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4.3 (33 comments)

Review №1


I received an email from Parks offering a winter pruning special at a very generous price. I called to receive an estimate and the woman on the phone was very pleasant and put me in touch with Andy who came out and gave me an estimate. They came and did the work today and were very efficient, safe, and professional. Overall, I was very satisfied with the services provided. The only issue I really had was that they missed one of my most low lying branches on my tree closest to my house. Its almost as if they skipped it for some reason because there are branches cut below and above it. Maybe they missed it?

Review №2


Contracted for by the hour two hour pruning. Workers completed almost nothing and were doing nothing when I went outside after about 45 minutes. The lead worker was actually just hanging out in the bucket nowhere near a tree, the other two down on the sidewalk. I spoke with a worker who said the crane they had couldnt reach the branches.They were supposed to clear the snow from the driveway of the house next door and work from there.They were aware and in agreement with that the day before the job was scheduled. They brought a plow with them but they never used it or cleared the drive. They took off one branch that they could reach from MY driveway and a couple of low branches from another tree that was not the tree I contracted for. Then they began hiding.They were informed by myself and my son that we didnt care about the tree in my yard, they were contracted to prune the tree next door which is dead and dangerously hanging over my house. One of the workers told me they couldnt reach it. They couldnt reach it because they were in MY drive and not where they were supposed to be, the drive next door. When they finally cleared the drive that they brought the plow to clear, they were quite able to trim the agreed upon tree. They thought they could take down one branch and then hang out for a couple of hours and get paid. It didnt work that way.Since they were all so young, I figured a supervisor from Parks would whip them into shape, but Parks response was inexplicably hostile, defensive and dishonest. They knew the crew wasnt doing what they were contracted to do. They knew the crew wasnt working from the agreed upon location. But instead of seeing that the job was done and done correctly, they decided to attack me. It should have been a very simple, straight forward two hour job and it was turned into a huge hassle. No one needs that. Avoid them.After reading the completely lying, false response to this review from the owner, it finally occurred to me what was going on.After the company representative viewed the work which I was requesting, the job was estimated to take one hour. And thats how long it did take. So all the rest of it was planned and contrived to stretch the job into the contracted time of two hours. The owner wasnt going to correct the crew, because they were doing exactly what they had been instructed to do. Horrible people.Show lessThank youEdit reviewRemove review

Review №3


Had a large maple in front yard which had many dead branches caused by cut roots. Parks came soon after the estimate was given and did a good job cutting out all the deadwood and cleaned up thoroughly afterwards all in about 3 hours. Would recommend.

Review №4


I have been a loyal customer of Parks Tree for several years since I needed my ash tree assessed for the boarer disease, and have been treating it successfully since.I had to have a huge dead maple tree by my power lines removed recently. Andy personally drove out to my home several times for free estimates and advice.They are friendly, professional, and do great work at a very fair price.I highly recommend them.

Review №5


Very professional. Did an excellent job trimming off branches over my house & garage. Brought enough crew & equipment to make job move quickly. There trucks are marked unlike some other companies and they are all in uniform when they come to your home for an estimate or work. I would recommend Parks Tree to anyone needing tree or landscaping service.

Review №6


Parks Tree Service removed a tree and cleaned up dead limbs and branches from a few other trees. I was very impressed by the thorough and professional service provided for a reasonable price! The team arrived promptly and got right to work. Everyone worked together well and they got the job done within three hours. I will definitely call on them again when I need more work. I highly recommend Parks Tree Service!

Review №7


Thank you Parks Tree! we had a removal done of an old and rotten maple that was betwixt a building and powerlines. watching you gracefully maneuver a 20ft limb from above an old roof to the wood chipper was a ballet performance. your nimble groundcrew twas also a sight to behold as they scurried about feeding limbs in an attempt to satisfy the voracious appetite of your chipper machine. the entire tree was removed in 4 hours! without a trace! tree bandits! in addition to the removal two other trees were skillfully trimmed by your charming climber. they look beautiful and well maintained. pleased with the care you took with the lawn and other flora. I will highly recommend your company to any and all whom find themselves in need of arbor work.

Review №8


We asked them to cut down the dead branches. They cut some large live branches and left a very large dead branch. They were also supposed to leave firewood. When we called to ask them if they would come back to remove the very large dead branch, they told us they put in their 3 hours already. They did drop off some wood. Way to follow some simple instructions. I gave them two stars for being the only tree trimming company who called us back for the initial quote and for dropping off the firewood. Even so, I won’t be calling them back again.In response to the owner: I spoke to Amanda on November 27th. She told me she would speak to the trimmers about my concerns. I specifically requested a call back from you. I did not hear back from anyone in your office. So my only question at this point is this: What part of “Remove deadwood 2” or greater” do you not understand?

Review №9


This was my first experience with Parks Tree and it was very positive. Andy was very helpful in scoping out the Project. The crew came on time (imagine that!), was courteous, professional, and cleaned up well. Our trees needed a lot of trimming and they look much better now. Overall, a very satisfactory and professional experience. Thank you!

Review №10


We were happy with the way the crew cut down the tree, but disappointed with what our lawn and the neighbors lawn looked like when all was said and done. I understand that there will be some yard damage, but we were not prepared for the amount of landscaping work that would need to be done to restore things after the crew left.To make things worse, we found out that the neighbors light post in their front yard had been damaged by a limb that fell. Understandable, but no one mentioned it. I had to find out from my neighbor after assessing the damage. Then, when I contacted our sales rep, he had to wait until he talked with the owner (who was actually there during the work). The sales rep called me back and I could tell he had the owner sitting next to him to guide him through the phone call. The owner was questioning my claim when it was OBVIOUS based on the tree branch marks in the yard and broken glass and plastic, that the damage was caused by the tree limb(s). If I were the owner, and I thought that even a light bulb was broken based on our work, I would have sent a guy to get a new light bulb and apologized. But they ignored it entirely. Then the owner acted like I was being a jerk for calling them and asking if they would help out with the cost of replacing it?!? They advertise that they are insured. I figured the idea of that insurance is to cover any damages they may cause. I guess not.Also, we were left with HUGE divots, dents and even tire tracks in our yard, and even the neighbors yard. Maybe that is to be expected? But no one had prepared us for that. Ive seen other services place boards down in the yard to drive on so as not to leave tire tracks.After multiple phone conversations with the sales rep, he agreed to have a crew come out and fill in the divots and tracks with top soil. Mind you, on their web site it reads, Our tree workers pride themselves on their ability to work together in coordination to bring the tree down without damage to your home or landscaping. The clean-up crews ensure that your property and service area will be neat and tidy throughout the entire job and upon completion.Then, after we removed the stump debris and saw dust (we opted not to pay them extra for that) I saw that the stump hadnt even been properly ground 2 inches below grade as stated in their estimate. It had parts still sticking up at least a few inches above grade (at least). Which brings me to why I was inspired to bother with this review. We had this done a year ago, and I am now trying to decide what to do with the stump. Dealing with Parks Tree was so exhausting and frustrating, that I gave in and stopped trying to get them to make things right. (I know I shouldnt have, but I had other things that took priority at the time).We will now be paying another company to finish grinding the stump. I really got the feeling that the sales rep was between a rock and a hard place. It seemed like he knew things werent right, but had to deal with the owner. Im surprised at all the good reviews on here. I swear we are not the type of people that are hard to work with. If anything, we are usually too nice and dont demand much. Not sure if we got off on the wrong foot with this owner when originally negotiating a price or what? But I would never give my money to this guy again.When we were shopping around for a service, Parks Tree gave the most expensive quote. We decided to go with them because we wanted the most professional service. In our experience, we would have been better off going with one of the less expensive competitors.---------------------------------------------------Update:I saw a response to my review from the owner. He suggested that I call the office and also said they would grind the stump deeper. I made the call and they arranged to have it done at no extra charge. I came home one day to see the stump had been ground down below grade. We are now able to start the process of growing grass over that area.

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