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4.7 (27 comments)

Review №1


The main service entry line on my house badly needed replacing. I called three different electricians desiring to get some quotes for the job. Perry quickly responded and asked me to send him some photos. He reviewed options and price points with me. After deciding on the best option for my situation his team came out. Jim and Conner did a great job and were willing to answer any question I had as they did their work. Perry also dropped by as the job was being done and he was very easy to communicate with and showed a real interest that my job was done to high standards and that I was pleased with the work. It is very evident that he is extremely knowledgeable about all things electrical. I would highly recommend Perry and his team. Also, Perry included a veterans discount which I greatly appreciated

Review №2


Our relationship started off positively with Perry, and quickly declined. They charge a significant premium for a service that only a few electricians offer, and apparently by all standards is a nice to have but not required for safety. When we chose to go with another electrician for other work in our house, Perry responded with a disturbing Im sorry youre willing to put your family at risk by hiring someone else. The other electrician shared pros and cons of working with him vs Perry, but Perry was quick to discount all others. We decided to hire the other electrician, knowing it would void our warranty with Perry.I then followed up with Perry to ask a simple question, and he refused to share an answer. He instead sent me a long text that included his fees. We paid Perry nearly $20K for the work on our house, and he refused to answer a follow up question. Im astounded at the lack of professionalism exhibited by Perry and cant imagine a situation where Id use them again.

Review №3


Leitner was a gift to us, from whatever higher power you believe in. After a catastrophic storm, which uprooted a tree and ripped the service connection from our home, Leitner was the only company to respond in a timely manner, with a fair and reasonable estimate for work. The owner, Perry, was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable of our property from a Google search, and didnt try to upsell us on anything, despite knowing it was an insurance claim.John, Jim, and Connor were incredible during our installation. They were transparent about what they were doing, answered all our questions, worked efficiently and cleanly, and stuck around until they knew our inspection had been accepted by Duke.After repairs were complete, it was a nightmare with Duke to get service connected. Despite the job being done from their perspective, Perry and Jim continued to check in with us and advocate for us, making calls on our behalf, to help get us connected 5 days after the storm. Even after they knew Duke had been out to reconnect us, Perry checked in by text to be sure all our outlets, appliances, and other things were in good shape.When they say Welcome to the Leitner family they mean it. I cant say enough good things about this company and everyone with whom we worked.

Review №4


Had a wonderful experience with these guys. I had ceiling fans installed, smoke detectors installed and all my light switches rewired. They sent three guys out and had the job done before my kids nap time at 12:30pm. Incredible ! Well done gentlemen.

Review №5


I contacted Perry after the electric meter on our home exploded and Duke explained we needed an electrician to make the appropriate fixes. Perry was great in explaining how it happened, what he needed to do, and pulling his guy Bob off another job to take care of us right away. Both of these gentlemen were efficient and professional in helping us get power restored the same day. They went so far as loaning us a portable generator in case Duke took longer to turn our power back on. I’d highly recommend them for emergencies and will call for any “planned” electrical work as well. Thank you both!

Review №6


Perry Leitner installed a solar system on my house in 2010. The system had 40 solar panels. At the time, it was the largest residential system in SW Ohio. For 7 months of the year, I had no electric bills. The other 5 months, I had minimal electric bills in an all electric home. From October 2020 to October 2021 my total electric bill was $409. Yes, you are reading that correctly.Perry also installed a garage door opener, paddle fans, outdoor lights, and a new circuit breaker. A solar blanket was installed in my attic. He and his crew also did work at my daughter’s house as well as rental properties.Perry and his company always arrived on time, were very courteous, and professional. I highly recommend his work.Shirley Ober

Review №7


I bought a house recently that had near zero overhead lighting(roof is a flat roof with no attic or drywall to run electrical). Perry Leitner was extremely helpful in explaining the lighting that would work in our unique situation as well as explaining the process of running the wiring through our existing roof. Perry was patient with our extended timeline, due to other projects we needed to complete prior to the electrical project. Once it came time to install, Perry worked closely with our roofer to install wiring to get lighting where we asked for it. Perry stuck to his timeline and completed the project quickly and correctly. Perrys whole crew were friendly and considerate to us and our home. The new lighting has completely transformed our 60 year old homeahome really made living here even more of a treat than it was before. I would highly recommend using Perry to anyone looking for an electrician. I know hes the only electrician I will use in the future.

Review №8


Couple weeks ago, in 90+ degrees day! our A/C stopped working.The HVAC technician determined that the problem was in the panel box and suggested to call an electrician. When I left a message for couple electric companies, explaining our situation, Perry Leitner (the owner of Leitner Electric) called me back in about 10 - 15 minutes. He was on another job site, but came after scheduled work to our house late afternoon, quickly identified the source of the problem and made temporary repair. It turned out that the outside cable was severely damaged by storms which resulted in the panel being rusty inside and one fuse socket was damaged. Our house is 58 years old, and we still had the original fuse panel. Next day (which was Friday) Perry sent mean invoice / job proposal with everything that had to be done itemized. The price was very reasonable. Monday morning at 7:30 AM Perry andhis crew started working in our house and outside.Same day we had a brand new circuit breaker panel, new outside cable and new meter box. Perry and all his crew were very polite, professional responsive and caring. Not to mention that their work passed inspection with flying colors. Five stars all the way!

Review №9


I contacted Perry Leitner of Leitner Electric after finding out a home I intended to buy had aluminum wiring in it. This can be a fire hazard if not properly mitigated. Outside of a complete (and expensive) home rewiring, the next best mitigation method is to have a Copalum system installed, which is what Perry and his team specialize in. I contacted them during my tight negotiation window and Perry was able to send someone out to give me a quote for the wiring, and a few other items, the very next day, as time was of the essence. This allowed me to effectively negotiate with the property sellers to get the work paid for.We were able to schedule the work for the day after we closed on the home. Perry’s guys were there bright and early, ready to work. Jim, who was the project lead, sent me daily status updates along with pictures, as I wasn’t usually able to stop before they left for the day. Outside of the Copalum install, I also had them install a new breaker box, a few new outlets, a grounding rod, and service the backup generator that came with the property. They managed to do all of this in 3.5 days.When I did my final walk through of the property I was extremely impressed with what I found. They had replaced all of the old switches and outlets with new, crisp ones and all of the old incandescent bulbs with LEDs. It really gave the old house a brighter, more youthful appearance and a more welcoming feel. I tested every switch, outlet, breaker, and the generator. Everything worked as expected.All in all I would say my experience with Perry and his guys was extremely positive. I will be hiring them again for any future electrical work I need done as they did an outstanding job.I would recommend to anyone looking to have electrical work done, especially if you find aluminum wiring, to reach out to Leitner. Their results will not disappoint.

Review №10


I called Leitner Electric Co. To fix our outdoor lighting and install closet light fixtures. Perry and Bob arrived on time! and went right to work on our outdoor lighting. This required rewiring and a few new fixtures.Great guys. Professional, knowledgeable and hard working. Made several wonderful recommendations.Would highly recommend them.

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