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3.3 (42 comments)

Review №1


Im very happy with the car I bought from there ! Roy who I delt with wasnt pushy at all...just a real nice guy. they had alot of nice cars to choose from . Id recommend checking this lot out.

Review №2


After our minivan died last fall we were looking for an spare/emergency vehicle vehicle and something to haul stuff. So after a few weeks saw that they had an 04 F150 with 100k miles. Mechanically it seems good, took it out for a drive on street and highway and everything worked well, brakes are good as is steering .That being said the cars they have are in good shape but have little things that need fixed. On the Ford I knew I had to fix exhaust as pipe had broken and also odometer was intermittent (but thats a known issue with the 97-04s) I did work myself for about $35 and the time to take speedometer cluster out which is easy. The AC is out as well, but i can get that fixed next year i dont mind sweating a bit.You should know they dont really deal on price but are priced at the bottom of blue book from what I could see so that was fine. And the other big name dealers around here were charging $3k more for a similar trucks that had rusted out rockers and fenders with 70k more miles, this truck does not have the rust and was pretty well taken care of by first owner. Even though they dont have carfax there are ways to find out about vehicle history for free.Do your homework and know what you want, we would come back again for another car. Was easy to work with Jim.

Review №3


Wouldnt recommend!!!! They would not come down from $7,800 to $7,500 to make a deal with a cash paying customer. I left and bought another car from someone else the same day. Dont even bother buying from them look for a dealer who wants to make a sale.

Review №4


I bought a 2008 Nissan Altima from Long Brothers in August for my 17 year old son who will be starting college soon. We were very happy with the service we received and Jim was very friendly and honest. My son is very happy with his car and hasnt had any problems with it. You never now when you buy a used car; anything can go wrong with it the minute you drive off the lot. We had it checked out by a mechanic and he said the car was in great shape. I highly recommend this dealership and are happy with the service they provided.

Review №5


In February we bought an ‘09 Honda CR-V, they were so helpful and friendly, this is my first car and they made everything very easy. Any questions or concerns they had no problem answering. The car came with a warranty but we never had any issues. The car did need some repairs as soon as I bought it, tire alignment, exhaust, and something else minor. In June the A/C died, which is common in that year and make of car, and just a week ago the battery died and needed to be replaced. Yes we have put some money into it, but the vehicle was otherwise in great shape and I believe we got what we paid for. I definitely recommend Long Bros.

Review №6


I just bought a car from this car lot on Friday (4-3-15). I told them my situation and they acted as if they cared and understood. They were really nice Until I left the lot. I drove the car that night and the next day. Sunday (Easter) I went to leave for the day and my car wouldnt start. I was told complete opposite that was wrong with the car by a well known reputable mechanic today. Its going to cost me half of what I paid for the car to have it fixed and safe to be driven on the road. They lie and only tell you what they want you to know in order to make the Sale. Very disappointing to say the very least. Now Ive been lied to and stuck with 2,300 in repairs on top of paying 4,000 for the car. I will never be returning to them and will make sure no one I know goes to them. We work to hard for our money to be taken for. Their not even worth the one star.

Review №7


Nice people, Affordable cars! Wonderful payment plans! I bought a car from them in February 2012. A 96 RAV 4. To this day the car is running great! & Thank God i have had no problems with the car! There been times when i cant make my weekly payments, As long as you call them & let them know, They are fine. After im done paying my car, Im definitely going back to buy a second car!

Review №8


First off they do have a decent car selection which is about the only good thing about them. I inquired about a 02 Grand Marquis for $3000. Already $800 over kbb. No big deal. I expect that from a dealer. When I arrived to look at the car the battery was dead. So now I dont know if there is a check engine light. If I wanted to get a pre purchase inspection I would have to bring someone I couldnt take it to a shop to get it inspected properly. It is Company policy. So now they want me to pay over kbb for a car that I dont know works properly. Some shady business practices going on there. I ended up finding the small e car in better shape for $1000 less ad the guy selling it agreed to me getting a proper inspection on the vehicle. Dont trust this dealer. Hard to trust any ised car dealership nowadays.

Review №9


I purchased a 2009 Chevy Malibu about 3 months ago. Had a great experience. They was patient and also help give advise witch helped me pull the trigger and buy this Malibu. So glad I did. Thanks long brothers. Ill see you on my next vehicle purchase...

Review №10


Drove 2 hours to find that they lied to me on the phone about the Tahoe I wanted. I ended up buying it anyway, and have regretted it ever since. Check engine light came on before I traveled two blocks from dealer. Obviously they cleared it right before our test drive. Very shady dealer, with good prices and second rate cars.

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