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3.6 (199 comments)

Review №1


Go through drive thru, ordered 2 nacho fries, about to drive away, eat one and they are old and soggy. While still in the drive thru ask then if I can pull around and get fresh ones (as I use to manage fast food establishments, so I know expired food), I pull over, and walk in 5 minutes later, still waiting so I am thinking they just came up...nope. I get a bag, this is what it looks like, same old stale fries. THROW FOOD AWAY when the time is expired! Same thing yesterday, get 2 spicy potatoes soft tacos, potatoes are hard as a rock. I will never be back. Waste of money. Teach staff to follow regulations!!!!!

Review №2


Its fast food and in that context it isnt bad.If you want to eat at somewhere with appetizers try a restaurant. Like any place like this the food you get will be hit or miss.BUT....they are open very late for when you must have tacos. 🌮

Review №3


Service is slow but everything is made just prior to purchase.Wish they would have more advertising showing that they are open. (they closed down for awhile and had limited hours previously) BK across the street closed down & we need this fast food restaurant in the city.

Review №4


Amazing customer service. I was very hungry this evening and the employees on shift tonight gave me exactly what i needed. I ordered a 12 pack of cinnabon delights and was absolutely in awe when i opened the bag to 23 of the delicious golden nuggets. Beyond satisfied with this experience and absolutely will be coming back. I will remember this for the rest of my life

Review №5


Under new management an open till 3a.m. again. They actually got my order right an done like a fast food restaurant. Very very happy with the new management an service.

Review №6


Service was polite and quick, but there was zero cinnamon sugar on the cinnamon twists. Upon returning, they quickly and politely replaced that item.

Review №7


First off, I rarely rate five stars anymore. It takes alot to impress me. This taco bell nailed it. The customer service was the best by far for this city out of all the restaurants out that way. Friendly, helpful, and ready to serve. There is a little bit of a waiting period for your food. But when you get it; its hot. Be careful.

Review №8


Best taco bell Ive been to.Friendly and efficient staff food was great and tasted fresh!

Review №9


Not reliable whatsoever. More often randomly closed than open when I stop. DoorDash order today confirmed by the store, driver went there, then Taco Bell cancelled the order 20 minutes after confirming it. Just close already.

Review №10


6.20.2022, night crew going into 6.21 made the best Taco Bell I’ve ever had

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