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3.4 (37 comments)

Review №1


In early April, Ohio Mulch dropped off a one-ton load of mulch on my driveway that I never ordered. It was supposed to go to my neighbor. The driver ran over two bushes on the way out of the driveway and didnt even say anything. After a few weeks of back and forth, I finally got them to agree to replace my bushes. They came out, removed the damaged bushes, and just left. Its been over a month, and they still havent put in new bushes. They dodge my calls and dont return my voicemails. Terrible company that doesnt bother to rectify their own mistakes.

Review №2


2019: had much different and better experience. Ohio Mulch Pickerington delivered 25 cubic yards of mulch. It took three trips. On the last trip the truck got stuck just off the drive. The driver, Marcus, took the time needed to work out the problem and get the rest of the mulch delivered. I am very happy! Thanks for a great experience.2018: So I ordered my 8th shipment of mulch in the last 3 years like I had every other on the Ohio Mulch online store. I got a call the week before asking to confirm the delivery date claimed it did not come through on the order. I was hoping to get the mulch since was going to be off May 4. May 4 came no mulch so called the number of the person who had called me the week before no answer. I sent an email as directed on the website and on Monday got a call they were coming to bring the mulch. The instructions for delivery were “ leave on the grass in front of the garage where the other mulch was.” This was a large 20 foot round area where the grass is dead covered in residual mulch right at the edge of the drive the truck could stay 100% on the gravel and just dump the mulch. We discussed this when the driver called that morning to confirm delivery and I thought no more of it until I got home that night and realized the driver had dumped the mulch in front of the garage door where I needed to pull in and charge my electric car. I called the driver and was told I should call the manager. I called the number I had from before no answer. I called the number on the website and spoke to a female employee who listened to my concerns and then said she would get with someone. I came home Tuesday night mulch still there. No call. I called another the number again and got a manager who said I deserved a call back. About 15 minutes later the manager of Pickerington Ohio Mulch called me. He explained they did what the instructions clearly said and dumped it in front of the garage. When I pointed out that the rest of the instructions were on the grass he explained his driver got stuck in the grass the week before so he made a strict no dumping in the grass rule. So they did what they could.’ He could not do anything that night but would send the driver out to move the mulch the next day. He was not really owning the mistake nor did he really want to fix it. The next day I got a call at 11:30 it was him. He had sent his employee out and they moved some of the mulch (about 1/2 a cubic yard maybe). The driver quit. He would have to do it himself but he couldn’t leave the store. He was not sure what he was going to do. He again stated he felt they had followed the directions. He also said if this was the 8th delivery and only one went wrong that was really pretty good right? He also told me he loves cars hates that I can’t charge mine. I had told him I had 2-3 days worth of charge during our first conversation. I explained I was not driving much and could go a day or two more he accused me of exaggeration and got angry. I told him to call me when he decided what he wanted to do about this. So far I have heard nothing. I have changed all my plans for yard work and am now trying to move the mulch myself to where it needs to go. WE MOVED ALL THE MULCH OURSELVES. The pictures show the place the mulch was to be placed only 15 feet from where they dumped it and the truck would never have had to leave the drive way to do it! I will never use Pickerington Ohio Mulch again. I am wring all this to let other users know my experience with this manager and you can decide if you want to do business with them yourself or not. Look at the other reviews! Lots of bad experiences here.

Review №3


Been here a few times and recieved quick service. I get product by bulk in my trailer and did feel product was a bit short compared to other places I have been, but only got two yards of mulch each time. The mulch was good. Went recently and they didnt have top soil which put a delay on a project. Since it is a smaller location, may want to call ahead to make sure they have what you need.

Review №4


Returned some mulch and soil to the Refugee Road store on 11-9. Was told that the money could not be refunded but a gift card would be sent to me.As of today, 11-25, a gift card has not been received. Called the Corporate office on 11-18; was transferred to the accounting Department; left message but have not received a call.Spoke with the Retail Director, Ron, on 11-22, who said he would look into it. As I did not receive a call with an update, called again on 11-23 and 11-25; left message both times. Still no call has been received.While Ohio Mulch does sell good quality items, the Customer Service/communication is well below par.Very disappointing, to say the least!

Review №5


This place is well organized and the employees are very friendly. The manager Matthew made sure my order was delivered on time. Definitely will be coming back to this location. 👍🏻👍🏻

Review №6


Great place to order mulch from. They work in a timely manner and get the job done. Couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with!

Review №7


The guy there was very friendly and attentive even though he was the only one there and had more than one customer. Even though this store didnt have what I needed he pointed me to a different store that did.

Review №8


Amazing help! I went in wanting one thing and, after speaking with the manager, I decided on something entirely different. Respectful and knowledgeable. Ill be back.

Review №9


They knew their stuff. Were very helpful and delivered when needed. Best mulch place ever.

Review №10


I have used this company before and was satisfied. This time was not like that time because the company had issues with delivering the mulch due to truck and trucker issues. Although I did have to continue to call them on a daily basis and was told that everyday I was going to get the mulch, they did finally deliver it. BUT, they were transparent and kind and so was I. When they did come with the mulch, it was placed right where I wanted it--they called me to make sure it was correct. The point being: their products are good, they are honest, and they try to give the best service they can. I recommend!

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