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Review №1


My experiences here have been great!The dentists are fantastic, and yes, they are students and its a learning environment so be prepared to sit and stay awhile. Put on your patience hat, (if anyone still has one) and try to remember the world doesnt revolve around you, enjoy the ride! AND theres an up side most people dont see. One, they are monitored constantly, every decision made concerning your dental work is a group decision made with your input. Your doctor, their supervisor and you.And best of all you are going to receive the very latest innovations in treatment options. Ive had two dentists-my first graduated- good luck in Boston, Sunny! My second dentist is Conner, VERY friendly, knowledgeable, and professional!

Review №2


Poorly organized. Good luck if you are a patient here unless you are fond of circuses. The student was quite forceful with several of the imaging sensors so much that she was jamming them into my gums. I did not want to say anything but at one point it was so painful that it brought noticeable tears to my eye. It was difficult to understand the student at times. One of my visits she called me in only to tell me that I would be undergoing a cleaning and schedule it. I had conveyed several times that I live 90 minutes away and functions such as this can be conducted over the phone. The next time I made the drive in, I was told that my appointment had been changed. Nobody had bothered to inform me about the cancelation. I discovered that the parking charge is typically $40 to exit the lot unless you know to acquire a discount pass. Upon departure I placed a $20 bill in the parking gate machine and the screen indicated that change was unavailable so I was out $18. I then had to pull back around to approach security about the issue. I was directed to a car with completely tinted windows where I had to wait for the warlord supervisor to decide it was time to roll down his window and allow me to speak. He said he would have to call someone to being me change. I left and will never return. Money and time wasted.

Review №3


I am here with someone having a dental procedure . I have worked medical administration for 16 years and as I sit in the lobby waiting I am observing the staff talk on their cell phones on personal calls, using obscene language, with the appearance of just rolling out of bed, throwing on clothes that look like they picked up off the floor! Absolutely no professionalism whatsoever! The security guard was rude to us when we came in, practically yelled at us to put on our masks, which we immediately did, then I observe him REMOVE HIS MASK TO SNEEZE!!!

Review №4


This Dr. And his student cared more about my overall health rather then hack up and ruin my teeth,as Im a victim of malpractice. Needs to submit my referrals so I can get treatment from him and the students. A very impressive dental clinic. The ones my insurance sent me to prior isnt were not fit for wild animals!

Review №5


CWRU Dental Medicine Clinic is a phenomenal facility. I’ve been a patient for about 3 years, and the students responsible for my treatment were meticulous and capable of perfecting my smile 🦷. I received comprehensive care in both the Orthodontics department [for braces] and the Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Clinic [for corrective jaw surgery]. My surgery went pretty well and I love the results. I have my Taye Diggs smile 😃😂 THANKS CWRU

Review №6


Monica Jackson, who works as a PCC supervisor, is extremely rude to students and staff. This is the reason why people are leaving, and students dont want to talk with you. The school should consider replacing her as soon as possible.

Review №7


DONT NOT GET GUM GRAFT HERE. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TEETH OR BECOME VERY LOOSE BEFORE YOU CAME IN. RUN. DONT WALK. The staff and teachers have egos. I spent 4 hours in chair when gum grafting should take an hour. My teeth look so much worse now.

Review №8


My son was scheduled at 1:00pm with Dr Baur.We waited for to 2 weeks for this refferal.Not to mention we was reffered for urgent appointment but not given one . We was told to show up 15 minutes early.Jen the dental assistant brought back 10 patient before my son even thoughwe was registered first.Gail from registration never notify or assisted in scheduling a stat ct scan. Even though we was registered first we waited a hour to be seen.We was also never even register properly. Stacy the x ray technician spent 20 minutes trying to convince me it was not her fault.When I asked to file formal complaint, i was refused while my attorney was present on the phone.There support team should all be fired.I reported everything to the joint commission.Dont go to this not worth the time effort and energy.

Review №9


After my consultation, in December I was scheduled to have gum grafting surgery in March. My surgery was then rescheduled for February 4th. I reached out to my doctor to confirm the new surgery date and the surgery I was having. I was then told that the extent of my surgery was not up to him.After trying to call the school for several days and not being able to get in touch with my doctor to clear up what surgery I was having done, I was put in touch with Patient Services, who then reached out to the Director of the Periodontal department.A week before my surgery, I am now being told that there was a meeting between the Director and my doctor, and that I am now beyond the scope of the schools help, and that there is nothing they can do for me. My surgery has now been cancelled. I do not understand why my surgery was cancelled, I was told multiple times that they perform gum grafting at this school. No one will return my calls or emails at this point.

Review №10


Went for a consultation. Wanted to talk about procedure. They cannot deviate from what referral states. If referral states pull the tooth, have to pull the tooth. Asked about implant. Nope referral doesn’t say anything about an implant. Have to go somewhere else to ask questions and referral must state everything including exact questions. Was charged $125 just to tell me that the referral isn’t correct as it didn’t address my questions. Wanted to use my CareCredit. Nope we don’t take CareCredit unless it’s orthodontics. Then why advertise? Needless to say I was very upset with my visit.

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