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Phone: +1 614-858-8450
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.1

13 Reviews for Parkhill Luxury Apartments 2023:

Review №1


Have rented for the past 4 years from different locations. This is by far the worst. Way over priced for a unit that has multiple problems that never got fixed. Terrible communication and never have answers for anything other than we are sorry, but cant do anything. They just got under new management and absolute WORST transition ever. Cant pay rent and zero communication (again) was ever made about this new company taking over. I feel like we were duped into renting from here. The nice size of the townhome was masking so many problems. The pool and gym are terrible. no air-conditioning in gym, pool not heated as claimed and neither is the hot tub. I am glad to see there are other reviews on here because I originally checked yelp for a review and there was only one 5 star review ... it was from the manager.... who is terrible. So dont trust that review. Obviously everyone can make their own opinion, but I would recommend NOT renting from here.

Review №2


This place is beautiful! Even the apartments occupied for decades are in pristine condition. Everyone Ive met is so nice!

Review №3


I was denied for this place due to credit. I ask what was the issue with my credit and the response I got was I don’t know. I have above a 650 credit score with only one late payment within the last 2 years. With making over 5 times the rent as well as not one bad report on my criminal history nor my rental history. I was denied. I was recently approved by a place in Lewis center which was 1000 more in rent. There’s absolutely o reason I am denied for the unit I applied for but I am BLACK! Truly unfortunate that someone over qualified for a place is being denied due to color. I have been approved for a home loan but I am being denied for rental of an apartment due to credit which is the same credit I’m approved for a home loan! Doesn’t make any sense. I am now waiting 3 days and no call back on the explanation of why my credit was unacceptable for this place but acceptable for a home loan. Plaza properties is the people over this complex and I can promise this won’t be the last time they hear from me or someone representing me because none of this makes sense at all!!! You know how bad of a feeling it is to be told you’re being denied something because of credit and you don’t have bad credit?

Review №4


My mother and brother lived at Parkhill Luxury apartments for over 20 years. They never realized what a waste of money renting in this high rent area was until the last few years when too old to move. Relocating both of them to assisted living communities was made more difficult by the lack of compassion and efficiency in getting the deposit returned in a timely manner. They took well over the 30 days allocated by law to cut the check and return her deposit. They never painted the inside of the apartment or replaced the carpet during her 20 years renting here. At the end of her stay she experienced theft of Christmas gifts and groceries right outside her door. Beware.

Review №5


Applied 3 weeks ago never got a update ! Was told I didn’t make enough so I brung my part time paystubs to go with my full time job and never heard mother else back continuously called still ain’t got a call back ! I’m now moved into a beautiful home in the 3 weeks and just wanted to recommend NO ONE RENT HERE .

Review №6


Love this community! After 20 years of owning a home we decided to rent a condo. Nothing matches the price, size, location, and luxury of Parkhill. We had a challenging timeline because of the repairs being done and the closing date of the home we sold. Max & Andi worked with us 100%. Its been a month and we love it here. The heated pool and hot tub are a wonderful bonus. The landscaping is beautiful, neighbors are nice, and we have excellent customer service.

Review №7


Me and my roommate took a tour and absolutely loved the property and office staff. However, the issue came when we were applying. I am an engineer, my roommate is a teacher, and my other roommate is a nanny. We all made the right amount of money and met the qualifications of any rental place. We applied and warning flag number 1, a hard inquiry was pulled on our credit. Then, I was told I needed verification of my employment even though I sent pay stubs in and the roommate who is a nanny was told she needed tax information all of which we submitted. After giving this information, we were denied, the reasoning being that my current permanent address wasn’t in the city, they didn’t like that the nanny submitted her taxes separately, and then they randomly threw on that my other roommate needed to submit an additional pay stub which wasn’t mentioned before. I have half a mind to think this was discrimination not even based off of race but because we are three young, single females who don’t meet Parkhill’s “updated requirements.” 3x’s the rent, proof of income, good credit and rental history, what other requirements do you need?

Review №8


Very nice neighborhood to live in good neighbors too

Review №9


Bad experience the management is friendly but when you get in a different story I don’t recommend too prejudice

Review №10


They do not answer the phones and are very slow at returning messages.