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Review №1


I have lived here over a year now and I have been very happy with my experience. Everyone in the office is nice and helpful as well as the maintenance staff who are very knowledgeable and professional. The renovated apartments are stylish and Aesthetically pleasing. It’s a good area that I feel safe in. I really appreciate the on-site parking and laundry the most

Review №2


Awesome property management company! If your looking for a apartment in Lakewood Ohio call North Lake first!!

Review №3


0 stars if I could. They refused to complete maintainence requests, leaving us without a washer and dryer, without blinds, without electricity in the entire kitchen and more... upon finally moving out, they WITHELD our security deposit. I left the place better than on arrival, yet I have to fight to get my security depsit back. It has been months. They wont return emails or phone calls. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Review №4


Correction, I liked living there for 3 years out of the 4 total before you took over. Apparently one yr under your company doesnt count. Maybe if I received my deposit that was supposedly mailed out in Oct 2020 I would think otherwise but I stand by my rating. Actually I should have just given a 1 star rating. This company is a joke. They will never admit to their mistakes.

Review №5


I lived at the Baxterly- other than it being a safe neighborhood, there was nothing about this apartment that was exceptional. The pipe above my bathroom had severe issues (and most likely still does), and their idea of fixing it, was tearing up my ceiling, and installing a shoddy drop down ceiling. Then they would periodically enter my apartment to make improvements to the pipe, while leaving a horrendous mess every time in the bathroom area that I had to personally clean up (The floor and the tub were always covered in cement, wood, and dirt every time maintenance entered). I finally was able to put my lease to month to month, when about a month later, my ceiling in my bedroom caved. Cement, dust, dirt, and whatever else, covered my bed, comforter, dressers, rugs, etc. Ill give you one guess if they offered to clean that up too. (If you guessed yes you guessed incorrectly). For over a week, I had to seek refuge to live outside of my apartment because my apartment had unlivable conditions. My rent was not at all reduced or prorated during the time that I didnt sleep/live there. I put my 30 day notice in to get out of that atrocious living space, and then on my security deposit, these people had the audacity to dock me 16 days worth of rent for not providing a true proper 45 day notice. (Even though I was living month to month). I could go on and on about how abysmal the maintenance is (like the time that they tried to fix my fridge and I came home to screws on the floor- my boyfriend actually ended up fixing it better than they did) but if I wrote about everything, it would be a novel of a book. Just do yourself a favor and dont live here.

Review №6


Horribly managed company. Not responsive and when they do respond they are rude.Update: we can talk about those service request. The first one was because less than a week after I moved in my kitchen sink was backing up into my shower/tub. The second was a request I sent for you to fix a broken window/ door that was broken for months even though it was the entrance/exit for at least 8 units. Lastly, your management company came to my apartment for a broken closet door. They didn’t fix it and told me I wouldn’t be charged upon moving out. I was charged for that door and several other service charges like $70 cleaning fee even though I have pictures showing that the apartment, cabinets and appliances were cleaned. When I called and inquired about these charges your staff was rude.

Review №7


Lived here for over two years. They left an unsafe awning up the entire time. Although fairly responsive to maintenance requests, whenever we had someone on the phone they were extremely rude and unprofessional. When we moved out they charged outrageous fees based on lies. When we called to talk to them about it they ignored our messaged for 3 months. When they finally called back they were rude and aggressive.Expect to lose your security deposit no matter how clean you leave the place. We were charged for repairs they told us weeks before the move out were routine wear and tear that we would not be charged for. They charged us automatic late fees when we were not late then we called to fix it they were rude and made it very difficult.

Review №8


Overall Ive had a really pleasant experience working with Northlake. The team members Ive worked with have been very reasonable and understanding to work with, especially Dan who is the owner of the company. The free onsite parking was a major perk! The apartment size was generous, especially for the rent I was paying and the location I was in. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets were newer and well maintained which was nice. The online system for rent payment and maintenance requests was a perk. The one downside was the hardwood floors could use some work and it seemed like you could hear the neighbors more than I could in previous apartments. But with older buildings with high ceilings and all hardwood floors, youre bound to have some noise. Outside of totally re-installing the floors, Im not sure what could really be done. I was pleasantly surprised how well tenants cleaned up after their pets! Overall Id recommend the company/ apartments to others.

Review №9


We only lived here for about 5 months, we ended up leaving early because we are relocating. However, we have never had any complaints. Management is always super responsive to any questions, very friendly, and you cannot beat the price. When we first moved in in may, we had a few things that needed to be fixed. We filed a maintenance request, not expecting a response anytime soon because of covid, and they were out within 2 days. Honestly, this has to be one of our best apartment experiences. I would recommend Northlake to anyone, especially for the amount of options available around Lakewood/Cleveland and the pricing.

Review №10


Absolutely disgusting apartments with even worse management (Except Becky, she was always kind and as helpful as she could be. Steve, however, spoke to me with a nasty attitude on several occasions. Very unfriendly demeanor). Multiple dead and live cockroaches found on every floor of Emerald Ridge apartments including common areas. One dead one sat right in the middle of the hallway for WEEKS before it was cleaned up, which tells you how often they are cleaned. Found under every appliance and behind several light switch/outlet covers upon move in. Scammed me out of $500 even after I was moved out. Bedbugs found nesting in the walls and upon moving in. Management never even bothered to inform the other residents like they should have. Car got towed from the parking lot in the middle of the night because the towing company “must’ve overlooked” my hang tag hanging on the mirror. Several items broken upon move in, was told they’d be fixed before move in but we’re not (including closet doors, clogged sinks, etc. which I was charged for all of upon move out). DO NOT LIVE HERE

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