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2.7 (199 comments)

Review №1


This is literally the worst apartment complex Ive ever lived in. Management changes again and again almost like everyone that gets to manage this place wants nothing to do with it asap. Weve had problems with the apartment since the day we moved in and now a year in we still have leaking ceilings and bowls collecting water. The one decent thing about it was that it was cheaper than the surrounding apartments. So you have low expectations. But I mean leaking ceilings for 7 months now for 1400 a month? Thats definitely not what you expect for this price. And now the price is getting raised by $165. And the most insane part? We werent notified in time and if we want to move out we need to pay month to month which is $3222! The lake is definitely nice, but so sooo not worth moving here just for that.

Review №2


I’m not one to write negative reviews, but I want to save people the headache. Lived here for a year, and while I didn’t have a ton of issues in my apartment while living there (occasional maintenance requests), the company itself is terrible. They fired the whole staff and replaced them (twice while I was there) and the month I moved out (September) got a whole new staff, again, and new management. When I went to turn in my keys I didn’t know a single person, nor did they have any of my information available. The guy even said the transition was a mess and they had a lot to figure out. 2 months later I’ve received a collection notice for an unpaid balance. I was very confused because I have not received any communication since turning in my keys, plus I always paid my rent/bills early so I knew I didn’t have a balance! I called today and the lady said I owed $150 due to my carpet being ruined by a pet. Mind you, my black lab is 7 y/o, fully trained, and the carpet never soiled. Confused, I asked them to send me photos and proof of attempt to contact prior to going to collections. They stated that they couldn’t and they’d have their manager reach out next week. They actually did the same thing to my friend who lived there 2 years ago.This leasing company is a scam and does not care about people. Furthermore, the apartments are overpriced and poorly renovated. The maintenance team is great though! Don’t be fooled when looking for a new apartment, y’all.—1/4 Edited to add- their responses to reviews are laughable. I had to call/email Amber 6 times over the last month before getting a response, at which point I requested her Managers contact info. Her manager called me (from a private #) and I went into detail of my case, how her staff never contacted me, etc, and she said she was reaching out to amber to look into the claim they filed and adjust. It’s been 3 weeks since and now amber once again has not responded to me and I have no way of contacting her Manager. At this point, I’m forced to pay the inaccurate charge so that it doesn’t hit my credit (as I’m sure many others have also done). This company is terrible- they don’t care about people, they care about (falsely) making money.

Review №3


Genuinely the worst place I’ve lived my whole life. Management is never on the same page as the maintenance staff because they both carry out service requests on different systems.Personally, I’ve experienced 7 months of water damage looming over my bedroom that has been communicated to them multiple times with no repair.I have experienced 3 months of black mold that was caused by a leak in the utility closet. The leak was communicated on the first day we noticed (when there was no mold) and it took them over three months to remove the black mold and damaged drywall. The leak is still persisting through the new drywall they put up.They water heater was installed without a permit so who knows what dangers were posed from that and who knows how many other units were installed without a permit.The hallways smell like trash because of the valet trash service you have no option to opt out of. And you should be prepared to add $100 of fees or so every month on top of rent for other “services” you cannot opt out of.The property manager has done nothing to mitigate our inconveniences and high turnover or not, the leaders that are involved in the management company’s success are truly lacking any sort of goals to operate efficiently and successfully.DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE. It makes me sad to write a review like this but I don’t want anyone else looking for apartments to go through all the trouble that we have been going through.

Review №4


Do you like overstated amenities? Do you like copious late fees? Do you like feeling like an inconvenience when you interact with your rental office employees? Do you like maintenance requests that go unaddressed for an annoyingly long time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then have we got the dream apartments for you.I lived here for two years and my opinion is that this is a just-okay place to live; Ive lived in worse places. They have some great features, but I am extremely dissatisfied with many aspects that relate to how the place is managed. They will hit you with late fees, and sneak in as many fees as they can when you move out.

Review №5


Came here to tour their apartments twice. Booked an appointment online, got it confirmed, showed up and no one in office. Another potential resident had a phone call with an office member to book his appointment for the same time. Both of us waited for 15 minutes and ended up leaving. A couple months later we decided to try touring again. This time it was self-guided your with a QR code on the door. We get an address for the apartment, and a code for the lock. We walk across the property and find the building locked with a keycard lock - no keypad. Called the office and no one picked up. Will not be trying to tour a third time..

Review №6


FINALLY!!! Ive been here a year and a halfand believe me when I say it really is a great place to live. It took a few staff changes but by-golly we are now staffed with an amazingly helpful, communitve, and edgar to fix things around here. Everyone of the staff members answer the phone now and they so pleasant to talk with. The property manager is actually here and actually addresses your concerns. She is willing to listen and not just put you off, and the best part was she called me back, that never happened before.I talk with other residents and so many of us were really ready to move. I agreed with all the other negative post. But, I am honestly amazed at the turn around its like Jesus showed up and showed off with the exact people we needed in here to really appreciate and call this place home.Come check it out... good people awesome dogs and and a helpful cheerful be staff.

Review №7


The most wonderful experience moving in. Were at home here. Everyone in the office is just fantastic. I bring my dog here every day to visit.Amazing property. Awesome neighbors

Review №8


The leasing office staff refused to give a tour, instead stating there was a self guided tour. The instructions from the staff were basically the model is over there with no guidance. Dont recommend trying to tour or leasing here, if the tour is any indicator of the amount the staff cares about getting new residents, i can imagine actually being a resident. I couldnt even find the model unit.

Review №9


Shaylyn was excellent to work with while I was looking for and the acquiring a new apartment. Responsive, professional, and friendly. And the property itself is a dream. Clean, quiet, excellent amenities.

Review №10


I havent had air conditioning for a month. Ive sent numerous emails with no response. I went to talk to the property manager today, and was told I couldnt because she just got back from a 3 day weekend. How is that an excuse? I was also told no compensation would be given.

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