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Phone: +1 330-928-9296
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Total reviews rating 2.6

8 Reviews for Pheasant Run Apartments 2023:

Review №1


Management company treats this property like he’s a slum lord. There is a major rodent issue in all apartments. I’m convinced there is an infestation but maintenance blames it on the location. We’ve heard noises in the walls at night for months. The leasing lady is not the nicest and there is a lot of turn over in the leasing office. The air quality in my unit was terrible. I had a HVAC company come out and look at my furnace and they were in disbelief how old the furnace was. I also had more ventilation in the master bath which caused black mold on the walls and ceiling. Instead of fixing the problem - maintenance wiped down and painted over the black mold. It is worth spending the extra $100 a month for a nicer place.

Review №2


Here is a thorough review of my experience with Pheasant Run. Overall, I enjoyed my time living here. I think the 1 bedroom loft with office is a fantastic deal if you rent it as a 2 bedroom.However, here is why I give Pheasant Run 2 stars:-No Gym-Pool is nice but very small. Children are always using pool, fantastic if you have children but may be a pain if you’re looking to swim yourself; and space is limited if you’re just looking to tan.-I believe the responses to their other google reviews are very unprofessional, embarrassing to the company, and push aside complains of the residents. If they cared about their tenants, and their reviews (so they can increase their tenants—-and profits!)—they would handle their reviews more professionally.-*Upon moving in, our apartment was visibly never cleaned. Stains on carpet, pantry closet smelling of cat litter, cat feces residue on walls and carpet, as well as cat urine stains (we did not own any pets so this was a bit gross to clean after someone else’s pet, especially when moving in), as well as items and weird sticky residue left behind in kitchen cabinets.-The leasing office has a high turnover rate, which leaves the office very unorganized. (Not their fault they are left with a mess to deal with, but the fault of their higher-ups)-**Upon moving out, we cleaned the hell out of that apartment for 3 days. Really, really scrubbed it and left it in a better condition than received. When we moved in, we were told that nearly everyone gets their deposit back. When moving in, we took pictures of the conditions of the place. After moving out, we were charged for the previous tenant’s “residue” (apparently they added a bar to a closet, we just thought that was the way the closet came; and their! stains that we! were unable to get out on the spiral staircase. How they even stained a staircase is a mystery to me). So we did not receive our deposit back despite leaving in better condition than arriving. We personally went back to the leasing office to complain of this mistake and show pictures, but they most help the woman could offer was referring us to some other office. This was a hassle, especially during COVID and because we no longer live in the area. We never followed up because of the lack of ease and it seemed like they did not care.-You can sometimes hear other tenants slamming their doors, but to us this was not a huge deal.-Stinky bugs and orange ladybugs in apartment.-Need to bring own lighting for rooms.Here were the positives of living here:-I loved the spiral staircase loft style, and the rent was extremely fair when split between two tenants-Parking was easy, free, and easily accommodates guests-The other tenants in my building were very friendly and welcoming-There is garage parking available for a fee. We did not have a garage because we’re poor college kids, but we were very jealous during the winter.-Spacious, with natural lighting.-Location is great.Overall, I do recommend this apartment to my college friends as I think the rent is fair, the scenery is beautiful, the area is safe, and it is way better apartment complex than it’s better known competitors in the area in my opinion.However, if you can afford to live elsewhere or are not of college age; I would recommend you to consider other options.

Review №3


So Im not the type to usually leave reviews but I feel as if this is something I have to do for people planning to live here but want to know the honest truth before moving in. The place is nice to live and I never really had any issues living there for almost 2 years except for the maintanance takes forever to come when you have an issue. But upon moving out, I had discussed with the leasing manager that I would be moving out to go to graduate school in Florida and was trying to figure out a way to go about breaking my lease as this was a great opportunity for me. I was told that they could get someone to move in which was perfect. So I cleaned my apartment spotless. I moved out, and a month later get a bill in the mail stating that I owed them $900 Im guessing because they didnt see that I paid for the month of august and they were trying to charge me for it, and also $70 for a couple window blinds being cracked (Blinds cost you $5) there were dye marks from my black satin pillow sheets that were on the wall that I didnt see when cleaning the apartment at night because there are no lights in the bedroom (The dye can easily be washed off) and they tried to charge me $300 for that. This place tries to get over on you. I had charges that didnt even make sense. I tried calling their office (Not the leasing office) to take care of this matter and tell them the charges should not be on there, and was told they didnt care I either pay or they are going to send it to collections. Wasnt offered any type of assistance in resolving the matter or anything. Also, I find it funny how they took off their other reviews because there were way more than 4 when I decided to move here. Save yourself the time and headache and check other places in Akron, trust me I am not just saying this either because of how things ended but you can find better options in stow, and cuyahoga falls.

Review №4


I literally got my keys today! And I can honestly say the NEW leasing agent, Hailey, is absolutely amazing! If you have read the reviews and had a change of mind, you are missing out! She not only takes care of you but she makes the process so easy and painless! Im so excited to be here now. This is home and Im so happy I gave it a chance instead of listening to old reviews! Thank you Hailey!

Review №5


Im not sure why people put such negative ratings for here. The management is great, Pam always resolves issues in a timely manner and maintenance is always prompt in fixing things too. Its in a secluded area, yet if you want to go to the Valley its a $5 cab ride one way. Just because its an older apartment complex doesnt mean its run down, they are good at upkeeping the complex. For the price and privacy, this is the place to be.

Review №6


They left everyone’s doors open and left. Literally every door wide open. painted the doors and just left all my things open to get stolen, do not rent from these people they do not care about your privacy.

Review №7


Property and surrounding area is beautiful. Landlord is a Karen. Bad vibes.

Review №8


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