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2.7 (92 comments)

Review №1


Renting with Montlack Realty was, by far, the worst renting experience Ive ever had. Throughout our eight months living at the Morlee in Shaker Heights, Montlack showed nothing but negligence and callousness toward its tenants.It began with our move-in process. My fiancee and I were moving across states, and split our move into two consecutive weekends. The first weekend, we arrived with a U-Haul to an absolutely filthy apartment, covered in grime, littered with nails and razor blades. Our leasing agent assured us that, before our second move-in weekend, Montlack would clean the apartment and make it habitable. The second weekend arrived, and the apartment was just as filthy as before. We had to spend hours on our hands and knees scrubbing the floors in our new apartment while we were supposed to be moving in our belongings.Our next major crisis came about a month later. In the middle of a Friday night, frothing yellow sewage began seeping into our kitchen sink, filling up to the brim but not yet flooding. We called emergency maintenance, but no one responded, and the office was closed until Monday. The water subsided until Saturday night, when it came pouring back in and overflowed, filling our kitchen with an inch of standing sewage. We couldnt get ahold of anyone until Monday morning.But the worst was yet to come. A couple of months later, in early January, we noticed a leak coming from the wall by the window in our living room. We promptly reported it to maintenance, who promptly did nothing. Over the next two months, we repeatedly submitted maintenance requests and called the leasing office, to no avail. We called the Shaker Heights Building Department, which issued a citation. Then, finally, two and a half months since we first reported the leak, an entire inch-thick layer of our wall collapsed around our window, revealing copious amounts of black mold, letting in swarms of flies, and exposing the outer brick wall of the building. Finally, after we hustled out of the apartment, which was now a biohazard, Montlack sent someone to fix the leak.Thankfully, we had decided months ago that we couldnt stay at the Morlee long-term, and we had lined up somewhere else to move to by the time our wall collapsed. We were able to couch-surf with friends for a week before we could move into the new place. If we didnt have somewhere to go, I dont know what we would have done.As a final insult, when we went to the Montlack office and asked to mutually terminate our lease, since they had clearly violated the law and it was within our rights to do so, they procrastinated for nearly two weeks and finally told us no. We are now exploring our legal options.As awful as our experience was, thankfully my fiancee and I are young, healthy, and dont have kids. We were able to survive. But there are older folks and families with young children who live in these buildings. Ive spoken to many of them, and theyve had equally bad if not worse experiences than weve had. For example, Ive heard numerous times that the elevators are in near-constant disrepair. We lived on the first floor and didnt have to worry about that, but for lots of older folks, that is a crushing and immobilizing problem.Montlack Realty may have provided decent housing once upon a time. It owns numerous beautiful buildings in great locations. I was truly saddened to have to leave the Morlee. But as it stands, Montlack Realty is a slumlord company that is unwilling or unable to provide the most basic standards of health and safety to its tenants. Do not rent with them.

Review №2


Ive lived in the Colony Apartments owned by Montlack, on Van Aken, for 2 years. My first year I had very few issues. This past year you can see in the photos. The gaping hole in the wall and ceiling is still there today, and has been since June 2021. People have reported them to the city. Ive put in request after request and nothing has been done. The treatments for roaches and mice do not work because they are deep within the building. I highly suggest living anywhere other than Montlack Realty, since they clearly have no concern for this or likely any of their other properties. As a renter, you deserve to spend your money on your living space elsewhere.

Review №3


I went to Montlack Realty to find a 1 Bedroom Apartment. Kat showed me 2 Beautiful Suites in a Good location. Thanks to Kats professional knowledge we found a place. I am Happy and getting ready to move in very soon. The people at Montlack Realty are Good at finding you your next home. I would recommend them to friends and family.

Review №4


I have been a resident here for 4 years and every year when there is notice of a snow storm, the residents are always trapped in the Lakemore building because no one comes to plow or shovel the sidewalk. My mother fell outside due to the storm 2 weeks ago and lack of shoveling or salting. Today I had to park on the street despite paying for a parking spot in the garage because another resident was trapped in the driveway that had yet to be plowed, shoveled, or even sprinkled with salt. There used to be a shovel in the garage but it was gone so we’ve been left to our own vices. I’ve called several times today about the status of the driveway being plowed. By 2:30pm all staff was gone and no longer answering calls. At 6pm the driveway had less snow in it at the end but it was still high enough to get stuck in if you slowed down or stop. Ask me how I know from prior year’s experience. The planning for plowing is a HUGE problem with this company and I don’t understand why they can’t get it together each time. It’s unacceptable and not fair to my patients and coworkers if I’m trapped and can’t get to work.Elevators are almost always broken. There’s two and it’s rare when both are working. Washers and dryers are on their last legs but this company loves to bandaid fix things instead of property replacing them.Last but not least, maintenance. We’ve had water damage to our ceiling for about 6 months and we were told someone would come fix it. A maintenance worker came and mistakenly worked on our tub instead and ended up messing up the tub. They came back to fix the tub but never the ceiling. Had a run in once with one of the maintenance workers who let himself into the apartment while I wasn’t home and it startled me and he was really rude and made statements about me not having anything he wanted to steal and smacking his lips at me. He stated his supervisor was supposed to call and notify us that he would be coming into the apartment but neither me nor my mother had a phone call. What made this incident completely unacceptable was that I was made uncomfortable and to feel like I was in the wrong from being afraid and shocked to come home to a stranger especially since there is no uniform for the maintenance men. I have felt uneasy asking for help ever since.For $1000, you can probably do better elsewhere.

Review №5


I have been living here for about 3 years and I’m fed up. Not only did the news warn everyone of the snow storm , the apartment did absolutely no salting or plowing to prepare for the storm. It’s now 3 full days since the storm has come and the driveways and walkways are still filled with snow. Multiple cars have gotten stuck in the driveways and many of us in this building have contacted the leasing office and yet nobody has responded or done anything about this issue. It’s very disrespectful to charge people this much money in rent and not be able to leave your home due to snow pile up.

Review №6


Do not rent w/ Montlack. From the moment we moved into the Heyse in Ohio City last year weve had issues. Leaks + mold, impossible to get a hold of ANYONE in the leasing office, no one even answers the emergency maintenance line. Come winter time no one plows the parking lot and everyone gets completely snowed in. Not worth the trouble or the cost at all. Choose to live somewhere else until this company is sold and owned by someone who actually cares.

Review №7


I have been renting with Montlack Reality for sometime now. I have never seen a private owner of a company work as poorly as Mr. Montlack. I found out Montlack sold the property without any notice, any paperwork or anything advising this will be under new management. Today I stopped by the office to attempt to understand what is going on. I asked to receive a copy of payments for every month paid and I was told all the files were sent to the new owners and advised they have no paperwork regarding my file. I asked this because I have a credit on my account. Mr. Montlack quickly becomes aggressive, angry, hostile and continues to raise his voice not letting me speak. I continue to be professional while he continues to speak over me stating you know what, go get a lawyer... get off my property. It strongly seems that Mr. Montlack is hiding alot as to why he reacted aggressively. Whether people continue to live under this management or people who are considering renting from Mr. Montlack should strongly reconsider. Mr. Montlack seems to be corrupt and should not be owning any business. There are many more issues that I am not posting here. If it is possible to give less than one star, I strongly would.

Review №8


I rented Shaker Park Manor and I’ve been here almost a year. My heat has gone off several times and today again Montlock does not return phone calls and they laugh at you on the phone like you’re a joke. I am very disappointed in the way they handle calling Maintenance or said or they said that they would hire a professional company to fix my heater because of the many issues that it has. The maintenance workers are very kind and try to help they can only do so much they need more permissions from Montlock to do their work.I have tried contacting Mr. Montlock several times and even had a letter written to him and I never received a response as I went without heat for at least seven days in November and other days since so I’m very disappointed in them.

Review №9


There are some pros and cons to montlack. The landscaping is nice and they can be responsive to certain maintenance requests.Here are just some of my qualms. I was promised the apartment I was renting would be cleaned and listed specific things, such as the ceiling fans that would be cleaned. Absolutely zero cleaning took place before my move in date and they said there was nothing they could do about it. They had new carpet put in but didn’t even vacuum up the scraps from where it was cut. They pay a company to manage their laundry machines in the building. Our dryer was out for multiple months with a part on backorder and Montlack said there’s nothing they can do about it because functioning appliances aren’t included in the lease. Recently new tenants moved in and started trashing the common spaces. There wasn’t nearly enough cleaning and there was constantly trash in the parking lots

Review №10


Six mice in my unit alone and ancient/poorly maintained elevators Building smells like weed most of the time and had a first floor tenant for at least a year who was conducting transactions out her front window for her grandchildren. The passive lease renewal without signature I am pretty sure leaves them open legally and consulting soon with a rental property attorney given their inflexibility to convert to a month by month and only offering it within an arbitrary window. Also accused of being a squatter in an apartment I pay almost $1,000 per month for to the point of being photographed and having that photo sent to the management office Oops...wrong apartment number.

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