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Total reviews rating 3.6

199 Reviews for Taco Bell 2023:

Review №1


I opened up my meal to find cigar paper and tobacco stuck to the top of my food. I called to tell the manager he said I dont believe you I said I will gladly bring it up and show you.. He hung up. So here is the proof. this is beyond disgusting and so unprofessional on the phone. I tried to call back and got a busy tone. This is not the first time i had an issue here, i got robbed 20 dollars before. Same guy I handed 20 in cash and said put the rest on the card, I was charged the full price I complained to the store and had to file for a miss charge on my card and never got my money back. This guy needs a new job so rude smoking pot at work and getting the tobacco and cigar wrapping in my food, stole 20 dollars service is slow always and the way he talked on the phone I wish he would talk that way to me in person. Id give 0 stars if I could and totally name blast the guy morning manager for his rudeness I ask for the district managers number and was told no, believe me I will go up there and find the district manager find out the guy I spoke with and I dont want my money back i want an apology

Review №2


I don’t understand what the hell going on there. It never used to be like this. I had Taco Bell this afternoon at a different one and it was great. So I had gotten two hard shell tacos from this one. The shells were stale and the meat was Disgusting. I almost feel like I’ll probably end up having food poisoning. I really wish this Taco Bell hasn’t come to this….. But I don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon. Unless it’s just for a drink. Benares that’s the only safe thing there. Very very disappointing.

Review №3


This is the worst Taco Bell I have ever been to. I feel like the staff there just does not want to take orders or work at all. Every time I try to go there they turn me away and I get a different reason every time. The first time they said they were only taking mobile orders. The second time they told me they were only taking EXACT CHANGE IN CASH! The third time they said their system was down and they just cant take orders. I never once was able to get food from this place but Im sure it is probably disgusting just like their service. Dont waste your time and maybe they will close this dump and replace it with something nicer.

Review №4


There was barely any meat in the Chalupa bad lettuce on the taco and the Chalupa no napkins no receipt and no sauce

Review №5


Had to cancel online order. Drive through had 1 car move in 15 min. Register is regularly broken so can only pay in exact cash.

Review №6


Food was awful. Ordered a variety of things. The order was right unlike last time. But it was so greasy the Taco meat grease leaked through shells and through the bag!! The hard shells had an awful and weird taste, probably old and the chalupa shells were really hard. The meat was just oozing grease. So gross.

Review №7


Ordered through mobile app. Picked up through the drive-thru and drove home. The drink and 2 items I ordered were correct. However, the Nachos BellGrande was missing completely and the 2 Toasted Cheddar Chalupas werent that, they were two uncooked tortillas with chalupa filling. I tried calling the store using the phone number listed on Google Maps listing and it was incorrect, it was a faxline.🤬

Review №8


Ordered food and waited 40 minutes for it to be canceled. Not sure how this place is still in business. Horrible service and could care less for customer service. Better off eating from a dumpster then going here, shame on you.

Review №9


Horrible everything, I got a huge variety of menu items- I ended up giving most to my dogs when I got home. I know, it’s Taco Bell and it’s not gourmet, but it shouldn’t be left over from lunch and served for dinner- just sayingStopped after a movie at Regal in Crocker park, shoulda went elsewhere.

Review №10


Very rude and lazyThey shut down the drive thru in the middle of lunch and told everyone to go inside…We went inside and was told nobody was going to take orders because they are busy and short staffedWe walked out and so did 5 other customers waiting to be helped

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