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  • Tuesday:10AM–12AM
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4.5 (199 comments)

Review №1


Kool little spot to grab a pie late at night before bed. Pizza is really good. Loaded with meat, cheese and cooked to perfection. Crust was just the right thickness. This was my first time getting food from here and am very satisfied. Smaller place so its easy to miss or overlook. We got one of the Sunday specialty pizzas that was basically a meat lovers pizza. Cant wait to try another style.

Review №2


This place is awesome. First off, the guys who own this place are cool as hell and the pizza is delicious. I’ve never seen a menu with so many options. We got a couple brisket pizzas, a chicken bacon ranch, a supreme variation, a few others, and they were all great… straight artisanal. Keep up the good work guys.

Review №3


Visiting from NC and was told Pizza Cat has good pizza. Thats truly an understatement. I got the South Towne Supreme w/o mushrooms on thin crust. The food, service, and location are perfect too.Im determined to eat this whole pie in 1 sitting which is unheard of for me w/ any meal.

Review №4


I love love love this place!! Havent been to any where else since trying pizza cat in Feb. We go here atleast twice a week!! Tuesday is $2 off any pizza. With other specials throughout the week. Highly recommend this place. 👌 just try it once you will be hooked. If you not a pizza fan they also have wings and many other things to try!

Review №5


First time Ive had pizza there, and I will be back! Service was friendly and efficient, keto pizza was delicious!

Review №6


When I first heard of pizza cat it sounded a cool place to get a bite to eat and wanted to see what the pizza looked like. But after finding out no pizza involves a cat in any shape. It was very disappointing. Whats the point of the name then?

Review №7


Messed up our order last night at 11:45. Called about it (still have the receipt btw) and at this point they were closing. The guy said they could replace it tomorrow. I call today and unless I bring the pizza back, theres nothing we can do. Apparently I was supposed to hoard someone elses pizza and bring it back today to get mine right. Sad thing is I got someone elses pizza order, so we arent the only ones with a messed up order. I used to love this place, pizza is pretty good. Customer Service not so much. If you have a messed up order save the pizza because apparently they wanna reuse it or something.

Review №8


Had the Rainbow road because my girlfriend doesnt do meat. I must say for a vegan option it was real good we recommend it. I will be going back to try a pizza with meat LOL

Review №9


I ordered a 12 pizza and, once I recieved it when I opened the box the pizza seemed a little short of 12.Well, I just had happened to have a tape measure with me in my vehicle and, sure enough, it was!! Exactly 1 to short.So, I guess ordering a 12 pizza thats actually 11 from here is like going to home depot and buying a 2x4. Its not really 2 by 4Its short 1/2 both ways.Im not really into soft, limp doughey pizzas either. I dont know, but, maybe you have to mention to the people here working to make the pizza crispy 🤷‍♂️The crust itself had some crunch to it. But, that was it.The rest was limp and dougheyIm just used to going to to Melvindale, MI and eating a spectacular NY style pizza from Fredi the Pizza man. They were voted No. 1 in Michigan by barstool pizzas Dave Portnoy.So, its difficult to judge when your comparing to the best in Michigan.People here were incredibly personable and friendly for sure

Review №10


My friends and I ordered three small pizzas and they were delicious over all and we all enjoyed them until we found hair in each of the pizzas. I was grossed out and didn’t continue to finish the pizza.

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