Newark Police Department in Newark


Phone: +1 740-670-7200
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Justice and prayers for Dan who was trying to help catch the bad guy involved in the hit n run story not to long ago. only to get mauled by a untrained k9 dog who would not release him for whatever reason.He currently needs surgery... I dont know if its a Sheriff k9 A jurisdiction issue or not. It happened here in Newark/Licking or licking needs to liable. I hope Title 18 usc 1983 does apply and strips immunity, Mankind should feel safe from traumatic mishaps like this when we are freely traveling as our constitution grants rights too. Will that dog be on active duty still? Does the public even know what happened?Immunity Abuse is real.You can do better.What if it was your friend or loved one?

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Have called about someone who has an active warrant with this persons location over a dozen times and not one time have the police come to arrest this person. It makes you feel safe to live in a town where the police dont care if someone tries to assault you with a weapon. To top it off they are allowing this person to destroy a rental property also.

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I had an officer dispatched to my home because someone stole several bikes totalling around $700.00. An officer responded, i gave him details including the serial numbers engraved on the bikes. He did not write one of them down. I then offered him a memory card containing clear security camera footage of the theifs in the act of stealing my property. He refused that also, said he would file the report and we could pick it up the next day. I guess my property was worth less than the donuts and coffee he had in his front seat.

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I have experienced nothing but lies and deception from the police . They lie on the stand under oath about the true facts of a case to get a conviction so how can anyone get a fair trial that they are entitled to by law.? I would not even give 1 star but I do know one that was trueful with me so its for him.

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The Police chief thought HE didnt have to follow the law regarding not passing a stopped bus that was unloading children. Shame!He needs to be held accountable like anyone else would be!And this happened in October. Im glad 6 On Your Side got your attention, because it didnt seem like the Police dept. was going to do anything.

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Blue lives matter. Other than a hello, which always received a greeting in return, not much feedback. Thank you for providing a layer of security for all families!

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I believe you were the worst Police Department in the United States of America you couldnt lace your own f****** boots if it wasnt for your mamas you guys suck cant even get ahold of the Doctor Thomas Patrick that killed my mom you should be investigating that worthless all you people are

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They cant even keep crackheads off our streets. Most useless and corrupt department Ive ever heard about and seen

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Cant file a report by phone? What kind of nonsense is that? Trying to recover stolen property...thanks Newark PD.

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Went to get our CCW. They were very helpful and friendly.

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