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Phone: +1 614-539-4554
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for The Home Depot 2023:

Review №1


Great selection & great staff! Employees were available, helpful & friendly. This is the only store that Ive been able to find the plants I wanted, Silver Falls Dichondra. Not only did they have them in stock, I was able to find them immediately. Very nice location; clean & well organized. Ill definitely be back!

Review №2


I like home Depot in general but the one here off of Stringtown Rd really takes the cake for me. Everything looked very well stocked with plenty of options and for the most part things were easy to find. For the one thing I couldnt find there were plenty of people around to ask and I was quickly shown the correct area. Kudos to this location, it seems to be really on its a game. Not to say the others arent good but this one just seemed a bit better.

Review №3


I been shopping at home Depot for a new lawn mower. We were interested in a reasonably priced mower. We of course liked it. An employee came up and asked if we needed assistance of course yes. I am 65 and could not find a cart to put it in and two it was extremely heavy. The man said he find a cart and would be back to help. He walked down to the other end of the store and disappeared never to be seen again. My only regret is I didnt catch his name.

Review №4


I went in on Easter Sunday just to look but ended up finding the perfect set up for my deck. It was all the way at the very top of the shelf still wrapped in plastic wrap. Duane and AJ were so helpful in getting is down and into my truck. I truly appreciate you guys working so hard on what should be a relaxing day!

Review №5


I looked everywhere for a window with between-the-glass blinds. Easy to find for doors, but not windows.The employee at the door/window counter told me we could custom order it. Amazing! We sit down for close to an hour as they put in the parameters in their apparently very difficult to use computer system. He had to have a supervisor help him and we had to start over a few times because of how finnicky their system was. We very specifically talked about the kind of blinds and they both knew that I wanted those integrated blinds. It was literally the only feature that mattered--otherwise why bother custom ordering!Pretty expensive window when all said and done, and took way longer than I would expect. But I figured it would be worth it in the end to have a window with the built-in blinds.~4 weeks later or so, I get the update to come pick up my window. Was so excited that I opened the package to take a peek in the store, and thank goodness I did.No integrated blinds. I let customer service know, they took me back to the door/window counter to order a new one. Same employee was there, same supervisor. They told me there was no such thing as windows with integrated blinds and that there was no way to order them simply because no one made them...couldnt have told me that when I was first trying to order??2 extra stars because at least customer service refunded my money on the spot.

Review №6


On June 6th, I returned a tiller that I had rented for 24 hours. The tiller had dirt on it when I picked up the day before which I saw no issue with since thats what its for. I returned it in the same condition and was told I had to go power wash it. There was very little dirt and only on the tines. I said no way, I had returned in the exact same condition. They said they would be charging me a cleaning fee. Awful experience.Edited because I had a great experience correcting the issue with customer service. The supervisor was kind, courteous, and understanding. Took my 1 star visit to a 5

Review №7


Tried to order a kitchen faucet online for curbside pick up. Online confirmed eight of the model faucet I wanted to buy, and confirmed I could pick up curbside tonight. The checkout directions told me to wait for email that it’s time to pick up my faucet. After awhile I called the service desk and the employee said that curbside pick up is closed. Then ten minutes later I receive a refund and email saying my faucet is no longer in stock. I go to the store. Woman in plumbing scanned the display model of the faucet I wanted, she says there are nine in stock. Cannot find a single one, then she notices the name of the faucet is the same as others in the next section so that’s why they show nine available but not the model online. All of various brands are jumbled together on all the shelves. It’s very difficult to find the box on the shelf which matches the model up above. When I asked plumbing lady about the differences in quality among brands she said she didn’t know she just works in plumbing. Ok then. The best thing about today’s faucet buying experience was getting my military discount at checkout.I just don’t know how the store-specific website could fail to match the store stock so substantially.

Review №8


I made a tax exempt purchase. When I asked for my Veterans discount I was told that I could not use two discounts. A tax exemption is in no way a discount. Your procedure to claim a Veterans discount is ridiculous in the first place. At Lowes I just give my telephone number and thats it! You refused a Veterans discount on Memorial Day weekend. I will take my business where they respect Veterans.

Review №9


The Mysterious aisle 62! I was shopping for a garage in a box online and it conveniently told me where the product was located in the store and that it was 9 in stock. Great! Awesome let me grab my buddy and go grab one. once i get to the store which is 20 mins away from where i was, i started looking for aisle 62 cause the website sent me a text to tell me where it was located. We went out the garden center door and the numbers started going down from 58 we were confused and thoughy maybe aisle 62 is in another part of the store. When we walked back in we asked an employee and they instructed us to go to the complete other side of the store by the lumber that kind of stuff is down there, so we assumed the employee knew what she was talking about and nope, no where to be found 400 steps and 300 calories burned later. We walked back towards the garden center and asked another employee and she said oh its out side in the garden center somewhere. wow so we looked all over and found 61 and no 62. while walking away we searched through all this mess and actually found what we went there for. It was such a mess, we had to move stuff out of the way just to get out the product. I probably wouldnt shop at home depot again as it always seems to be something while shopping there in my opinion.

Review №10


Im not a Home Depot fan, but its very nice to have this one in GC. Some of the workers are very kind and go the extra to help. I enjoy having curb pickup for items I cant lift. Checkout is very badly designed, imho. Selection is mediocre. But, its reliable and close.

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