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2.6 (65 comments)

Review №1


I moved into McMillen woods in August of 2021, making a HUGE move from California. Let me start by saying that I love the community! Quiet and clean! I would give 5 stars for Bill, the new maintenance supervisor and for the friendliness of the front office staff! What holds me back from a full 5 star review is that a few issues from move in as far as the unit itself have still not been resolved. HOWEVER, I have full confidence that these issues will be addressed and rectified soon! Over all, I feel very comfortable and safe!

Review №2


Ive recently moved into an apt at Mcmillen Woods. Im absolutely not an apt person but at the time their wasnt much to choose from. I gotta say for the amount of apts that are located here it is very quiet and I never expected that at all. The staff here was very polite, knowledgeable and helpful. Their were many different floor plans to choose from and I wasnt sure what I wanted or needed so they allowed me to look at different ones that were either available now or going to be available soon so I could get an idea on what style of apt would suit me best. After choosing one they took care of the rest and made sure it was ready for when I needed to move in. Any questions I had they were quick to respond. Knowing that their is maintenance and more than one office person available on grounds for any questions or concerns is just wonderful. I just want to say Thank You to the staff at McMillen Woods for making me feel comfortable and welcomed in my new home!!!

Review №3


Had an issue with our refrigerator come up this morning. Called down to the office, and was treated with the utmost respect. Gentleman was at our home to attempt repair within 30 minutes. When repair couldnt be completed successfully, a(n) replacement was found within an hour and our service was complete. Same day help to residents!!!!! this is a huge++++ Thank you to Jessika in the office and The Maintenance team for prompt, respectful service!!!! Far better than any other apartment I have ever rented!!!

Review №4


My husband and I are hoping to move to this area and have been apartment hunting! Jessika has been SO helpful in this stressful time. She has answered all our questions, kept in close contact and I never have to wait long to hear from her! This has been so reassuring and makes us feel a lot more at ease with the move we hope to make!

Review №5


Ive lived here since 2020 and this will be my last apartment because of watching them handle things. Theyve replaced the door handle to my building multiple times but not actually fixing the problem thats breaking the handle. My windows are covered in grim from a diesel truck that parks just outside, I ask if they can clean them or to show me how to clean them (2nd story windows) they then tell me to clean them but when they realized my windows are old and I cant clean them, pretend theyve answered my problem. Theres more (I can give a huge list of problems they ignore) but to top it all all off the appliances are from the 80s and breaking. How do I know they are from the 80s? Because I lived here in the 80s and recognize all of them. I even lived here when they were building my current apartment. In the end this place has made me want to deal with the pain and hassle of home owning, even in this current market.

Review №6


I have lived in McMillen woods for about a year and I am signing another lease. Although things were not perfect the first time. We had help from Jessika in the leasing office. She helped with all of the questions we had and was very professional and quick. Very nice and proficient.

Review №7


I have had nothing but positive experiences with the staff here. Jessika helped me through the entire process and was an absolute pleasure to work with. The one time I’ve had to call maintenance they responded quickly and efficiently.For anyone looking to move into this community I highly recommend going through Jessika

Review №8


Prior to even moving in, we were not able to see the unit for which we had applied, this shouldve been the first red flag, but as we were desperate to quickly find a place, we overlooked this and signed the lease anywayWe originally lived in one of the common entry buildings starting in July of 2019 and our A/C broke once right after we moved in and then again at the beginning of September, which then took 6 weeks to repair. Due to the fact the apartment was one the second floor of the building, during the time when the AC was broken it would consistently reach >85 degrees in the apartment. Halfway through our lease we switched to a 3 bedroom apartment.McMillen Woods has a parking policy that allows 2 cars per apartment unit with the use of a parking pass. However, the office could not care less to enforce this policy nor provide the appropriate amount of parking spaces to ensure this is possible. Despite the office having a contract with a towing company, and signage indicating resident only parking, they never do anything to remedy the issue even after being notified multiple times. All I ever see the the staff do is race down South Westmoor or waste time picking up menial pieces of trash while also driving right past cars that should not be parking in resident lots.Additionally, when faced with lease renewal in October 2020, management came to do an inspection was made aware of several issues within the unit. There is black mold in the main bath upstairs around the shower and bathroom fan as well as the basement where the floor and wall meet. This was pointed out to management and we were told the issue would be remedied as soon as possible. We are now moved out (November 2021) and the problem has still not been fixed upon vacating the unit.On August 6th of 2021, our AC malfunctioned during one of the hottest weeks of the summer and it was not fixed, leaving our apartment at a balmy 79 degrees while it was 93 outside. When first called about it, I was told that it would be up to the maintenance person if they wanted to come out because it was 2 hours before the office closed and they wouldnt be out until Monday.On Monday, nobody came out. We were told by the maintenance person that if its not working as it should be come 3 pm the following day (Friday 8/13/21) to call  the office and he would be right over. Well, it was not working, so we called the office, and nobody came out to examine our unit. Saturday arrives, and it gets up 82 degrees in our apartment with the AC running. Sent in a maintenance request with updated information, hoping that someone would be out Monday, 8/16/21. This situation was not remedied until 37 days after first notifying the office.Upon giving 60 days notice, we were told that we would need to pay a break lease fee. Not a problem. The problem arose when we were told that we would essentially need to pay an extra months rent before moving out. The way it was explained to us by office manager Cara, was that we would pay Octobers rent plus Novembers. Well now we actually have to pay DOUBLE what our rent is in order to leave. Lack of communication from the office has been a HUGE problem since the day we moved in.Then, upon receiving our refund for our security deposit, there were menial charges on the invoice indicating things that were deducted. Such as $25 for removing broken blinds that were left by the previous tenant, that they didnt even pay for. So the property was not theirs to claim damage too. They also claimed they cleaned the fridge when I and my husband went through and cleaned the fridge thoroughly prior to move out. Any way to make an extra buck off your tenants.Overall, do not rent here unless you want apartments that are moldy, in disrepair, office staff that is greedy and doesnt care.  If I could give 0 stars, I would.DO NOT RENT HERE. RUN FAR, FAR AWAY.(Edit: And then they try to argue with your experience in their review responses)

Review №9


I loved living here! The neighborhood was very quiet and the neighbors I had were very polite and friendly.Anytime there was a maintenance issue, I simply used the app and maintenance was completed in a timely manner. The ability to pay rent via the app was great!Savana was always a pleasure to work with! From the time I applied to the time I moved out, she was always friendly and helpful.The only negatives I have are: snow removal (sidewalks) needs to be better. Gutters in some areas do need to be fixed. Reserved parking should be a thing without paying extra.I would definitely move back as I miss it already.

Review №10


I have lived here for 3 years the management that was here when I moved in helped out with everything they were nice and they would assist you with anything. Ever since Covid happened we got new management and I called them to see if they could work out some kind of plan so I can pay my rent. But they sent me to some website that puts people up in homeless shelters and now they are telling me in order for me to leave I have to break my lease and pay 2x the amount of rent and lease ends January 31st don’t ever rent from them they are terrible people there people are rude they don’t fix stuff instantly my dishwasher, my fridge broke 6 times and they didn’t do anything about it until July

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