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3.1 (199 comments)

Review №1


The service this past time was very good, the gentleman at the window was very personable. In the recent months this franchise location has been quite hit or miss, with a lot of misses. It seems since the pandemic people just dont want to work and these poor kids in here were just trying to hold it down the best they could. Glad to see everything is getting back to normal, and consistent

Review №2


I stopped in for lunch at approximately noon. There was a decent line at the drive thru and two people ahead of me at the counter inside. Both customers had major modifications to their orders, and I still received my sandwich (1/4 lb deluxe) in 6 minutes. Had to let it sit for a minute for the patty to cool down before I could eat it.

Review №3


This location is gross, and incompetent. Spent 18 minutes in line for a $3 cheeseburger and fries... The cheeseburger had almost no mustard and ketchup. One shriveled weathered old pickle, and four times the amount of onions it should have had. And to top it off, they were old nasty onions that were dry and yellow. This is the worst location in town. It would benefit you to drive the extra five or 10 minutes and find a different one to eat at. Or somewhere else entirely. I cant believe this location is so horrible and nobody does anything. The line was backed up, you had two managers standing out back smoking. Thats a good way to run a business! The places full of customers, and the two managers want to have a smoke break. Thats real leadership right there. McDonalds needs to seriously reevaluate their employees and managers. Also the gross part, I pulled up to the window and the boy taking money, had his finger up his nose! So dont forget your hand sanitizer if you go to this joke of a restaurant.

Review №4


If I could give 0 stars I would! McDonald’s used to be 24 hours for everyone!! So when you pull up to McDonald’s and see cars in the drive thru you get in line because they are open! We waited at least 20 minutes in a line to get food and the first thing the lady says is I am sorry we are door dash only right now like are you serious? I’m sorry for people just getting off of work this time wanting food before going home this is a whole inconvenience and things with this McDonald’s needs to get better this is not the first inconvenience I have had from them. Poorly managed!

Review №5


The people were very friendly. It was a little slow because theyre having a hard time finding people to work like everybody else.I really enjoy using their app because it gives you lots of free stuff if you use it right.

Review №6


This McDonalds is the worst. A worker practically threw my food at me. I called cooperate to complain they said they would follow up and never did. I was there for a replacement order and they still got my food wrong! Never was offered any type of food for my terrible experience and never got my food the correct way like I paid for it smfh. Carl Catsco was great though, great personality and very friendly.

Review №7


I went through the drive-thru this morning and placed an order for two breakfast burritos with extra hot picante sauce. I was told that I could not get extra picante sauce with my burritos. I asked if this was something new because its never been an issue before. The lady working the drive-thru said they cant provide extra.Funny, I left and went to another location where they did give a couple of extra sauce packs. I didnt ask for anything outrageous; just some extra sauce packages.I hate to say it, but in my past experiences with this particular store, it shouldnt have surprised me. Ive gotten menu items that were missing ingredients in the past. Ive gotten items that were just thrown together and sloppy. This is by far the worst McDonalds Ive ever been to.Ive simply got to leave this review. I dont know what it will accomplish, but who knows, maybe someone in the corporate office will see it and pay a visit to the store to get the place on track taking care of the people who are spending money they work hard for.

Review №8


I used the mobile order online/pay online. Got there, took 20 mins to get to the speaker at drive thru. This was round 11:30pm. There was only like 3 ppl working in there. But I guess it was more like 1 person doing all the work. There were probably 7 or 8 cars ahead of me waiting for their orders. Was told to come back in 10 mins due to their server being down. Then they still couldnt get the server to work. Had to show order receipt on my phone to them. All in all, I got there around 11:30pm, and when I finally got home, it was close to 1am. Just glad I wasnt tired, or hungry...From now on I will just go to the McDonalds on North 21st Street.

Review №9


I used to work here so honestly i’m not surprised with this. my fiancé and i’s doordash accidentally switched over to this horrible excuse for a mcdonald’s rather than 21st streets which i love. we ordered a hamburger happy meal, a triple cheeseburger meal, and a 6 piece nugget. our dasher dropped the food off only for us to realize they forgot both the happy meal, AND the 6 piece. we called the dasher and asked if she had forgotten a bag and she said she gave us everything mcdonald’s had handed her. we then proceeded to call them around 6 times to see if we could come just pick up our happy meal and 6 piece but no answer (this was around 8:30 pm keep in mind.) we finally called the dasher back and she went and got it. ONLY FOR THEM TO FORGET THE 6 PIECE AGAIN. i swear this is the absolute worst mcdonald’s and not only do i regret working at a mcdonald’s period, i most regret working at this one. don’t waste your time with this place.

Review №10


After several bad experiences with 30th st McDonalds I thought Id try this one. Big McStake!! Went thru drive thru and got shorted a 4 dollar sandwich and my steak bagels had sausage patties instead of steak. McDonalds are your employees really this dumb or are they intentionally screwing customers?? I would say both. You can get better sandwiches at a gas station. McDonalds youve lost my business forever now and youremployees dont even care.

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