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Phone: +1 419-871-9583
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–4PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2.9

199 Reviews for The Flats at Douglas 2023:

Review №1


The WORST place I have ever lived. Here at the Flats it will give you a headache, LITERALLY (these buildings are infested with MOLD and are a serious health risk ). We discovered this after my husband had to get a tumor removed in his sinuses. The renovation job that was done here is ludicrous and mediocre. They seriously painted over dust filled vents, outlets, light fixtures, hinges, and screws but managed to not paint behind the fridge or the stove? Must’ve ran out of paint? The wood floors in the kitchen aren’t fitted properly and is leaving inch space gaps between the floor and appliances. It gets better, one time my sink literally fell into the cabinet underneath breaking my vases my mother had gifted to me that I kept under the sink. Water damage to the ceiling causing large cracks. No ventilation system in the apartments making the walls sweat, and leaving water marks down all the walls. Thin walls you can hear other tenants in different apartments. Even I could have done a better paint job than this. They got paint on the floor, paint on the carpet, over painted the trimming on everything. Layer after layers of paint on the doors making them really hard to open, and somedays you can’t even get the doors to budge open. Carpet was never laid or tact down properly, so vacuuming the floor just rips it out of place. The washer and dryers are disgusting and have ruined expensive clothing, bedding, and god only knows what else. I have to call hundreds of times just to get anything done around here good luck of getting ahold of anyone in that office bc they don’t answer the phones even after the whole “covid” pandemic excuse. PEOPLES LIVES ARE IN YOUR HANDS and REMEMBER THAT!

Review №2


I have lived here now over 2 years. I have had a GREAT living experience since I moved in! I recently renewed my lease and will be here for the foreseeable future as I just landed a new job here in Toledo! The staff is always courteous! Very attentive to my needs or concerns if there were any. The maintenance staff is timely if there were any repairs needed which is minimal in my case. This rating should be higher than a 2.9! For real ! No kidding!

Review №3


Best part is the gym and pool area. they just started to remodel the building hallways which is pretty nice.The only things I didn’t like was how the apartment itself is built it seems rushed and they didn’t clean the apartment all the way when I first moved in, there was mold by the shower window & the drains are horrible etc. When I first moved in the tub drain was so clogged up I tried to do my best cleaning it up but that didn’t do justice it needs a whole new drain. Also the carpets and walls are not good. The carpets are super loose and not attached all the way just from vacuuming & moving in they come up the edges and it’s just all messed up. Just make sure you tour your exact apartment to see what your dealing with (something I was not allowed to do) I’m glad I left.

Review №4


** addressing old reviews, they are under new management**Weve lived at the flats for about 2 months now, just for a reference.So far whatever questions weve had Julie has answered in a timely manner! (Usually next day and sometimes same day depending on when I email) and there have been A LOT of questions!!! I always like to make sure everyone is on the same page, so were in pretty constant communication because she always asks how were doing!Any maintenance issue Ive put in for has been fixed promptly (same day, next day, or if its a super small problem within the week)Security is good and addresses things in a timely manner (loud neighbors after hours)Love the community events!I know there are some bad reviews, but honestly weve had nothing but a good experience thus far!***Just to address the comment about the office being hard to get a hold of***If you used the number from the website it does take you to a larger directory because the property managers own multiple properties. So they route you from there. The office has addressed this issue by sending out a mass message to all residents about a direct phone number that directly takes you to the office at the flats. I personally have never called as I work durring their business hours. However email wise its been nothing but immediate response.***to address the issue about the washers and dryers***They use a third party service, they dont own the washers and dryers. Julie is always sending out constant updates on repairs for them and whats going on. It might be a bit of an inconvenience, understandably, when they are not working. However management for the flats is at the mercy of the third party company. If parts have to be ordered its a wait no matter what with shipping issues right now due to covid.

Review №5


Lived here about 3 months. Management was very helpful, especially Julie. I have had some maintenance issues, but they have been responded to and resolved. So far, I’m happy with my apartment!

Review №6


I would not recommend this place to anyone. The rent is a little less than other communities but there is a reason! The complex is short staffed and oftentimes, there is no response to calls or notifications through the tenant portal. The clubhouse is nice but in the current times, I would not use as it is not sanitized or a regular basis. It looks nice on the surface but not all units are.Before moving in, the staff was very helpful and friendly. The model apartment was beautifully finished and the staged well. I was told that they were going to find me a great unit close to the office and coming clubhouse. I did ask if all the units looked the same and was told yes. I also confirmed the complex rules (smoking, drugs, pets, security, etc). Unfortunately, things quickly changed once I moved in.The unit I was assigned was not beautiful. The workmanship was sloppy and there were gaps in the walls, cracks in the ceiling and overall poor craftsmanship. The flooring was also uneven and you could feel the unfinished bumps from the concrete below (I had a first-floor unit). This was noted to the then manager without any response. He left along with several of the other staff a few months later.With any apartment, your neighbors can make or break the experience. These definitely broke the experience for me. The immediate neighbors were very loud, broke the drug rule and constantly left the security doors propped open. The ones across the hall were also erratic - fighting and playing the flute at late hours (midnight). The upstairs neighbors broke the rules about dog breeds and sizes, housing a large German Shepard and Lab that barked and made noise all day and night. The new management assured me that these issues were addressed but nothing changed for months. Finally, the one neighbor was evicted but this took over 8 months. Instead of talking to each other, most just turned things up louder to try to cover the others up.The next big issue was with security. The first sign that something wasn’t great was the spray-painted gang tags that started to appear on buildings and signs in the complex. There were heaping garbage units that were not emptied timely which led to rats. Then, after tearing down the old car ports, the complex did not install any extra lighting or pave the new lots. There are huge holes and uneven parking surfaces all around the renovated areas and paved areas owned by the complex. The external roads are really bad too, but this is a city issue.The assigned inside storage units have hasps for locks (mine was locked) but with people leaving the outside doors and laundry doors propped open, someone got in, cut the locks and stole several things including my bike. I asked for the video footage for the police report from the cameras the complex uses but was never acknowledged. I’m not sure they work to be honest. The worker who took my information did feel bad about the situation but were no help in the report to the police or insurance. I requested the hasp be fixed so I could relock the unit and was told several times it would be fixed in soon. Two months later, still not fixed.The final straw was a large gathering of people (50 or more) having a parking lot party at 1 am in the lot 20 feet from my bedroom. It wasn’t the first time a gathering took place, but this was just crazy! The police were called but they never came out. I reached out to the complex and it was agreed that I could terminate my lease early since I had record of everything that had happened and told them I would seek legal guidance if things weren’t addressed.I’m so happy to be done with this place - in the end I got my deposit back, but only after threatening a civil suit as they did not provide any itemized reasons for it to be withheld and letting them know they were violating an Ohio Revised Code.

Review №7


Staff is very friendly. My cat, Bella, has only lived in one place and never gone outside. I was concern about the possibility of her getting fleas from other tenants so they did a preventive pest spray before I moved in.The Hallways are old but, slowly getting renovated via a fresh coat of paint and new anti slip laminated flooring.Any cleaning concerns brought to their attention is usually taken care of within a day, if not sooner.Overall my move in experience has been great. My only concern is the issue with my deadbolt which can easily be corrected.

Review №8


A list of problems1. The quality of the apartment unexceptionable2.Things arent fix properly3.drainage/plumbing system is terrible4.mold/moister problem in bathroom do to no ventilation.5.paint drippings everywhere6.carpet is is too high for what you get8.front office is hard to reach9.washer and dryers are always down10.building is always free and open to who ever wants to come and commit a crime.I can go on and on. Do not recommend this place at all zero stars.

Review №9


Love the amenities and the upgraded apartment. Maintenance is friendly and prompt. The office is staffed with friendly folks. Glad I chose this as my home.

Review №10


The worst management ever!!! I left the premises last month and I just got a letter saying I owed for this months rent!!! I been moved out! The management should have been knew I left because they are the ones that told me I have 3 days and I told them and I left within 2 days. Don’t move here they will try to take all your money and lie and act like they didn’t know and remember they told you to move out already!! Fed up with flats all the way.