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4.4 (10 comments)

Review №1


I cant say enough good things about Premium Hardware. I was looking all over Columbus and the Internet for a specific finish color for kitchen cabinet hardware with no luck, and then a friend recommended Premium Hardware. They had the finish (that I still havent been able to find anywhere else), and Ken and Linda let me take home a sample to think over. The ordering process was very easy, and Ken and Linda offer a personal touch and experience that you will never find at a big box store. There was a delay in receiving our hardware, and Ken was our go-between over a series of several months, always calling and texting me to check in to make sure I knew where things stood and acting as an intermediary for us to keep communication and progress going. When we received the hardware, it was absolutely beautiful, and well worth the wait. If you want high quality hardware, a large selection, and excellent, friendly customer service, Premium Hardware is the place to go.

Review №2


Premium Hardware is a wonderful business. I have been going here for years for hardware for furniture in many different rooms in my house. Linda and Ken provide excellent service and guidance. Linda has exquisite taste and her eye for design as well as great knowledge of the hardware world and her kind nature contributed to my positive experience. Linda spent a lot.of time with me and listened to my ideas and needs in order to help me find lovely pieces. My cabinets look beautiful with the knobs and pulls that Linda helped me select. Although I worked mostly with Linda, her husband, Ken, also assisted sometimes. Like Linda, Ken is very friendly, supportive and gracious. He helped out with alacrity whenever Linda and I needed him. He has good taste, too and a couple times when Linda and I were on the fence about a certain knob or pull, he would give his opinion. He influenced the knobs I decided to go with for my master bedroom nightstands, and I couldnt be happier. I am thrilled with all the knobs and pulls that I purchased from Premium Hardware over the years. Premium Hardware has the best selection of knobs in Columbus, Ohio, especially, if you are looking for unique, high end, quality knobs that you cant find at other stores. And if you do not find exactly what you want, Linda can put you in contact with a great company who can custom make anything. I am very satisfied with all the pulls and knobs in my house, thanks to Linda and Ken. I highly recommend Premium Hardware!

Review №3


Ken and Linda provided excellent advice and service for our budget kitchen remodel.

Review №4


I originally visited this store in May with a friend of mine. We are both building houses that will be done this summer. Ken was BEYOND friendly and went out of his way to make the experience great. At some point Linda introduced herself and she had both of us fill out a form to get our information so she could reach back out to us. Great experience.A month or so later my friend said she received an email from Linda with a kind email and a quote for her favorite selection. I immediately checked my email and my junk folder and I never got an email. I was perplexed by this but just chalked it up to somehow being missed.Today, two months later, I went back in to make final selections. I told my husband this morning that I was ready to buy. When I got there and Linda unlocked the door to let me in, I immediately was overwhelmed by the smell of cigarette smoke. I am someone who is very sensitive to cigarettes smoke so I was disgusted by this. Secondly we started looking at my selections and I asked her for some pricing. When I had worked with Ken months before, he had told me a certain brand was a much more cost effective choice than Top Knobs. When I had Linda price them out, she gave me a price $1.50 higher than Top Knobs. That made no sense to me. I started looking around again and she said to me (and I quote) “You’re free to look around and take pictures but I have things I need to do.” What?! I was the only person in the store and she had things to do other than help me, a paying customer?During this interaction Ken had walked in and been his usual amazing friendly self. He offered me water or chocolate and I thanked him and declined. To Linda, I seemed like a nuisance and obviously she had better things to do than help me.I’ll let anyone else figure out why that might have been but I’ll never shop here again.

Review №5


This store has a huge variety to choose from. From modern to victorian and everything in between. We looked for months online and couldn’t find what we were looking for. One stop in the their store room was all it took to find a perfect fit for our kitchen. We couldn’t be more pleased! Be prepared to be overwhelmed with great options.

Review №6


Linda has excellent taste and many years of experience in the hardware world. She is always ready to help us on our projects and consistently follows-up. We have a wonderful working relationship with Linda and all her staff.

Review №7


Excellent service. Knowledgeable and helpful staff that go above and beyond to help select the perfect hardware for my project.

Review №8


The staff is very friendly.My second interaction with this vendor involved purchasing for $206 four bronze handles which needed matching hinges. The owner promised to find hinges and call me with news. Though she has twice claimed to have done this, I never got a call, and therefore, no hinges were ordered. The only information I belatedly received was a dimension of the hinge which was larger that the maximum size I had specified on the day the handles were originally ordered. No color, no shape, no info. When I stopped by to see what was wrong, I was told the owner would be researching the hinges soon and shown some hinges that did not match and were too big. I was told there was a manufacturer that could sell me 4 hinges for approximately $400, but it would involve several weeks turnaround AFTER already waiting several weeks for the handles. It seems this should have been discussed at the time of the original order.Cancelling the order was not an option, according to the staff, as the order had already been shipped. The order arrived a week after I asked to cancel it. Fed Ex is refunding the money to the original manufacturer (but not to me!).The miscommunication/non-communication with the unexplained delay caused me to go out and find hinges myself, at which time I found reasonably priced matching handles that will do nicely.I explained how I felt to the staff, and the owner followed me out to the parking lot, which was a little bit creepy.The selection of handles is very nice. I dont have a sense for the price/value, but it is certainly a premium price for an elite clientele. I went away feeling like I dont fit into their business model.They have chocolate in the entry room.

Review №9


Beautiful showroom! Excellent staff! Love the products!

Review №10


Its the Disneyland of knobs!

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