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Review №1


Best and cheapest place to go to dump kind of yard waste and no matter how much mulch,gravel,pee gravel,or whatever you maybe getting they ALWAYS END UP BEING THE BEST PRICE IN THE LONG RUN. Plus if your a business owner or company, or just a business employee an theyve seen you enough or your name pops up in their systems they will always give their reoccurring customers a killer deal no matter if there a new customer behind the one. So they definitely know how to do good business you scratch my back I scratch yours type.

Review №2


Ordered black mulch. It came with a tree and all kinds of leaves in it. They came out and tried to take care of it and scrape out all the debris. I went to spread it and found another tree in it. Instead of just making it right the first time I had to call them multiple times until someone would answer the phone. I then finally got ahold of someone and i could hear the manager in the back saying well what does she want me to do about it. Great customer services from a manager. Then the guy on the phone tells me it will be about 20 minutes to talk to the manager because he is busy. Best the guy said they could do was come scrape it away and bring another load. No idea when that will be. Do not buy black mulch from them unless you want debris in it.

Review №3


Still waiting on my things to be delivered various emails and called. Ughhhhhhh! It’s been over a week since bulk gravel was dumped in my driveway behind my car, the retail folks contacted Blacklick and twice now they informed me it would be here but a call to Blacklick and they say driver indicated he delivered but missing all my order but bulk gravel. Still waiting as this time they said today. Very disappointed in this years experience.

Review №4


The lot is very clean and organized. The gentleman loaded the bags in my car and even put some plastic down to protect my truck. He was quick to help even with how busy he was.

Review №5


I want to thank everyone that works for Abby ohio mulch location. After leaving the first one and forgetting a few things, I pull into the Blacklick location. These guys are the best. This location called the last location to find out what all I ordered so he could match what I needed exactly. Who did that?

Review №6


Needed topsoil to spread in my front yard so I can plant grass seed... not just patching, but starting a new lawn. After I spoke with someone about what I was looking for, I ordered 4 cubic yards of topsoil online. It was delivered as promised 5/23. I was very disappointed in the product. The website says 40% soil, 30% compost, 20% aged leaf fines, and 10% sand. What the product actually appears to be is over 60% black hardwood mulch. It was 3/4 unloaded before I noticed that it didnt appear to be all topsoil. The driver contacted Ken who explained to me that it was a composted product and it should work fine for me. I was still concerned and took a sample baggie of what was delivered to the Blacklick location and spoke with Ken. He showed me all the soil products and none looked like topsoil. I am on a fixed income and cant afford to pay for a product that wont work for me. Ken assured me it would work for what I needed it for. I disagree. I have received many cubic yards of dirt and mulch over the years. I have never received topsoil like this. I have never had topsoil I can pick up with a pitchfork. Since I am older, It is a challenge to move 4 cubic yards from my driveway Into the yard. I dont feel like I can take a chance on it not working as I will not only be out the money but also the physical work of distributing this and then topsoil later. I dont see how grass seed can grow evenly through shredded mulch. I asked what my options were as far as returning and Ken said he would have Ron Frost contact me. I had not heard anything back after 24 hours and called again. I was told Ron Frost the district retail manager was aware and would call me. I took a large baggie of the product to a local nursery and was told it was not topsoil but a composted material. Company does not care about customers. I want the product removed from my driveway and a refund given. This is not topsoil.....

Review №7


The manager Emanuel was really friendly. I told him what I was needing mulch for and he gave a recommendation. Got it all home and it looks great!

Review №8


The staff was amazing especially Eman Ferguson!! He was very helpful and quick!! Amazing, cannot say this enough.

Review №9


The staff (Sarah and Joseph) at this location are Amazing!! I had a last minute project for my yard, and they helped me calculate everything I would need to the T! They were welcoming and even loaded my items for me. There was one very rude man and they still treated him with kindness and a smile. I was very impressed with this location and now will drive an extra 20 minutes just to go to this location because of the amazing service there. I highly recommend this location and their prices are comparable with other places. My family has used Ohio Mulch for years and their product has lasted like they said. The staff is knowledgeable and you leave feeling like family. 5+ stars!!!

Review №10


Got 3 yards of black fine cut and it was great quality and the employee helping was very good too 👍

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