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3.5 (10 comments)

Review №1


The fact I’m pregnant and struggling at the moment I feel like everything is excuses….I’m due in 2 months and have to be out a month before hand I feel honestly things could’ve been handled better cause it’s not easy finding places in spring time and the management could be better on their game it was better when Ashley was in the office honestly💯Than again I feel like it’s favoritism here in Newark so I mean it’s nice to stay here when you need a place to stay…….but the rules smh it’s cra cra honestly

Review №2


Rude nasty, maintenance staff is incompetent and doesnt know how to fix anything correctly. Certain rules apply to who they do and dont like. My son supposedly cant be on the property to visit because he has a burglary felony, yet my neighbor 2 doors down Floyd Maverick Garey lives there and has the same felony. One guest one night per week is their rule however Lisa grant works in the office and get sister, jessica myeres is allowed to have her boyfriend live there even though not on lease

Review №3


I have lived here for over a year. I have nothing but great things to say, management staff and maintenance. All are very professional and courteous. They keep property safe and very clean. Apartments are spacious. All concerns are handled quickly. I wont move until I purchase a house. Asante.Bill H.

Review №4


Been living here a long time and can’t ask for a better staff.Quick to fix issues and apartments are top notch.Thanks for all the hard work to keep the place looking great!!

Review №5


Lived here for a year. They mow super early in the morning right next to your windows. The landlords are very petty and nosey. There are bugs everywhere. They leave 24 hour notices on the door at least 4 times a month to enter your apartment, so there is no privacy. If you own a pet you have to pay a crazy extra amount and at one time they even asked us to pour water over my dogs pee so it wouldnt stain the grass. There is no parking except for the employees who get as many spaces as they want because they work there. Wouldnt live here again even if my life depended on it.

Review №6


This place is always quick to fix problems, we moved from here a few years ago and are moving back if they are so bad why would be moving back

Review №7


Rude and nasty landlords and office staff. Prices are unreasonable, live here only if you can’t go anywhere else.

Review №8


Lived here 6 years, and no apartments are great, but this place is well kept and quiet.

Review №9


Family friendly place and the office ladies are cool the maintenance guys are even cooler I love it here!!!

Review №10



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