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Phone: +1 440-352-6623
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Friday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.2

11 Reviews for PYA Management Group 2023:

Review №1


Moved here in November 2020 and honestly I love it . Does it have flaws sure but any place you live is going to and that’s okay. The management down to the maintenance team are both great they respond when you have issues and Always are here for any of your needs. This place can be noisy at times but you learn to live with it and honestly I haven’t had much of a bad experience here .

Review №2


My boyfriend and I were planning to move into their townhouses. The woman in the office, crystal, is a nightmare. Screamed at me over the phone. She lied about what utilities we did and did not have to pay. She went as far as telling me I couldn’t even see the townhouse until the day I was moving in. Avoid these woman at all costs. The power trip they are on is so high for the quality of the homes.

Review №3


My wife called about an apartment and was told she would need to apply online. On the online application there is a form for cosigners and given our situation I expected one would be needed. We each filled out an application on Saturday and paid a $35 fee each. On Monday we get a call that they don’t accept cosigners, so I asked if they had run the background check, etc yet and they hadn’t so I asked for a refund and was told no. Make sure you read all the fine print I guess - it was a simple misunderstanding that any reasonable company would have refunded - since there was no effort made on their part. Ridiculous!

Review №4


After 5 1/2 years with Pya Management, I will say this...I’m leaving for no reason other than I’ve outgrown my one bedroom apartment. Any problem I’ve ever had with neighbors or apartment maintenence has been address in a timely matter. Not once did I have an issue with bugs, except the norm, a few spiders. We had little to no issue at the complex I was at with anything. I felt safe at night walking alone and the close proximity to a local convenient store and restaurants was nice also.Trash area was clean, grass and landscaping cut, mailboxes secure and a well lit parking lot. The ladies in the office that run Pya are amazing. Close to 6 years and they’ve never once given me anything but respect. I lOVE that backgrounds are done, maintaining safety for other tenants. Some of these reviews are ridiculous!!Check it out for yourself before you rely on people that just didn’t qualify or had a bad experience.

Review №5


I don’t normally leave reviews but this is a very very poor place to live. Air conditioning has been broken for days and still not fixed, shower has had multiple issues. Parking lot is small and not well maintained in the winter. Very nice if you like giant cicada killer wasps! Overall very small dirty apartments for the price.

Review №6


I’ve been here for over a year and will be moving out when my lease ends, however management has always done a great job with keeping our highland house clean and well maintained.Never have I ever had any problems with maintenance or management; They’re very friendly and competent individuals.

Review №7


I have lived in one of their units for over 11 years. They are friendly and very fast to respond to any questions or maintenance issues.There have been many recent updates to the property where I live. I LOVE the fact that they do a background check before letting ppl move in. Thank you PYA for all you do.

Review №8


This is the WORST company and THE MOST NASTIEST, EVIL WOMEN I have ever met, the staff at tropical village seem to be on some sort of power trip, but she devils, Im here to pop your bubble, let me tell you our dealings with this soon to be son in law was looking for a place, I find him a 3 bedroom in painesville, we meet with a woman who shows us the place, she seemed very nice, probable the only one, professional but on friendly terms, he rents it after they run him around and nickel and dime him to death, he borrows the money for security deposit AND MOVERS, gets help from the church and another organization, he moves in, me and my daughter decided to stay the first week to help unpack while hes at work, in the meantime, him and my daughter decide they want to get married this coming December or January, she has a 4 month old and a baby on the way, he goes to pay the rent and is told a staff member heard one of our conversations from inside the house that me and my daughter are living there (which we were not at the time) and they tell him they dont like liars and to make it official and add us to the lease we need to fill out the forms and bring $30 each in for our applications, so we decided, ok, lets move in (I suffer from major depression from my father being murdered and my daughter helps me out) so we move in that weekend and on monday my daughter and her fiancee and the baby go to the office and bring in the applications, they tell my daughter she cannot live there because of her felony conviction, non violent, not sexual ( it was for forgery from when she was addicted to heroin) shes been clean over a year and fought like hell for her sobriety and to turn her life around, they tell her she cant live there, shes crying her eyes out while holding her baby and one of the women in the office is just smiling away, her fiancee says Im marrying her, what am I suppose to do, they say MOVE, HASNT EVEN BEEN 3 weeks and we are packing up his stuff we unpacked and now packing up our stuff as well, thrown out on the street and just today recieved a 3 day eviction notice and have only been here almost 3 weeks...please do NOT rent from this company, they are horrible, unprofessional, uncaring and the WORST, what an absolute nightmare this has been, I look at my daughter and her baby and just cry, but Im not done with this yet, I will continue to post this all over the internet and do what I can to make everyone aware of what kind of people youll be dealing, my son in law to be had to pay back a personal loan, church loan and has no money for another place so him, my pregnant daughter, baby and myself have to live on the streets!!!! Shame on you people smh, I am also contacting the newspapers, channel 8 and an attorney of the family, I also have a lot of family members who are firemen, emts and police in lake county and Im having them get this message out to all the right people!!!

Review №9


They don’t answer their phones and their maintenance is AWFUL! Buying a house is better than giving money to these crooks.

Review №10


I rent from this company and its a well run company and have lived here 3 years.