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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Parkway Centre South 2023:

Review №1


All stores were open, well stocked & clean, but not overly crowded for this time of year.

Review №2


There are plenty of restaurants in the area (nothing special) and a Walmart that just kills the atmosphere of actual shopping. Without the Walmart, there could be several other stores to take its place that would make this location more appealing.

Review №3


Very nice to my husband when he picks up for doordash, merchants need to check there own tablets and see if the driver is waiting, in order to stop the theft.

Review №4


This is a fabulous shopping Center full of so many different restaurants every type of food from ice cream to Chinese is there. It also has many different stores to shop in everything from beauty supplies to animal goods. If youre ever in the Grove City area definitely check it out!

Review №5


Was ok but congested. As the city grows this strip should grow instead of stay the same.

Review №6


I just love the food in Italian soda you always get a large portion and nowadays you got to stretch your dollars as far as you can

Review №7


Good experience overall found what I was looking for and good customer service and clean !

Review №8


Lowes bird seed (food) is 8.00 for 10lbs. Much better than Walmart.

Review №9


Great place for food and shopping, I love it.

Review №10


Love the food and quick service. Bummed no Italian Soda as that’s our favorite.