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3 (47 comments)

Review №1


Truck Driver on deck!!! Love the black and white security guard here, was in and out in no time. Dock workers on point, easy day to get paid babee!!!! Understand attitude is everything.

Review №2


Dont buy the Lincoln Viking helmet (FGS series). The shields are overpriced and are of low quality compared to Millers equivalent helmet. I called and complained (Canada) - was told they would send replacements but never did. My next welding machine is going to be Miller

Review №3


So disappointed in this company. I have always wanted to work here. I went in for an interview January 2021, was told before I left i had the job. I went and did the drug test and background test the very next day. At the time of me going to the interview I had a current job. Once I was told I had the job at Lincoln Electric I quit my job of 3yrs. Thinking I would prepare myself for my new job at Lincoln Electric. Here it is 2 months later and no call to say when ill start or anything. So I now I have no job at all very disappointed!

Review №4


This Company was waiting for critical delivery but their guards didnt care much. Showing also their lack of intelligence and negative attitude towards delivery personel.

Review №5


No issues. Checked in at guard shack, weight in straight back to unload 45 minutes total time check in to check out. Thank you. Employees were respectful and did their job.

Review №6


If I could give less stars I would. This company is a disgrace and has no respect for people. My husband was hired, then they made him jump through excessive hoops for over a month. When he was finally allowed to start, he was told by his training supervisor that he did not have to work over the weekend (they had not given him an assigned schedule). So along comes Monday and he comes to work only to be told by a lady in HR that he didnt work that day, that he was suppose to work Tuesday to Sunday until he finished training. He worked Tuesday and Wednesday and then at the end of the shift on Wednesday, a supervisor tells him they are terminating his employment because he didnt show up to work on Saturday and didnt call. The supervisor refused to listen to him when he told them that he was told not to come, and refused to talk to the woman in HR who told him he didnt work Monday. He emailed and called HR department that night and the next day only to be ignored. They refused to even acknowledge him. THEN a week and a half later HR sends him a certified letter telling him he has been terminated as an employee. SHAME ON THIS COMPANY!!! FAMILIES DEPEND ON WORK AND THEIR EMPLOYERS. Being 6 months pregnant and only being able to work part time, we were depending on this employment!!!

Review №7


Extremely rude white lady @ the guard shack. Absolutely no manners and extremely negative attitude towards the drivers. On the other hand warehouse employees were very upbeat and professional but its the 1st impression that counts. 0 stars!

Review №8


Based on most of reviews, I guess I got lucky. That lady yall mention wasnt there. Maybe got fired ..the guy at check in wasnt rude at all, quick check in , went inside shipping office, lady told me to back in door 3, 20 min later locked and loaded. Was there maybe 45min, tops.

Review №9


I cant say anything good or bad saw a friend said his sister works there amd she makes $1,800 every 2 weeks I was interested til reading the reviews . I drive, might get hired doing amazon deliveries they also dont have the best reviews but Im going to try and make the best of it . cant go by reviews every company has bad reviews . working on getting my CDLs have my temps have my temps now so I think it will only get better for me

Review №10


The place is a grade A cluster. I had to go through 2 different gates and 3 docks before FINALLY getting a door. The 2221 st. Clair address is where I encountered the unprofessional female guard so many people are posting about. I told her I was picking up a load going to TX, and because she is a stereotype she acted stereotypically: :Dont care none bout dat. It dont mind me no difference. I is otta orda. I said excuse me? And she repeated her self. So, I asked then who does care about getting this job done? And, then another guard took over and did his job. Loader was professional and fast.Either management doesnt read these reviews, doesnt care, or havent the intestinal fortitude to get rid of that guard. She obviously doesnt care about getting any work done, and I think the problem lies with her superior not counseling her about how to act or becoming professional and productive.

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