Newton D. Baker School of Arts in Cleveland


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Im not exactly sure WHY Cleveland Schools lack organization and professionalism. But coming from Lakewood City Schools.. Its very dissapointing. Just visiting this school and a couple others near it... I was truly heartbroken. They lack truly caring for special needs kids...its so sad. A city like Cleveland has money for sports, to rebuild that Q Arena downtown but not to better the Cleveland Public Schools???.. Kids Do NOT come first in this city and they need to be ASHAMED. These people in the city are probably robbing the funds for these kids! Or nobodys donating to help make the schools better!?.. Im sorry but theres no excuse!! I wont even say what kind of experience it was at this school.. Because deep down its not really the schools fault if no one cares DOWNTOWN. Theres no expectations for professionalism and organization. PERIOD.

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Love this school! Children attended this school a few years ago before we moved to the east dide, cant wait to move back west, theyll definitely be going here again!

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Because I left my school and I have a great teacher there her name is Mrs Brown so this is why I am mailing the letter to her and I needed the address so this app is very very helpful thank you.

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Great school with outstanding staff and wonderful opportunities for each of their scholars!

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I dont know where this School is located.

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Teachers hand out packets, and want to try to take credit for teaching.. I love the principal, however I feel the teachers are failing the students.

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You need much teacher like you because we love you

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Newton D Baker is the best !!! All the teachers are Amazing, this school is beyond Amazing. N.D.BAKER 🙌🏼

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CMSD. Its a shame how poorly the district is run.

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I used to go there

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