or hourly job to apply, but they make sure not to tell you that and say they dont need and prefer not to have any details about you. So you end up wasting your $75 application fee, and im still waiting on your $200 admin fee paid by card on the website to be check. Needless to say, I was not amused.The units themselves are ok, but the building does need upkeep. I love that it seemed to be a very dog-centered community as I have dogs myself, but the faint air of dog urine in the elevators was something I could do without. Paint splattered on doors, and what looks like water damage covered by paint not repaired. Certainly not one of the more excellent buildings for the high price, and frustrating that they insist on knowing as little as possible (I just started a new job in the city), so you apply just to say no after having you send in documents and taking your money. Disappointing and dishonest all the reviews seem to be true so save yourself the money and go across the street to the Statler that place is absolutely gorgeous and well cared for!

Review №5


Been trying to contact the office for days. Moved out over 30 days ago and still haven’t gotten my security deposit. Also forgot an item in my unit when I moved out that was collected by the office and was told they will mail it to my forwarding address immediately and still haven’t gotten it.UPDATE: it has been 2 months since I moved out and still no security deposit. Under Ohio law, a landlord must return the tenants security deposit within 30 days after the tenant has moved out. Have tried calling multiple times this week with no answer. Finally got an answer from someone named Keyon today who was very rude and hung up on me twice after I asked to speak to a manager. If no update from them by early next week I am prepared with the paperwork to sue and take this company to court.

Review №6


Nothing but constant issues. Cockroaches, freight elevator has been broken for months, only 2 of the 3 resident elevators work, water/pipe issues - including pipes freezing - the list goes on and on. Property management company is worthless too. Moving out as soon as lease is up. THE WORST!!!!

Review №7


Just moved my daughter into the building recently. Move in day was the first time I saw the place. Probably not where I would have chosen for her to live but if you want to live downtown with parking and you have a limited budget there aren’t a lot of options.The best thing about the building so far has been Bianca, the Community Manager. We had a few issues arise and I wasn’t sure what kind of response we would get since it is such a large building. She has been amazing-she responded quickly and was very helpful in resolving the issues. I felt that she was sincerely concerned about our issues and wants my daughter to have a positive experience living there.Some of the other good things about the building besides the manager and the downtown location are the parking garage, building seems to be secure, updates in the apartments(flooring, bathrooms, kitchens-except cabinets), and the large windows in the apartment. The biggest negatives are no washer & dryer in the unit and the building does seem to have some deferred maintenance issues.

Review №8


Don’t live here… 0/5 stars. A lot of disorganization at The Luckman and it was apparent. If you have anything wrong with your apartment, you won’t get it fixed. If you pay for a parking spot, someone will always be parked in your spot regardless. Trash is everywhere, suprised the health department hasn’t shut this place down… Rent is pretty high for the experience… Elevators never work so get used to that.. Most tenants are unhappy here so save yourself the time and money. They will make it seem like it’s an awesome place, just trying to help people that are interested. And if you are interested because of the pool, it was closed most of the time this summer for various reasons. All of the people that were working there when I moved in June left because they couldn’t handle it.. this shows how bad the situation actually is there..Go elsewhere please…

Review №9


Every single bad review of this building is 100% true. Do NOT live here!!!!Management does not answer the phone, and then when you physically go down to the office they’re just sitting around laughing and talking.Management never answer emails.No one ever will come to your apartment to fix anything.The parking garage entrance is constantly broken, so strangers will park in your spot and management won’t help you. The towing threat means nothing.The garbage area is always absolutely disgusting and trash isn’t picked up more than once every three months so there are flies everywhere.I would recommend leaving 10 minutes early if you need to get to work at a certain time because the elevators are constantly broken and you’ll be waiting for one for more than five minutes.Water is constantly turned off.Security sleeps right at the desk.There is a fire drill at least once a week- mostly at 3am.Also the people that live in the building are awful as well. Rude, loud, inconsiderate, etc. Find a better neighborhood.The building has only gotten worse since new management took over, they love to leave comments on peoples reviews saying to contact them since you had a bad experience but I can 100% guarantee nothing will be done for you.My fiancé and I were about to break our lease so we can get the hell out of here. Counting down the days until I move out.

Review №10


Be prepared to put your rent in escrow. Many things go wrong and you’ll never hear back no matter how many maintenance requests you put in. My AC stopped working for over a week now in the dead of summer and no one seems to care at all! I even have a toddler with me here and it is so uncomfortable. That along with many other problems including no hot water add to the list of reasons to stay away. Preparing with a lawyer and not paying another penny to this company until I’m paying for an adequate living situation. (Picture is of thermostat completely blank. Takes no batteries, some type of electrical problem that apparently isn’t important for anyone to fix).

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