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3.5 (14 comments)

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Yesterday, an Ohio Bulk Transfer truck tried twice to run me off the road while traveling north on I77. I had zipped around and in front of the truck that was driving in the far left, of three lanes, and apparently enraged the driver. On his second attempt to run me off, with three lanes stacked with traffic, he passed me in the center median and then tried to side swipe me with his trailer. This driver is not safe to be on the road in any vehicle. I just phoned the company and asked to speak with their safety department. I was told that they were all out for the holidays, and then heard a prompt click as they hung up. Beware!

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This is such an amazing company! It’s family owned and they are all wonderful people who do really great work and truly care.

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So far - not a good experience with the Kellys Island Ferry side of this company. There is an open property damage issue that happen to my truck. Initially the Capetian blamed me, directed me to fill out and incident form and walked away. I was told I would get a call from the manager, but didnt.. When I called they passed the form over to Ohio Bulk (the home company). When I talked to them they said they have to look into it and was told I would get a call back. This call hasnt happened yet.. When I called to follow up I was cursed at by the person on the other end.

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Site says they close at 4. Get here at 320. Was told they stop taking dumps at 3 but I can come back at 6am. No. You dont want my business now, youll never have it again.

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Its disgusting this company would hire an openly proud Nazi with Nazi tattoos. Will not ever give them my money for any reason.

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Worst place I ever worked for!The coward that runs the place there named rizzo likes to play childish games with your truck you are assigned too and tries to intimidate you thru your employment with the company!!!!!

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Friendly courteous staff. Reasonable rates. Would recommend.

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They will over bill you and when you refuse to pay the will slander your company

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Mike is a great guy to deal with👍

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