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Review №1


Staff is extremely helpful and polite. First visit I chose an omelette but didn’t have what they needed to make my order. Chef came over and recommended a omelette , and it was spectacular. Great food, and nice dining inside. I look forward to coming back and trying something more on the menu.

Review №2


Horrible service!! Service was very slow and multiple people arrived after us and still got their food before us. We waited over an hour for our food to arrive and by the time we got it our food was cold. The tea was cold after multiple times we’ve asked for it to be hot and yet it still turned up room temperature. I had French toast with blue berries and raspberries in the middle of eating I tasted something funny I didn’t think anything of it until I took a big bite out of it and FOUND A GREEN ONION IN MY FRENCH TOAST! 🤢

Review №3


I love getting breakfast and brunch here! The menu is full of delicious dishes to satisfy both sweet and savory cravings. Ive tried many different menu items, but my go-to is the Big BLT with avocado. Pair it with a Seattles Best coffee and it is a great way to start the day.Dine-in service can be a little inconsistent. which appears to be from low staffing, but definitely a good experience overall.

Review №4


I ordered the chicken and waffles my chicken is burnt! Did you really think this is acceptable? Also my eggs are missing! I will never be back to this horrible place again!

Review №5


I work in the area and often order from here. I get the same thing every time the breakfast meat. Usually 4 pieces of toast, 4 pieces of bacon, over medium egg. As you see I got less then usual, bacon isn’t crispy, toast is burnt and my egg is very runny. I called and talked to Vanessa who I sensed an attitude for my call right away. I don’t want you to do anything to rectify this, I will order elsewhere from now on.

Review №6


Wonderful meal! Menu is creative and there is a wide variety of options. Staff was very nice. You can tell Vanessa makes all of her guests feel extremely welcomed. Cant wait to go back!

Review №7


Food was average, staff wasnt very friendly or accommodating. The womens toilet wouldnt flush. The waitress brought out our order knowing it was wrong, but asked if it was okay anyway (ordered the chicken and waffles without the caramel/vanilla sauce, but it was covered in it.) She was hesitant when we asked for it to be correct. When she brought it back out, they had re-made the waffle, but put the same caramel soaked chicken back on top. They seem to be trying hard to do it only the bare minimum, but they suck at it.

Review №8


A Gem of a Brunch Spot. It was so good I had two meals. I got the corned beef Hash with real corned beef not the mince meat you get at other places. And the Banana Foster with turkey bacon. I wish I can tell you which one I enjoyed more...both were Awesome!

Review №9


Decided to try a new place for brunch and this looked interesting. Very large interesting menu with breakfast and lunch plus various options for those with food differences.The coffee was strong and not very hot, even with new cups. They didnt have half-and-half, only coffee mate which is a deal killer. CM is oil and chemicals. I did get milk for my coffee, so that was ok.My western omelet came with onions, which Id requested be left out. They immediately fixed it. It came with the option of rosemary potatoes, fresh fruit or toast. I chose the fruit which was very nice. (Sorry, no pics)Overall, an ok place.

Review №10


I ordered chicken and waffles with none of the toppings (Carmel syrup and powdered sugar) and the waitress brought it out covered in caramel and powdered sugar and said “even though i didn’t want it, the cook put it on anyways.” After an awkward moment of silence, she said she could take it back to have it remade without the toppings. I said okay thanks. Then she brought it back out and it was obvious that they just wiped the Carmel off and sent it back… there was still powdered sugar all over the plate so they couldn’t even be bothered to try and cover it up by serving it on a new plate. It was just annoying because the Carmel was soaked in the chicken and waffles, it’s not something that can wiped off and sent back… But I had given up by then and ate it anyways. I didn’t want to say something again and end up with a spit waffle, clearly the kitchen staff doesn’t care. Won’t be back. This is just a warning to other diners, you may want to go elsewhere.

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