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3.4 (190 comments)

Review №1


Staff was awesome an friendly when we couldnt find the items we looked for on the kiosk. Gotta say everything was on point, service, very friendly an helpful, food was fresh an tasted great just as it should. Gentleman wished us a safe ride on our motorcycle, that was greatly appreciated. Wish every taco bell was this on point!

Review №2


I went here over the Sidney one because theyre usually better about getting orders right especially with special instructions. My stuff is more difficult because I cannot eat meat and Taco Bell is one of the few fast food places I can still eat.I thought I had said the screen didnt look right and they assured me they fixed it. I didnt get my two potato tacos and my combo had beef. I was just gonna chalk it up to having a bad day and a stutter because of that. I just wanted something I could eat because again, I was having a bad day.The lady that helped me was very nice and I feel bad about rating this low for one reason. I heard someone complaining in the back about having to redo my combo. Saying that I should know how to order. He complained the entire time.I dont think Im coming back to this location. And I should probably stick to ordering online.

Review №3


Walked up to the counter and was told to use the self help kiosk. Which practically gave me a seizure trying to order because the screen is wonky

Review №4


Fun and friendly staff, food and beer always hit the spot

Review №5


It’s been said that the average American carries around between 5-20 extra pounds of poop in their intestines.Taco Bell flushes your gut and intestines of all the waste buildup that has accumulated inside of you. No wonder so many people have extended, bloated stomachs and they feel like they can’t lose weight. With Taco Bell, support waste elimination and a clear intestine today by supporting your local TB.

Review №6


I ordered cheesy roll ups and they didnt steam them and the soft shell was far from soft smh the best and the brightest apparently work here

Review №7


This place has the sweetest workers ever, very polite and professional.We tried both the chicken and meat quesadillas, very tasty.

Review №8


We just came through an not only was our entire order wrong but we were missing half our food looked like we interuped half the crew while they were outside in the back smoking and maybe they werent happy about it I dunno but 40 dollars worth of food I expected better taco hell....

Review №9


Ordered some breakfast and they barely put any sausage in my items and the hash browns were disgusting they put in them. They forgot a few items as well, now I remember why I stopped going to this taco bell. I wont be back.

Review №10


Probably one of the worst experiences yet. They asked if our order was correct on the screen. It was. When we received the order we were missing several items and had one item we did not order. Ultimately, they provided the missing items and told us to keep the non-ordered item. A positive is the drive-thru person was very polite.

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