Mastertech Auto Truck Repair and Welding in Akron

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Phone: +1 330-805-4949
Site: https://mastertech-auto-truck-re...
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  • Monday:12PM–12AM
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
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  • Saturday:12AM–12PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.4

56 Reviews for Mastertech Auto Truck Repair and Welding 2023:

Review №1


Best place to me hands down. 3 cars go have problems.... 3 cars were back to me in a few days time. Nobody in the area works with me the way they do.. accommodating, honest, reliable, and no job is too big or too small. Love themUpdate: the last year has been our hardest year for our fiancé and I. We had to forgo on a lot of our assets and essentially go down to two vehicles. We always drove beaters that we increasing throw miles onto. Being divorced with children my priority is seeing my kids. Well November and December came two major blows for our household. My van which never gave us problems overheated on the highway and needed a head gasket repair which was out of the question☹️. We scraped that and managed to collect just enough money to get another suitable vehicle that can transfer the kids and then another blow.... We blew the rear differential.^ we call Kosta an angel and recommend him to everyone for situations like this. It can, and is, overwhelming when these situations happen and to us it’s far too common. I called him the very night of the repair and he was on it THAT NIGHT. The next morning the shop was on it with pictures. Please don’t take your vehicle anywhere else.

Review №2


I seriously love these guys!! Always great work!! Wont take my vehicles anywhere else!! They understand the importance of having your vehicle fixed quickly and the right way. Always communicates with you so you know whats going on. Definitely 10/10 recommend. 😊 Thank you so much!!!

Review №3


Outstanding customer service, good prices, and qualified, helpful staff. Mastertech is my choice shop when I dont have time to work on my vehicle myself. I appreciate their honesty and dedication to their customers. My fuel pump went out on 77 south around noon. Called these guys, not only did they come tow my truck and give me a ride they had me back on the road at 4:00 the same day! Keep up the good work guys! And thanks for fixing my truck!- Ron

Review №4


I am SO impressed with these guys. I called to make an appointment, but when they found out I just needed a diagnostic because my engine light came on, they got me in right away (literally). I asked how much the diagnostic would cost and was told they wouldnt charge anything until they do work on it. They greeted me warmly, did the diagnostic quickly, and helped me figure out the best option for now. I also asked about a problem my boyfriend is having with his car, and they happily gave me advice on what it probably is and how to fix it. Mastertech does an excellent job with your vehicle. They charge fair and reasonable prices, and they are friendly down to earth people. Theyre not out to bend you over. I highly suggest taking your vehicle to them.We will absolutely be going back to them in the future.

Review №5


Do not buy a car off of him. He promised to fix it and didn’t. Spent $4000 and still have nothing to show for it.Nowhere to reply so I’ll reply here. You, as the owner most definitely sold us a vehicle at this exact address. Funny you “don’t sell things” but have other reviews about people buying things from you as well 🤔

Review №6


First time coming here. All 4 mechanics on duty were friendly and so helpful. They kept me posted on what they were checking/ fixing on the car. The owner was funny and easy going and did his best to find the bestsParts at the lowest cost.

Review №7


Costas and his skilled group of mechanics with their different specialties, fixed my truck a few weeks ago. It was not an easy job. Welding the frame, replaced many parts. They are honest , professional and really good at diagnostics and quality repairs. I feel so lucky that I found them and will use them as my go to place for major work. My truck drives like it is new.

Review №8


Very immature and unprofessional, trying to slander me out of jealousy. Doesn’t know how to handle business the proper way. Tried to call him to solve the issue he has but he refuses to answer, he would rather sit behind a computer and comment. Bringing up problems that has nothing to do with either of our business’. I wouldn’t recommend doing business with this man for these simple reasons.

Review №9


They have worked on a couple of my cars. Excellent work and wonderful mechanics. They are awesome. 3/24/16 just got my equinox back and its running wonderful. Thanks again guys for always being there when I need you. Excellent

Review №10


Wouldnt step one toe in this building again do to very unfriendly customer service of the lady receptionist. Got a very bad vibe from her, she should be more nicer to the customers and not look so mad and greet the customer with a smile and pleasantness. She was very unprofessional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad to see that she doesnt treat the customers with the best customer service. You will continue to loose you customers if you dont address this issue. Whether she is having a bad day or is miserable she should still treat the customer nicely. If shes mad thats her problem, I did nothing to her.